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PSP Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to PSP only.

PSP Code Types weltall Scrapped from a archive using the waybackmachine. It is temporarily poorly formatted and will be updated soon!

Misc. Hacking

Hacking texts that apply to all, or many, systems.

"Stronger Weapons" Code Making Guide Tony Hedstrom Per Tony Hedstrom, "Just a simple guide on how to make individual weapons do more damage. Also includes info on how to make a code that affects all weapons." Tony H has hacked many such codes, and he now explains how he does it.
A Programmed Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language Bradley Kjell This is quite a good guide to MIPS ASM, geared toward beginners. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in picking up the basics of MIPS assembly.
An Assembly Language Primer David Whitman As the title implies, this is a primer on ASM. The content is a little old, but still applicable, and a good place to start.
Conversion Lazy Bastard An FAQ on finding conversion formulas between different versions of the same game, therefore allowing you to use a code no matter which version it was made for. Also contains some useful information on hexadecimal.
Detailed Basics Lazy Bastard An FAQ going into a bit of detail about things which don't have much detail...heheh, just read it.
EnHacklopedia Everyone The mirror of EnHacklopedia, a hacking compendium that began at KodeWerx.
Hexadecimal Lazy Bastard An FAQ explaining the basics of hexadecimal, otherwise known as hex, with explanations for some things that even many hackers don't understand. Contains pretty useful info for anyone who wants to be a VG hacker.
Hit Anywhere nolberto82 A concise guide to hacking Hit Anywhere codes.
IDT MIPS Guide Integrated Device Technology, Inc. This software developer's guide provides an introduction and design overview as well as more detailed descriptions for the IDT product families R3000-R5000. As these include R3000 (PSX) and R5900L (PS2), this may prove a useful reference for those interested in the CPU architecture of these two Sony systems.
Jump in Midair nolberto82 A guide to hacking "Jump in Midair" codes, for any system, in four parts. Examples included; a very good doc.
Numeric Systems, Units of Data, and Little-Endian Addressing Lazy Bastard A guide concerning common numeric systems, data units, and the concept of little-endian addressing, all of which are extremely important for the beginning hacker.
One Hit Kills Abystus A concise guide to hacking One Hit Kills codes, using Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 and Battletoads for the NES as examples.
Retro Jokers rimsky82 An excellent guide to hacking jokers, or push-button activators, for retro systems that don't have code support for If, Then statements, using the NES game Contra as an example.
Secrets of Professional GameShark Hacking, The Parasyte, Macrox, Tolos, DGenerateKane, HyperHacker, Viper187, Kenobi, various (see document) A rather large document describing hacking techniques for various systems.
Simple Mathematics Lazy Bastard An FAQ detailing the importance of mathematics in VG hacking, with examples.
Sprite Control Lazy Bastard An FAQ on hacking for a sprite control mod.

PC Game Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to PC games only.

Auto-Assembler and SSE Mnemonics CoMPMStR A tutorial on hacking games with SSE mnemonics, using MHS, written by CoMPMStR.
How to Hack PC Games Using TSearch dlevere A concise guide to the basics of hacking with TSearch.
Making a trainer for C&C Tiberium Wars trialusert A very detailed guide (with screenshots) to making a trainer for the game Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars, using MHS, by trialusert.
TSearch DMA Tutorial - ASM Game Hacking Explained Abystus (ported from a SoftIce tutorial by [Sheep]) An explanation of hacking DMA codes using TSearch, to nail down non-static addresses to corresponding functions. Such a feat is required when a game uses DMA (Direct Memory Access), and thus the addresses of various things change every time the game is launched. This guide is a bit outdated, but the theory still applies.

GBA Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to GBA only.

Creating your own unencrypted Codebreaker codes Sapharrad A great reference for beginning GBA hackers. Keep in mind that CBA codes can generally be converted to the other formats, so don't despair if you have a GS or an AR. Check it out.

Wii Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to Wii only.

