Here you'll find some awesome stuff, some of which is from here exclusively. You can find a few more essentials, including emulators and ROMs, through Links.

Misc. Hacking

Arbitrary Search A program for searching for text strings via binary masks, written by TheAlmightyGuru. From the ReadMe:

This program is used to help find character strings in data files that don't use ASCII encoding. It is primarily for console ROMs, but it works just as well to find any character data in any file type. It's more powerful than a typical relative search because it can find data strings even if they are in a completely arbitrary encoding system.

A typical relative search uses the alphabet as a guide. It assumes that the encoded alphabet is in an incrementing order. So if A=1, B=2, C=3, ... it will find a character string just fine. However, if the alphabet is in a different order, like backwards (A=26, A=25, A=24, ...) the relative search won't find the string. Instead of using the alphabet as a guide, this program uses the searching string.

For example, take the NES game Life Force. The title screen shows the text: "KONAMI INDUSTRY CO". This string has many duplicate characters (O, N, I, etc.). The program creates a binary mask from the search text and uses that to search from. It assumes that all matching characters must match in the binary sense, and all unmatching characters must not match. By doing this you can find the data you're looking for, even if the encoding is arbitrary (as is in the case of Life Force). If you search for this string in a relative search you won't find it, but using this program you will. When you create a table from this you'll find that F=6, I=7, but there is no letter G. This is why the relative search came up empty, because it assumed that the letter G would be there.
8.97 KB Download
Classic Cheat Code Game Patcher [From the author, cracker]: Classic Cheat Code Game Patcher (CCCGP for short) is a program that takes Game Genie (GG) or Pro Action Replay/RAW (PAR) codes that you have copied from a website, etc. and automatically parses them for you so you (don't have to enter in one code at a time like other programs like you to do) which produces a list of available cheats for you. You can then select the cheats you want to apply to a game permanently and patch them directly into the game.

This app works for NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, and Game Gear codes.
30.55 KB Download
Dreamcast GameShark CDX Value Decryptor/Encryptor v1.01 Allows proper Decryption and more importantly Proper Encryption of RAW codes into properly Encrypted codes with correct values for the Dreamcast CDX/Action Replay.

Thanks to asasega for the upload.
22.3 KB Download
DummyFile This program allows you to make dummy files (useful for various things). 20 KB Download
ELF Mutilator v.10 An ELF disassembly tool written by Viper187, which will allow you to disassemble ELFs for PS2, PSX, and N64. Includes an ASM searcher and a header view function. 60.04 KB Download
EnHackopedia Tools A link to the EnHacklopedia Tools page of the wiki. Download
File2File v1.02 A small program of my (ugetab's) own design.

Used primarily to copy portions of 1 save-state over the same portions of another save-state. Used to:
Find impossible-to-search values
Find multiple values required to activate an effect
Find music data for ripping purposes(find what controls the position in music, and writes the values, and you've got music init code)
Save guesswork, if using for simple codes(value +1, +0, -1, *4, *8? who cares, I'll see when I find it)

Includes source, because I've lost stuff to bad drives too often.
29.57 KB Download
Game Genie Code Converter v4.00 This is an updated version from 2.01. It lets you convert to and from SNES Game Genie/PAR, NES Game Genie/PAR, Genesis Game Genie/PAR, and Gameboy Game Genie/Hex Code. It also features built in Assembly Instruction lists for SNES and NES. The Gameboy list is there, but it's wrong on a lot of items. Download
GGConvC A program that converts Game Genie codes to raw hex, and vice versa, for NES, SNES, Genesis. 20.79 KB Download
GSHI ('s original form), August 2002 MathUser nudged me to go dig up my oldest intact copy of the site, and this is what I came up with. Just extract the contents to a folder, open index.htm, and browse as desired. We've come a long way (and this was three years in already). 16.2 MB Download
HexAlter A (Windows) command-line app that allows the user to modify binary (executable, etc) files at the byte level. With a simple batch script, this could be used for automation of byte-patching...very useful. 8.51 KB Download
HxD A very useful hex editor. 1.6 MB Download
Majestic Porter v3.5 An anagram of Project Artemis, this GUI app will convert, or port, codes between versions of the same game. It also includes the ability to convert using a custom offset of your choice, allowing you to convert between versions of a game not in the list (which is good, since the list is still relatively short, heh), a hex/dec calculator/converter, a utility to extrapolate/recondense 50-type GSPro serial repeaters, and a utility to decrypt encrypted PSX XPloder/XPlorer/GameBuster codes. MP now supports nearly every code format out there. Made by Lazy Bastard (XPloder decryption cracked by misfire and Parasyte). 39.68 KB Download
RAMCheat A very small app that allows you to perform RAM searches on Windows apps of any kind, much like TSearch. Quite handy. 86.07 KB Download
Renegade64 v1.7 with source [Discontinued; superceded by RenegadeEx] An awesome N64 hacking tool (that's also useful for other systems), made by Viper187. Now includes GPL licensed source. 428.58 KB Download
RenegadeEx v1.08 RenegadeEx, by Viper187, is an impressive hacking tool that can attach to many emulators, and allow you to perform searches in a huge variety of ways. Check it out. 109.86 KB Download
UserPort One of the many utilities for getting direct parallel port access on an NT-based windows machine. Archived here for possible future usage... 33 KB Download
XN Resource Editor v3.0.0.1 XN Resource Editor is a free program that allows you to copy, edit, add stuff to and from Executable (.EXE) Direct Link Library (.DLL) and many more types of files. 1.12 MB Download

