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Sonic Spinball (USA)
Enable Multi-Ball bonus level when you collect just 1 ring. Tony H
Multi-Ball bonus level is enabled every time you collect a ring (see notes). Tony H
Walk Left when you first start level 1 and you will be taken to the upper area of the level. Tony H
Pressing Down on the directional pad will reverse gravity and cause Sonic to start moving upward (see notes) Tony H
Xeno Crisis (USA)
Invincibility (non-flashing) terpsfan101
Can buy anything in the shop for free, even if you don't have enough dog tags (see notes) Tony H
Items don't disappear (ammo, dog tags, etc) Tony H
Enemy Bullets Cause No Damage Helder
Killing only a few enemies lets you proceed to the next room Tony H
Only 1 enemy in each room Tony H
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