Approach to RPGs GMO A guide to hacking for RPGs on the Wii.
Button Activator Values GMO A list of values for button activators on the Wii.
Enter Wii Hacking masterwriter42 A guide to get you started in Wii hacking, detailing what you'll need to begin delving into that world. This text doesn't describe how to hack, but how to get set up, where to go to find applications and further information, and the idea behind methods of booting homebrew, etc.
Function Calls, Arguments, and Walking the Stack dcx2 An academic discussion of how to "walk the stack" (using WiiRD).
Hacking Button Activators GMO A guide to hacking button activators for the Wii.
Hacking Invincible Codes GMO A guide to hacking invincibility codes for the Wii.
How to Hack ASM for Emulated Games Skiller A guide to hacking ASM codes for emulated (VC) games on the Wii.
How to Toggle On/Off In-Game Extras GMO A guide to hacking codes that allow you to toggle on or off in-game extras.
Simple ASM Codes Romaap A guide (with images) to hacking simple ASM codes with WiiRD. Quite nice.
Technical Cheat Code Type Document kenobi, Nuke, Link, brkirch! A list and description of WiiRD code types; an essential document for Wii hackers and code users alike.
Wii Hacking 101 dexter0 An intro to Wii hacking with WiiRD and the USB Gecko.
Wii Hacking Example 1 dexter0 The first of two Wii hacking examples. These are fairly in-depth, and should prove a good reference for beginners.
Wii Hacking Example 2 dexter0 The second of two Wii hacking examples. These are fairly in-depth, and should prove a good reference for beginners.
Wii Joker Value Generator GMO (based on kpdavatar's Joker Generator) A value generator for Wii joker (button activator) codes.
WiiRD Code Types onitsuka chihiro A list of WiiRD code types, specifically in comparison to those of the old Gecko OS code types.

GameCube Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to GCN only.

Animal Crossing Action Replay Town Editing Guide bowsersenemy A guide as to how to hack towns in the GameCube game Animal Crossing.

PS2 Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to PS2 only.

A Beginner's Guide to MIPS Team CMP A basic guide to MIPS r5900l.
Basic Code Hacking Team CMP An FAQ concerning the basics of PS2 hacking, utilizing PS2Dis.
Boolean Values In PS2 Games Dark Killer A guide to modifying boolean values in PS2 games.
Code Hacking Examples Team CMP A collection of PS2 hacking examples, step by step.
Enable Codes Team CMP A guide to enable codes for the PS2.
Hacking Values Team CMP A guide to finding good values to use with codes.
How to Use Float Values Wags A guide on using float values...heh.
Hypermode Nach Brenner, iN tHE mIND..., Codemaster-Project, CMX, Crash Test Dummies (CTD) A guide to hacking speed mods.
Lists and Pointers Team CMP A guide to lists and pointers in PS2Dis.
MIPS Instruction Reference ? A list of MIPS Instructions, applicable to the r5900l (PS2 EE).
MIPS IV Instruction Set Charles Price An instruction set for MIPS IV, the ISA used in, among other processors, the PS2 CPU (Emotion Engine).
PS2 Hacking With PS2Dis 1Up A pretty useful FAQ on PS2 hacking...I'm surprised I've never seen this before.
PS2 Opcodes Unknown A list of opcodes for the PS2.
PS2 SysCalls, Florin Sasu A list of system calls for the EE (Emotion Engine; the primary processor on the PS2).
Slow Motion misfire A brief description of hacking for slow motion codes.

PS3 Hacking

Installing and Using Artemis PS3 dnawrkshp dnawrkshop's quick guide to installing and using Artemis PS3, an open source Playstation 3 hacking system created under the Project Artemis initiative.

PSX Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to PSX only.

Advanced Explorer Codes Nachbrenner(?) An FAQ I recently came across that deals with Xplorer/Xploder code types. Its relevance to someone with a GS is that it includes a basic explanation of what you can use between a GS and an Xplorer, and Visa Versa. This is also valid for the Code Breaker psx. The conversion to/from GS is not quite correct...
Debug Rooms Ace An FAQ on hacking for debug rooms in PSX games.
DopeRPGHack King Edgar 0 and Heh[]heh A good RPG hacking FAQ that covers everything all the way down to nachos, and they took it upon themselves to make it entertaining as well as useful.
FF7 In-Town Graphic Mod Project Lazy Bastard, LiquidManZero Another fairly in-depth project, this time on the inner workings (what other kind of workings would we be concerned with?) of the FF7 in-town graphic/sprite system.
FF7 Spell Mod Stuff KingEdgar0 Some things KE wrote briefly about Final Fantasy VII's spell system, a long time ago...more a piece of reference than an FAQ.
FF7 Ultimate Weapon Project Lazy Bastard Originally a response to a code request, this became a fairly in-depth hacking project involving world map sprites.
Final PSX Hacking FAQ Lazy Bastard, LiquidManZero, KingEdgar0 This is the Final PSX Hacking FAQ, as written by Lazy Bastard, KingEdgar0, and LiquidManZero Hopefully, this FAQ should rid the scene of most PSX hacking questions, and clear the way for a few more good hackers.
GSCCCJokers Code Master An FAQ on hacking for joker commands.
GSCCCTypes Code Master An FAQ on the different code types.
GSCCCWTW Code Master An FAQ on hacking for a walk-through-walls code.
MemEditor Lazy Bastard An FAQ for the GSPro's Memory Editor function. Even absolute newbies should have little trouble understanding it, assuming they've read the other GSHI hacking FAQs.
ssj4Guide ssj4vejita A good FAQ that deals with all the basics on a simple level that everyone can understand. I would recommend this one to beginners especially.
Text Mods Denny Lubins An FAQ on hacking for text mods.
Using a Debugger to Figure out Game Mechanics Reaper man A guide to using a debugger, focusing as an example on PSX hacking.

