Sprite Control

Lazy Bastard
One of the most sought-after (not to mention humorous) codes on the blue planet is the elusive sprite control mod.

-Sprite control mod?

A sprite control mod is a code that lets you take control of sprites (characters and objects that have an action or move at some point in the game) in any place that has a moving character/object. It's something like the video game version of possession :)

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Anyway, there's one requirement for hacking one of these, via RAM alone: an object or character you can switch to at some point during normal gameplay. Without that, your chances are fairly slim.

-OK, I understand the code, now how do I hack it?

To hack a sprite control mod, start an Unknown Value search, followed by an Equal to Last. Switch to the other character/object and do a Greater than Last. Switch back to your normal character, and do a Less than Last followed by an equal to last. Repeat until you are low in possibilities. When low in possibilities, look for low-ranging values (usually either 0000 to 0001) when you are controlling yourself, and slightly higher, yet still low, values when you are controlling the other character/object (possibly up to 12, but most likely around 04).

-How do I know it's a sprite control mod?

You know it's a sprite control mod when you are controlling a different character/object. Heh. Try different values for different sprites.

Be sure to find the original character's digits, as they will act as a deactivator for your code. Now set up a joker system (if applicable for your console; also, see the FAQs concerning jokers), and you're all set for laughing hysterically as you control some person that usually stands in your way and make him go hide in a corner so you can pass. 

If you have any further questions on hacking for a sprite control mod, feel free to e-mail anyone on GSHI staff.

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