Xbox Utils

Datel XBoxPowerSaves MFC Application v1.0.0.1 The reasonably small contents of the ARMax save file manager for use with Xbox memory cards. This does not include any of the 180MB worth of saves found on the CD and is merely an extracted copy of the program with the driver. It may be possible to trick this into working with non-Datel cards by editing the expected USB device IDs in the driver's INF. 1.18 MB Download

GameCube Hacking

ARtoWiiRD v0.9 This is a WiiBrew release from James0x57. It converts GCN AR codes for use with WiiRD. You need the Java runtime environment to use the program. Check the included README for additional details. 149.88 KB Download
GCNcrypt 1.5 A tool to decrypt or encrypt Action Replay codes for the GameCube made by Parasyte. 9.67 KB Download

NES Hacking

NES Game Genie Helper Written by Cyperium, Game Genie Helper can be useful to change codes or to know what opcode the values represent, with this tool you can easily add codes, change codes, and explore them in various ways. It also features a old-school Game Genie layout which you can use either with the mouse or keyboard. You can also change the codes by editing the address, compare and value, or by selecting a opcode from a list.

The source is included
447.05 KB Download

Wii Hacking

WiiRD, Gecko, & Code Manager Wiird, made by kenobi and Link; Gecko, made by brkirch; and Code Manager, by Link (code list concept by James0x57) are essential for hacking the Wii. Go grab them. (this link goes to WiiRD Forums, as the specific download forums move from time to time) Download

NDS Hacking

CBDS Master Code creator Required DLLs Required DLL files for the CBDS Master Code creator program. Download these only if needed. (Put them in the same directory as the CBDS Master Code creator program) 667.78 KB Download
CBDS Master Code Creator v1.1 A program made by Dlong that creates Master codes for NDS games. 227 KB Download
no$gba 2.6 Debugger This is the debug version of the no$gba which many great hackers use for GBA and NDS code making. The Password if asked is "taro". 626.46 KB Download
no$gba 2.6 Debugger EX Options tool This was made by Prof.9 from gbatemp which is a tool to add some of the EX options of the NoZoomer when attached to the normal no$gba2.6a which has some game fixes. Ignore any Anti-Virus warnings as they are false positives. 279.74 KB Download

PS2 Hacking

.PIS to .MAP (Label Extractor) Written by Gtlcpimp.

Couldn't seem to find a tool to pull the labels out of the .PIS files, so I wrote a short sweet and simple one. Feel free to use it, post if it doesn't work or has errors.