PSX Reference

Texts that contain information relevant to PSX only.

CDXBoot SephiRon An FAQ about using your CDX as a boot CD. A must-read for those with a CDX looking to play imports and...ahem...
Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know about the Playstation But Were Afraid to Ask Joshua Walker A great guide of the PSX, groundup. There's a lot of detail about the inner workings of the system here, some of it perhaps a bit too esoteric...still, a great read for everyone.

This guide is also available in PDF format.
PSX PIO Pinout bITmASTER A single page pdf showing what the pins on the PSX parallel port do and go to.
PSX-Register (pdf) bITmASTER A file containing some info about PSX SPU registers. It's partly in German, but that shouldn't be too big of a problem.

This file is also available in HTML format.

Dreamcast Hacking

Dreamcast - Anatomy of an Assembly Hack ADnova A walk-through of an ASM hack for Skies of Arcadia, beginning with a mini history lesson :)
SH-4 CPU Core Architecture STMicroelectronics & Hitachi A document with a large amount of information regarding most aspects of the SH-4 processor.

Genesis Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to the Sega Genesis only.

68000 Instruction Texts Pugsy A pair of text files detailing 68000 instructions in alphabetical order, and numerical instruction order.
Hacking Infinite Energy GG Codes for Fighting Games Pugsy This is actually just a post Pugsy made in reply to a question in the VG School of Hacking section of GSHI's forums, but it's a useful bit of information for beginning Genesis GG hackers.
How to find ROM addresses and Game Genie codes with Gens Tracer Tony Hedstrom From the introduction, "This guide will show you how to find useful ROM addresses and make Game Genie codes using a program called Gens Tracer. I'll explain how to make and use memory traces and assembly trace logs". This is quite informative.
How to Make "Improved" Master Codes Tony Hedstrom A quick guide to hacking master codes for Genesis (Game Genie).
Langrisser Notes TheCount This wasn't intended to be used as a guide, but TheCount's notes during his hacking of Langrisser 2 seemed worthy of an add to the Library. May you find them useful, or at least interesting.
Road Rash 2 ROM Hacking Guide Tony Hedstrom A guide to ROM-hacking Road Rash 2 for the Genesis.

Game Gear Hacking

Game Gear Game Genie Programming For Dummies Cheatmaster A guide to hacking Game Genie codes for the Sega Game Gear.
Quicky Guide to Game Genie Codes for Game Gear Master System Hybrid A guide to hacking GG codes for the Game Gear Master System, split into two parts, with pictures. Nicely done.

SNES Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to SNES only.

ASM VG Hacking SysTEm[id] An introduction to assembly hacking for the SNES.
Emulator-based Hacking Guide Hacc A quick rundown of how to hack codes with the two major SNES emulators, zsnes and snes9x.
Making Turbo Codes Hacc An FAQ for creating codes to make characters go faster.
Pro Action Replay manual Datel This is the official, real, actual manual that was included with the PAR for SNES. Contains instructions in several languages. Scanned and processed by LiquidManZero.
SNES Hacking with SNES9X ugetab A guide to hacking SNES codes with SNES9x, using Geiger's SNES debugger (which can be found in the GSHI Downloads section). Interesting stuff.
SNES Memory Mapping ]SiMKiN[ A guide to SNES memory.
SNESGG Game Genie Code Creators Club A giant FAQ on SNES GameGenie hacking, written by the GGCCC of old. Definitely read this if you're into SNES hacking of any kind.

