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Panel de Pon (Japan)
Character Modifier terpsfan101
Freeze Timer terpsfan101
Super Mario Kart (USA)
Player can use CPU Items xxphillips
Computer Karts don't move xxphillips
Umihara Kawase (Japan)
Invincibility to Enemies Helder
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (USA)
Easy Shun Goku Satsu xxphillips
Sengoku Denshou (Japan)
No bonus life for first 100,000 points when Extend is set to 100,000 only terpsfan101
Mickey to Donald - Magical Adventure 3 (Japan)
Debug Enabled Hackwiz
Join a Game w/10 Hearts Hackwiz
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (USA)
No Fouls xxphillips
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