Call from command prompt, or if you have your own program run it use the following arguments:
4.13 KB Download
Artemis An open-source, free PS2 application that allows a user to dump PS2 memory repeatedly during game play (either to a USB flash drive, or remotely via a network cable to a PC), so as to compare these dumps (either on the PS2 itself, or remotely via a network cable to a PC, using a compare utility), and the ability to force specific memory addresses to hold specific values (in order to test results of searches), to allow users to create their own cheat and enhancement codes for games. Artemis is a functional hacking system, which has been used to create new codes on a variety of games. Download
CB2Crypt v1.4 CB2 code decryptor/encryptor, by misfire. Very nice prog... 86.75 KB Download
Cosmic Cheat cdrom0 hack A minor modification to CCheat (originally made by sjeep), by Lazy Bastard. Cosmic Cheat is a homebrew cheat system for the PS2. This is a minor modification to the original, replacing all references to host with cdrom0, and removing some (thus) extraneous data. Rather than using an app like Naplink to communicate the testdb.cff information, you can now simply burn a renamed cff (T.CFF) on the root dir of a cdrom, with CCHEAT.ELF and a proper SYSTEM.CNF (all of which are included, for convenience). 171.21 KB Download
Elf Modder An app that allows you to modify PS2 ELFs. Made by cYs Driver. 19.34 KB Download
ELF Search Tool v1.01 A hex data search program for PS2 ELFs. It includes functionality to search for partial hex patterns (via bitmasking) as well as automatically generate PNACH files from hex strings located in an ELF file. A full manual is included in readme.txt (also accessible from the 'Help' button in the program. 56.14 KB Download
ElfMaker A command-line utility that allows you to convert PS2Dis bin files into PS2 ELFs. Quite useful for ELF modification, though I usually prefer Elf Modder. Made by Jaytee. 48 KB Download
Float Convert An app that converts float to hex, and vice versa. 24 KB Download
MaxConvert [This has been superseded by OmniConvert.]
A program, made by Pyriel, based on work and other programs by Parasyte and misfire, that will convert almost any PS2 code format to any other.
57.39 KB Download
OmniConvert A utility, by Pyriel (including work done by misfire and Parasyte) that will allow you to convert a PS2 code from any format (raw, CB, AR, GS, etc) to any other. From the ReadMe:

"Omniconvert, like its predecessor, MAXConvert, can encrypt and decrypt codes for many devices. As of this release (2008) it handles codes for all commercially available devices available in North America, and most (if not all) devices available in Europe and Asia. More than that is designed to perform the more common translations of codes from one device to another. It is also capable of creating update files for the three modern devices."
440.69 KB Download
pcsx2 r4099 debug mod by hyper2k Toss pcsx2-dev.exe into an existing ~0.9.7 installation and run.

I'm not absolutely certain this is the correct description for this build, but:

Stuff added in this build:
1) Memory Dumping. This will save the dump on the same directory as the executable. The dump is a snapshot of the memory range 0x00000000 - 0x02000000. Make note of that when loading the dump in a disassembler.
2) EE Memory Location (as per LiquidManZero's request). This will be displayed on the Log Console. The win32 offset is the address in PCSX2's memory space where the PS2's emulated ram is located.
3) Memory Poking. Write values to the emulated memory rather than poking PCSX2's memory (which is unsafe).
4) Modded the cheat engine. This version uses a simpler format for all cheating purposes. The big advantage is that formatting are easier to follow, just see the cheats folder included in package, and it now follows common codetypes (single skip conditional is now 0xD instead of 0xE). The downside of this is it will not apply patches to the IOP (only EE). Since it's still WIP, I may have to add the IOP patcher for some games that need them.
17.87 MB Download
Pelvicthrustman's Mastercode Finder v2.11 Mastercode Finder analyzes ELF files (PS2 Executables) and generates RAW 90-type master codes (compatible with ps2rd/Codebreaker 9.3+). 89.74 KB Download
PS2 Cheat Code Encryption Lookup An app that determines the encryption (GS, CB, AR) used in a code. 24 KB Download
PS2Dis A PS2 disassembler, made by Hanimar. An absolutely priceless tool. 175.43 KB Download
WinELF An app that will give some info on PS2 ELF files, by Tony Saveski. 497.27 KB Download

PS2 Dev and General Utils

CB2Util A program made to utilize different file formats of CodeBreaker PS2. The features are: extract (and optionally decrypt) all cheats from code saves, encrypt or decrypt PCB files, convert PCB files into ELF files, and check digital signature on code saves and PCB files. Made by misfire. 93.58 KB Download
Free Memory Card Boot v1.7 Source [fixed] This is a compilable copy of FMCB v1.7 (made by Neme & jimmikaelkael). The version circulating at the moment (6:17 PM Central US time, Oct 5, 2008) is missing a few things required to compile. I've simply copied those from v1.5's source, and everything seems to compile without incident. However, as we have no way of knowing if we're missing out on some functionality by not having some potentially new source, feel free to let us know if this build doesn't do something it's supposed to do, heh.

