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Ranger X (USA)
Walk thru or teleport over walls. Tony H
Earthworm Jim (USA)
Hit enemies from anywhere with your whip (crows, dogs, etc). Tony H
Hit/grab items from anywhere with your whip. Tony H
Collect items/power-ups from anywhere above you. Tony H
Soldiers of Fortune (USA)
Walk thru anything (trees, bushes, water, rocks, etc) (alt code). Tony H
Walk thru anything (trees, bushes, water, rocks, etc). Tony H
Altered Beast (USA, Europe)
spirit ball transform you to the 3rd form daminmancejin
spirit ball doesn't do nothing daminmancejin
Ecco - The Tides of Time (USA)
Only have to swim thru one ring to exit the 3D stages. Tony H
The Vortex Queen's tentacle tends to stay inside her mouth (makes her easier to defeat). Tony H
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