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Zombies Ate My Neighbors (USA)
Invincibility against Martian Bubble Gun terpsfan101
Regional Lockout Bypass (European and Japanese Systems) terpsfan101
Soda Pop Cans are 3x stronger terpsfan101
Soda Pop Cans are 2x stronger terpsfan101
Weed-Eater is 4x stronger terpsfan101
Weed-Eater is 2x stronger terpsfan101
Tourist Couple worth 400 points, instead of 200 terpsfan101
Cheerleader worth 2000 points, instead of 1000 terpsfan101
Explorer worth 1000 points, instead of 500 terpsfan101
El. Viento (Japan)
Master Code terpsfan101
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