FMCB can be found at .
878.33 KB Download
PS2 Compilable Source Collection As there aren't that many examples of PS2 homebrew source that compile properly on anything close to an updated PS2 toolchain, I (Lazy Bastard) have been going around collecting those that do, and updating (or coercing others into updating, heh) those that don't. Think of it as a sample collection, to learn from. Thanks go out to all the great authors of the various pieces of source included. 18.56 MB Download
PS2 Packer-Unpacker GUI A Win32 app that compresses or decompresses PS2 ELFs, using either SJCrunch/SJUncrunch, or PS2Packer/PS2Unpacker. 180.03 KB Download
Win32 Pre-Built PS2SDK 5.0 This is the fully compiled PS2SDK, using msys and MinGW (fixed), including gsKit (fixed; also improved for FONTM support; also improved drastically by Ragnorok's fixes), gslib, the SDL port, SDL Mixer, libjpg (functional version from myPS2 source), usbhdfsd, libcdvd, PS2Lib (for legacy/old source support), ps2eth, ps2ftpd, SMS, sioshell, sbv, uLE patches, ps2Perf, dreamGL, libtiff, romfs (partial functionality only; see below), libito (partial functionality only; see below), PS2-Packer (with all stubs), and PS2-Packer-Lite (in alignment with some sources floating around the 'net). Essentially, we have a fully-built, standard PS2SDK, and additional functionality through gsKit, gslib, SDL, SDL-Mixer, libjpg, usbhdfsd, libcdvd, PS2Lib, ps2eth, ps2ftpd, SMS, sioshell, sbv, the uLE patches, ps2Perf, dreamGL, libtiff, romfs, libito, PS2-Packer, and PS2-Packer-Lite. The required patches have, as mentioned above, been applied to include some added functionality, and allow uLaunchELF to compile. Mega Man's modifications to gsKit's FONTM support have been added as well, and the results are quite impressive. romfs and libito have been added, but, as the PC tools are Linux binaries, you won't be able to create romfs images using genromfs, or use the image conversion tool "itt" in libito (however, you will still be able to compile most sources that require romfs or libito, and you'll still be able to use either in your own projects, aside from those tools).

As noted in the ReadMe, I (Lazy Bastard) didn't create the PS2SDK; I've merely fixed a few things that were broken in the Win32 msys/MinGW build, and pre-compiled it all. Anyway, take a look at the ReadMe for full details.
37.98 MB Download

GBA Hacking

ARCrypt A Gameboy Advance code making tool. 225.54 KB Download
CBACrypt A Gameboy Advance code making tool. This will be helpful for decrypting some codes in the BSFree database.

To decrypt codes, take the first line of the master code, and paste it into the first text area, followed by whatever code you want decrypted
6.65 KB Download
CRCGen This program will generate the 2nd line of a GBA (CB) enable code. 314.62 KB Download
GBA Cheat Code Converter v1.2 A very small program that can convert any code you put in in to whatever format you specify. 17.48 KB Download
GBA Tool A Gameboy Advance code making tool. 7.63 KB Download
GSACrypt A program for encrypting/decrypting GameShark Advance codes. Likely now irrelevant due to AR Crypt becoming an all in one program, but for the hell of it it's still here. ;) 6.31 KB Download
Tracer-VisualboyAdvance 1.7.1 A modified version of VBA with tracing features. 1.04 MB Download
VisualBoy Advance SDL for Hackers VBA-SDL-H is a modified version of VBA-SDL V1.7.2 by kenobi and Labmaster. Compatibility wise, it has the same limitations as VBA-H. VBA-SDL-H has been modified to include extra options such as Don't break on, Conditional Breaks, Break on Read, Break on Change, and Last Branch. In addition to this, it provides the same options provided by the official version of VBA-SDL. 277.36 KB Download
VisualBoyAdvance for Hackers A very nice modified version of VBA; has several code hacking related features that the normal version of VBA lacks. 572.54 KB Download

PSX Hacking

CEP This program works much like a GS, only on your entire PC. It was made for PSX emulators, but you can use it for games, programs...hell, even your OS. This is pretty cool, and you should grab it now. 290.7 KB Download
CodeQuest CodeQuest will convert GS serial repeaters (50 type codes) to their raw 80 forms, which can then be used with any version of GS/Exploder/etc. It can also deal with a few Caetla code types. 18.7 KB Download
GS Pro 3.2 ROM This is an unhacked copy of the original GS Pro v3.2 ROM. Useful if you're having problems with your gspro, and want to reflash it. To use it, just unzip it in the same place as the GSPro Utils. 239.11 KB Download
GSCC The same as GSCC2002, except this is a slightly newer version I think, or at least a smaller one that doesn't need installing. This is identical to Wreck's "modded" version. As such, his description also applies to it.

