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Total Games 3309
Games w/ Codes 1256
Total Codes 36525
Recent Activity
Road Rash II (USA, Europe)
Always finish in 1st place Tony Hedstrom
All bikes accelerate faster and have an unlimited top speed Tony Hedstrom
Thunder Force III (Japan, USA)
1 hit kill for all enemies and bosses daminmancejin
shoot automatically daminmancejin
untouchable daminmancejin
Alien Storm (World)
Allows you to play "The Duel" on any emulator Tony Hedstrom
Budokan - The Martial Spirit (Europe)
Turn code on to instantly win the match Tony Hedstrom
Master Code (improved) Tony Hedstrom
Comix Zone (USA) (Beta)
'PLAY SONG' 'TITLE 1' Jukebox song selection nensondubois
Beggar Prince (unl)
Open chests as many times as you want Tony Hedstrom
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