NES Hacking

Texts that contain hacking information relevant to NES only.

6502 Instruction Set VisitntX A document on how to effectively use FCE Ultra Debug to hack character statistics in NES games.
FCEUd, Tutorial #1 (Hacking Character Stats) Parasyte A document on how to effectively use FCE Ultra Debug to hack character statistics in NES games.
FCEUd, Tutorial #2 (Password Generators) Parasyte A document on how to use FCE Ultra Debug to crack password formats in various NES games, using The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt as an example.
FCEUd, Tutorial #3 (Compression in ROMs) Parasyte A document on how to use FCE Ultra Debug to crack compression formats in NES ROMs, using the graphics compression of The Goonies 2 as an example.
How to make Game Genie codes with a debugger (Version 0.7a) Tony Hedstrom A FAQ that explains what is probably one of the easiest ways to make NES Game Genie codes.
NES Game Genie Technical Notes The Mighty Mike Master A FAQ Describing Game Genie Codes and their format.

Guides to using/converting codes

Texts that contain information regarding what codes do, how to use codes, how to use the effects of codes, and how to convert codes from one format to another.

(PS2) Code Converting Team CMP An FAQ on converting between various PS2 code formats (GS2/AR2v1.x, GS2/AR2v2.x, CodeBreaker/Xploder, RAW Hex, Gold Finger/AR Card, Region X, Gameshark V3 [Madkatz]).
Dreamcast Codebreaker Decryption Scheme RetroSven A breakdown of the Dreamcast Codebreaker decryption scheme
FF7Materia King Edgar 0 A tutorial on editing materia in FF7.
FF8Enemy King Edgar 0 An FAQ on King Edgar 0's FF8 control enemies code.
Game Genie Encryption Schemes Lazy Bastard This guide explains the oft-confused encryption/decryption routines for Game Boy/Game Gear, NES, SNES, and Genesis Game Genie codes, including examples of each procedure from start to finish.
HDL Compatible Code CrazyC, justgimme, and GameMasterZer0 A guide to making PS2 HDL backups work with codes.
How to use MaxConvert Team CMP A guide to...well, using MaxConvert, heh. MaxConvert is a PS2 code converter between various encryption schemes (CB/AR/GS), and to raw hex address form. You can find MaxConvert in the GSHI Downloads section.
List of Conversion Offsets/Formulae Between Game Versions Everyone A running list of conversion offsets and formulae for converting codes between versions or platforms for the same game (eg, PSX Metal Gear Solid 1.0 to PSX Metal Gear Solid 1.1).
PSX Xploder Encryption Schemes Lazy Bastard (schemes cracked by misfire) A guide detailing the PSX Xploder encryption schemes, as cracked by misfire (with some help from Parasyte on the 7k scheme).

Misc. VG Docs

Texts somehow involving video games.

GBProg Unknown A small text on Game Boy programming.
How to Write an Emulator Marat Fayzullin A guide to writing an emulator, by an expert on the matter, Marat Fayzullin.
Nintendo GameBoy Frequently Asked Questions Marat Fayzullin A detailed FAQ on the Game Boy, going into nearly every aspect of the system.
The Bit Rate Reduction Sound Encoding Scheme Butcha A text describing the BRR sound encoding scheme for the SNES.
Win32 PS2 Dev. Intro Lazy Bastard A great guide for beginners, going into quite a bit of detail as to how to get started developing PS2 homebrew, including links to good MIPS ASM and C programming reference, answers to many common questions, and explanations of the different methods of executing and testing your compiled binaries on a real PS2 or emulator. Definitely take a look at this if you're justing starting out.

Misc. Docs

Things that don't have a place anywhere else!

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Eric Steven Raymond A guide to...well, the title explains it...with an emphasis on the hacking/development community. This is definitely a recommended read for those new to the scene, and it wouldn't hurt for anyone else to read it, either.
LZSCompress CzarDragon An FAQ on the .lzs compression system.
Small Memory Software Charles Weir & James Noble A guide to writing software within tight memory constraints. Especially relevant to anyone writing a hacking/cheat system for a gaming platform (console, handheld, etc). Code examples mentioned in the book can be found HERE.
VPU Thesis Pavan Tumati Heh, this guy actually wrote his final thesis on the PS2 VPU, and the "Feasibility of Utilizing Gaming Vector Hardware for Scientific Computing". Check it out.