Wreck: I didn't actually do any modification to the programming. What I did was take certain files from an older working version of the GSCC Toolz that I had on a disc, then put them in with the newer version. It seemed to operate correctly on my computer, which uses Windows XP Home as its OS. I should really tell GE Master to change that on GoldenEye
141.09 KB Download
GSCC2002 The absolute best PSX GS hacking device for use with the PC. Remember all those things you wished you could do with a GSPro? They're all here . Plus you can extract an entire memory card's worth of information, and store it on your PC, a disc, or whatever you want, for later retrieval, allowing you to potentially store almost infinite amounts of saves. All you need to connect your GSPro to your PC is a standard Male 25-Pin D-Type to Female 25-Pin D-Type parallel (printer) cable. Grab it at your local computer store, but grab this now. Also, this is an old enough version that it has an installer. You might want to grab the other one on this page instead. 1.66 MB Download
GSPro Utils This program's hacking abilities are weak in comparison to GSCC's, but it has a few extra functions. I prefer the single save memory card copying system it uses to the full card system GSCC uses, but I suppose that's just a matter of personal preference. There are a couple of other, specific functions I used to use this for, but as I haven't hacked PSX in a while, I don't recall them, heh. Just grab it. 678.35 KB Download
GSProModded The official hacking utilities for gspro with the ar3stop rom included. Lets you play backups without a mod chip, but not imports... 924.1 KB Download
PEC This is a program that will allow you to use GS codes with just about every PSX emulator. Not bad. 1.01 MB Download
PSX Hacking Utils 3.2 An original copy of the official GSPro hacking utils, complete with ROM and documents. 904.77 KB Download
X-Killer v0.56 A program capable of encrypting and decrypting 6k and 7k Xploder codes (second digit of the code is either 6 or 7), and firmware dumps. It can also do firmware upgrades on an Xploder cart, assuming you've got the ROMs. 44.15 KB Download
XPCrypt A command-line Win32 app by misfire, that will allow you to encrypt/decrypt PSX Xploder codes. Includes source. 16.77 KB Download

PSX Utils

7mimic Snailrush's quite good Final Fantasy VII background image and script viewer. 89.23 KB Download
8mimic The sequel to 7mimic, that as the name implies lets you view the backgrounds and script in Final Fantasy VIII. 93.45 KB Download
AR3 Stop This application patches a GameShark Pro 3.x or Action Replay Pro 3.x ROM to add the ability to play
copied games and imports.

