Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
T2 - Terminator 2 - Judgment Day
(USA, Europe) 1M 2F75E896 41
T2 - The Arcade Game
(USA, Europe) 1M A1264F17 25
Tails in Sonic The Hedgehog
(v2.1.1) 502K F8294D70 15
(USA, Europe) 512K F5C0C8D0 46
Talmit's Adventure
(Europe) 1M 05DC3FFC 8
Target Earth
(USA) 512K CDDF62D3 80
Task Force Harrier EX
(USA) 1M C8BB0257 40
Tatsujin ~ Truxton
(World) G-4020 (JPN) 512K 5BD0882D 75
Taz in Escape from Mars
(USA) 2M 62009F8C 37
(World) G-4089 (JPN) 512K 0E901F45 73
(World) (Beta) 512K 1415B80F 2
Team USA Basketball
(USA, Europe) 1M A0CAF97E 31
(USA, Europe) T-50596 1M 4E65E483 61
(USA) 512K 7459AD06 23
Tecmo Super Baseball
(USA) 1M 227A1178 5
Tecmo Super Bowl
(USA) 1M BD5933EE 56
(USA) (Beta) 1M 21F27D34 56