Thanks goes out to bfoos for tracking down this hard-to-find gem.
46.32 KB Download
BCX Breakdown Tool v1.00 A Python application written by Lazy Bastard that takes a decompressed FF7 PSX BCX file (field model file for playable characters), and generates a human-readable breakdown of its parts. 4.15 KB Download
CDMage An app that allows you to modify PSX disc images, in order to add and replace files. Obeys convention a little more than CDProg, but is a little less versatile. 426.59 KB Download
CDProg An app that allows you to modify PSX disc images, in order to add and replace files. Follows convention a little less than CDMage, but is a little more versatile. 14.24 KB Download
FF7Dec + gzip An FF7 *.BIN file compression/decompression util, written by KaRMa; includes correct versions of GZip to handle *.BIN files not covered by FF7Dec. 384.35 KB Download
FF7DRC A prog created by CzarDragon to allow you to create your own debug room in FF7. 53.08 KB Download
FF7MV This is a cool program. It allows you to view the .lzs model files of FF7. Just pop a disc from FF7 into your CD-ROM drive, and have fun. A note: this only allows you to view the .lzs files under the enemy folders, and not those that include the maps and all that. In any case, check this out; it's worth it. 143.83 KB Download
FF7TV-3 CzarDragon's FF7 text viewer. 38.1 KB Download
Final Fantasy VII bin-gzip Extractor/Creator After some users had issues with existing bin-gzip tools for FF7 bin files, luksy created this alternate tool (source included). 146.82 KB Download
Hojo A Final Fantasy 7 battle/enemy editor, written by Squall. 395.76 KB Download
Libre A limit break editor for Final Fantasy 7. 5.07 MB Download
LZSCDec A program that can compress or decompress files to/from LZS compression, written by NFITC1. 9.91 KB Download
MNU-TIMjector A tool written by hotdog963al to import/export TIM files from Final Fantasy 7 MNU files. Saves a lot of time normally spent in a hex editor. I [Lazy Bastard] have also added CorFlags.exe and a brief script I whipped up, necessary if you want to use MNU-TIMjector on a 64-bit version of Windows (and I've written instructions as to how to use it). 1.06 MB Download
Munch A hex editor and R3000 disassembler, aimed in particular at Playstation executable files, though it can load files as raw data as well. Made by George Styles (FusIoNMaN). 163.92 KB Download
Omzy's MAP to OBJ Converter A program, written by Omzy of fame, which allows you to convert Final Fantasy VII .MAP files to .OBJ format, to be used in rendering apps. I [Lazy Bastard] have compiled and included a version for x86 and a version for x64, but I've also included the original source and an original binary from Omzy. 2.66 MB Download
PPF & PPF-O-Matic v3.0 A PSX disc image-patching tool (for both creating and applying patches), written by Hu Kares, Zweifeld/Paradox, and Icarus, of Paradox. 646.16 KB Download
Proud Clod v1.5.0_a4 A Final Fantasy VII enemy AI and attack name editor, with a huge amount of other features, written by NFITC1. 255.67 KB Download
PSicture v1.01 Another of the nifty tools Snailrush made. This one is useful for ripping still image data in a Playstation game. 94.27 KB Download
PSound v1.33 A Snailrush program for ripping audio mostly from Playstation games. 85.08 KB Download
PSXView A small collection of tools that will let you view cut scenes from your favorite PSX games (sometimes even without taking them off the CD), extract them, and change them to avi's. You can also extract sound files from many games and convert them to .wav form. All you have to do is insert your game into your D drive (or whatever drive you have assigned to CD-ROMs), and run whichever of these programs you want. 493.21 KB Download
SceneReader (FF7 SCENE.BIN Explorer) A program that allows you to unpack Final Fantasy VII's SCENE.BIN file, (after which you can edit the unpacked 'files' with another program), then repack with modified files if desired. Written by Mav. 181.23 KB Download
StageView A program, by Micky of fame, which allows you to view Final Fantasy VII's STAGExx.LZS files (within the STAGE1 and STAGE2 directories of the disc), which contain the backgrounds for Final Fantasy VII's battle scenes. I [Lazy Bastard] have added a simple batch script which provides a primitive menu for StageView, in case that's desired. 82.5 KB Download
TIM Exporter A program to export PSX .tim files into .bmp form. Remember to click on the top left icon, or you'll just be sitting around stumped, heh. 21.06 KB Download
TIM format Photoshop plugin A Photoshop plugin to handle PSX TIM files. Written by Sony. 37.47 KB Download
TIMmay v0.3 A command-line tool, including source, for extracting TIM files embedded in other files, and injecting them back in after modding them with other programs. Written by Klarth. 26.79 KB Download
TimViewer A PSX TIM file viewer, written by rveach. It can view standalone TIM files as well as scan files for embedded TIM data. Note: the BMP<>TIM conversion functionality seems to have an issue when TIM files are embedded rather than standalone. 20.71 KB Download
TOC Changer A PSX disc image Table of Contents modification app by Phoenix. Certain disc image apps, such as CDProg, don't auto-correct ToC after replacing files. As such, if you try to pull a file from a disc image that has been edited using something like CDProg, you'll probably either get an incomplete file, or a file with extra data at the end. This program will allow you fix that, by manually setting file size and LBA for individual files in the ToC. 426.59 KB Download
UnDatel One of Hanimar's programs. Meant for decrypting and reencrypting the GS Pro update files.
Includes C source code.
18.53 KB Download
WallMarket v1.45 A Final Fantasy VII KERNEL.BIN editor, written by NFITC1. 309.83 KB Download
White Choco Shop Editor A Final Fantasy VII shop editor, by Yama H (aka titeguy3). 606.49 KB Download
Yu_Ri A program, translated from Japanese by Rtistik Designs, that will allow you to search pretty much any file for images - but, most importantly, this includes files found in PSX games. Just pop a disc into your CD-ROM drive, run the program, and see what images you can get. This, by the way, is about the only way you can extract FF8 images, as it works on the .img file FF8 uses. You might wanna be doing something while you're searching that'll be a while. Have fun, and send in any cool pics you find. 238.1 KB Download

N64 Hacking

64DisASM A disassembler for N64 ROMs. 28.01 KB Download
Mupen 0.5 (RenegadeEx Edition v1.05) SRC Source code to the Mupen v0.5 build with RenegadeEx v1.05 built-in. 2.71 MB Download
Mupen 0.5 (RenegadeEx Edition v1.05), With Plug-ins A special build of Mupen64, with built-in RenegadeEx, including the plug-ins required for it to run right out of the box (er, archive). 3.03 MB Download
Nemu Compression This program, made by ugetab, will let you disable compression for new save-states made with Nemu64. 5.47 KB Download
Project64 Build 52 (Debugging version) This is a compiled Build 52 version of Project64. It contains the debugging features found in the main executable, for those who are curious, or want to see what is available in the debug build 323.17 KB Download
Project64 v1.7 build 49 One of the newest versions of the N64 emulator Project64. This is newer than the infamous LeroyJenkins copy that's been floating around awhile. Also, this version has a debugger.

Warning: It is unknown if these prerelease builds call home or not. Use this at your own (though be it small) risk.
2.11 MB Download
Project64 v1.7.0.55 (with plugins) A newly leaked copy of Project64. Supposedly has fixed bugs, new features, and so on.

This specific copy, comes with just about every commonly used plugin around.
4.88 MB Download

SNES Hacking

CHTRip This simple program reads data from ZSNES CHT files and puts it into a nice ASCII characters table. 15.18 KB Download
FuSoYa's SNES9X SuperFX Instruction Logger This emulator allows you to log SuperFX instructions being used by the emulator.

00:e834 40 ldw (r0) r0=$0058 SRAM=00:5AAE
00:e835 64 sub r4 r0=$0055 CY=1

First line Loads Word (SRAM=00:5AAE) to (r0). The result of this operation is on the same line.
Second line subtracts (r4) from (r0). This next result is on the same line as well.
358.92 KB Download
Geiger's SNES9x Debugger A version of SNES9x 1.43, with Geiger's debugging features. Quite useful for a lot of different hacking capabilities. 725.44 KB Download
SNES Address Convertor Converts SNES addresses between LoRom, HiRom and Hex Addresses in a file with no header(the way the SNES9X Debugger outputs them). Can use any of the 3 as input. VB6 Source included.

Now able to apply GG codes to a ROM, whether it's got a header on it or not.
19.89 KB Download
snes9x 1.502 win32 An unofficial port of snes9x 1.5 to windows. Has new cheat search functions not seen in previous versions, among other things. There's rather a bug with this involving adding codes, so you may want to avoid this specific version if you care about such things. 758.5 KB Download

SNES Utils

DL SRAM Editor An SRAM editor for Der Langrisser. 71.79 KB Download
FF3Edit This is Yousei's FF3 (FF6Jap) editor, kinda updated by Eizneckam, since Yousei abandoned the project. This update allows you to use many of the functions that were screwed in the original. Grab it. Download
FF3ME Lord J's FF3 (FF6Jap) monster editor. It's more specific, but it has a few extra options in its field. Download
FF4Edit FF4Edit is a ROM editor written by Yousei for the US version of Final Fantasy IV (released in the US as Final Fantasy II). This zip file includes the application and some or all of the source code. Since this was written explicitly for editing a headered v1.0 ROM, I (Lazy Bastard) have also included instructions for making it work for an unheadered v1.1 ROM, which is the standard for FFIV ROM hacking today. 556.28 KB Download
Hyrule Magic A ROM editor for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Very awesome. Download
inSNESt This command line program can do several things to a ROM, but the best use is that it can switch an SNES ROM between one of the many copier types. This often enables you to use a patch on a ROM when you can only find an incompatible type of file, or for converting to obscure formats before you apply an IPS patch 48.21 KB Download
IOGEditor An editor for Illusion of Gaia ZSNES savestates. Download
Lunar Magic A level editor for (SNES) Super Mario World. Download
Snes File<->LoRom<->HiRom Convertor, SNES GG ROM Patcher This application will let you convert addresses between ROM File address(minus the header), Lo-ROM address, and Hi-ROM address, with any one of those as the input.

As an addition, it can also patch an SNES ROM file with any set of Game Genie codes you may want to apply. Remember to keep a backup of the original.

Made by Ugetab. VB6 Source included.
19.89 KB Download
SNESOR Lets you browse through sound effects in an SNES ROM, and export them in Wav form if you like. Note: These sounds do not include .spc music files; you can export those in a few of the more well-known SNES emulators. 39.79 KB Download
SNESTool The best utility for many things to do with SNES ROMs, including adding front-ends (translations, hacks, etc). 18.66 KB Download
SoM Editor A ZSNES savestate editor for Secret of Mana. Download
SpriteEd An SNES sprite editor, in Beta stage (where it will probably remain forever). Definitely fun to play around with. 142.06 KB Download
Zurfl - Zombies Ate My Neighbors editor A pretty kickass level editor for Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES). It seems to be pretty complete, it edits levels, monsters, items, palettes, and music. Download
Zurfl - Zombies Ate My Neighbors editor source The source to Zurfl, as the title implies. Download

Genesis Hacking

Gens Hacking Version A version of Gens with a Pro Action Replay code searcher added. (See the 'GG' search window) 358.83 KB Download
Gens KMod A mod of the original Gens source code to add development/debugging/hacking features, by Kaneda. 764.43 KB Download
Gens Tracer A copy of Gens 2.12aR2 with an effective tracer added. Despite being rather an old version of Gens, this is quite a useful tool. 1.73 MB Download
IRA Intelligent ReAssembler is a PC port of an Amiga app of the same name. IRA translates any executable or binary file into an assembler sourcecode that might immediately be translated back by an assembler (specifically designed for the 68000 processor type). Very useful for disassembling Genesis ROMs. The original was coded by Tim Ruehsen, but the port was done by Antiriad / Raine. 121.21 KB Download
JAS A 68000 assembler package by Charles Doty ([email protected]), with components by Paul Lee and Michael Hope. 107.31 KB Download
Maccer A macro preprocessor for the ASxxxx series of assemblers, made by Michael Hope, especially useful in conjunction with Charles Doty's JAS. 22.25 KB Download
MIDA A plugin for IDA Pro, for Sega Megadrive/Genesis disassembly. 55.27 KB Download
Regen 0.95 + Debugger Enabled (Win) This is a debugger-enabled copy of the Regen Genesis emulator. Game Gear and SMS aren't debuggable, but are emulatable. It's quite as fully featured as FCEUXDSP, and not too under featured compared to Geiger's Snes9x debugger. It even has some stuff I'd have liked to see in Geiger's debugger. 581.47 KB Download

General Emulation

Emukon v1.05 (02/07/2004) A Game Gear and Sega Master System debugging emulator. Has been used to contribute at least 3 Game Genie codes to the site so far. 323.68 KB Download
MAME32 v0.113.3 The Windows GUI version of MAME, done by an independant group. This is here, so you don't have to deal with the fileplant BS to get a copy.

Note that this is an ancient copy as of now, and doesn't even have CPS3 emulation.
7.01 MB Download
pcsx2 svn 1669 (devel build) Yet another windows compatible compiled build of pcsx2 from their subversion code. This has the somewhat useful "debug" menu enabled unlike their public beta copies. 3.65 MB Download
PCSX2 svn 377 Windows binaries of revision 377. 798.01 KB Download
PCSX2 svn 390 win32 pcsx2 built from subversion source with vc9. Changes are not known. 987.61 KB Download
PCSX2 v0.9.3 win32 Windows builds of the 0.9.3 sources. These are totally unofficial, and as such may not really work, heh. Do not bug the devs about this, since they had nothing to do with these builds. Also, this package only contains the main executables. You'll need plugins and a ps2 BIOS for this to work. 1.25 MB Download
Potemkin DaSH 1.00 (with source) A PSP emulator of practically no use, coded by ector. Contains both the source and a compiled binary. Requires the VC++ 2005 SP1 Runtime. 951.8 KB Download
SSF Ver0.08 alpha R10 An extremely good Saturn emulator, that runs a great deal of the games around. 376.01 KB Download

Misc. Game Utils

Che's Ultimate Cheater A collection of savestate editors made by Che, for SNES, NES, and Game Boy ROMs. 557.04 KB Download
GGGuy *Last known version* Latest version of Game Genie Guy, a utility to patch ROMs with cheat codes. Works for most of the 8bit/16bit consoles and handhelds. 38.51 KB Download
GGGuy Last known Version Latest version of Game Genie Guy, a utility to patch ROMs with cheat codes. Works for most of the 8bit/16bit consoles and handhelds. 38.51 KB Download
GGGuy v20150313 The last known version of Game Genie Guy, used to patch codes into roms. Supported systems:
Gameboy, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, NES, SNES, PCE/TurboGrafx-16
GGGuy v20150313 Latest version of Game Genie Guy, a utility to patch ROMs with cheat codes. Works for most of the 8bit/16bit consoles and handhelds. Download
Passgen v1.08 A program, made by ugetab, that generates passwords for the following games:

Space Shuttle Project
Battle of Olympus
Solar Jetman
Kid Icarus (NES, Virtual Console)
Fire 'N Ice
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Bubble Bobble (Updated CaitSith2 work)
Casino Kid

...allowing you to choose specific stats and such. Quite impressive work, if I [LB] may say so.
126.78 KB Download
Treasure Hunter G Translation Translation by Metalhawk. See previous versions of translation for an accurate readme. (Version Beta 2, latest available as of 02/20/06). It's here because the page it's originally from is no longer available. 123.04 KB Download