(Parts of this FAQ requires a basic knowledge of Assembly Language.)


In the following, T is the default status, not really used by the cheat code. It must be 8 or 0. If it is 8, and you select the whole game, that particular cheat is not activated. For example, in a game we may have the following:

A Fighting game
Unlimited energy
80123456 00ff
One hit death
0123456 0001

As you can see, we clearly would never want both of these cheats on at the same time because the second one will take priority. If we make our codes look like this:

A Fighting game
Unlimited energy
80123456 00ff
One hit death
8123456 0001

Then whenever you select the whole fighting game only the first code is automatically switched on. The user must manually select the others. Note that only the first code in a group of codes needs the 8, all others in the group are also switched off. This bit is then masked out and becomes identical to a normal code.

Normal Code Types

NOTE: The Xplorer and GameShark / Action Replay "80", "30", and "D0" code types are interchangeable!! You can also replace the GS / AR "D0" and "D1" prefixes with the Xplorer "70" and "90" prefixes respectively.

00xxxxxx - yyyy - 32 bit code. Writes the 32 bit code in yyyy to address xxxxxx i.e. the upper half word is zeroed out and is the equivalent of:


The one (1) code at the beginning of the address only needs to be present if there is a skip if true or a skip if false code immediately above the slide code. This is because a skip code only knows to skip two words (32 bits * 2) which is what a normal code ends up as. Mega codes and super codes simply have a pointer to flash as the second word. The one code is not understood by the X-terminator cheat engine and is therefore ignored. This is the simplest way at the moment to solve the problem.

10xxxxxx - yyyy - Does nothing. Used by slide code and skip if true and false.

4T000000 - XXXX - A 4 code is a slow motion code. Its success rate is not brilliant at the moment. It is simply a loop executed (XXXX << 12) times.

7TXXXXXX - YYYY - Skip if false code, Opposite of a 9 code. Only does the following code if xxxxxx = yyyy.

9TXXXXXX - YYYY - Skip if true code will not do the following cheat (including mega/supa) if the half word contained in XXXXXX = YYYY. One use is so that we can insert a dead/Super code only once, saves a lot of time if the codes are big!

CTXXXXXX - YYYY - This is the same as a D code again only used for Action Replay compatability.

DTXXXXXX - YYYY - Only for compatability with Datel. Use F or 7 codes instead. (The GS / AR "D0" code IS compatible with the Xplorer.)

FTXXXXXX – YYYY - Same as a 7 code but affects ALL cheats. This is our equivalent of a Datel D master code but better defined (Datel combines our F codes and 7 codes into one D code only entered in two separate places which is stupid). If the Xplorer finds any code in a game that starts with an F then it will switch it on any time you select another code and switch it off if it is the last code.

Special Code Types

Mega Code

6T?????0 YYYY
22334455 6677

?=Don't care
AA= Break address
YY= Count in bytes to insert at location 40
CC= Coprocessor break type (upper half)
FF= Breakpoint mask (usually FFFFFFFF)
00= bytes of code in address order

Super Code

00112233 4455
XXXXXX = Address to place the code
YYY = Count in bytes of code
11 etc. = Actual code. Note, only Byte codes will be placed so you can place in single byte multiples. For example:

50123456 0001
00112233 4455

Slide Code

rrr : repeat count
aaaa : increase address
dddd : increase data
xxxxxx : start address
yyyy : start date

Slide codes are so useful. They can turn a massive great long code into only two lines. A good example is something like.

Action Replay
Have all Licences in gran turismo (Euro cheat used as example)

D009E3C4 0000
8009E3C4 0303
D009E3C6 0000
8009E3C6 0303
D009E3C8 0000
8009E3C8 0303
D009E3CA 0000
8009E3CA 0303
D009E3CC 0000
8009E3CC 0303
D009E3CE 0000
8009E3CE 0303
D009E3D0 0000
8009E3D0 0303
D009E3D2 0000
8009E3D2 0303
D009E3D4 0000
8009E3D4 0303
D009E3D6 0000
8009E3D6 0303
D009E3D8 0000
8009E3D8 0303
D009E3DA 0000
8009E3DA 0303

B. License
<<<<<<<<<< Do if True code.
<<<<<<<<<< Actual "B0" code.
<<<<<<<<<< Beginning address to modify.
A. License
A. International License

Pretty cool huh....there are lots of other examples too!



(First, all values are in Hex and addition/subtraction is in Hex!)

GameShark Slide Code:

The GameShark "50" code has the following parameters:


RR is the number of code addresses to activate / modify.
JJ is the distance between addresses (codes).
ABCD is a Hex value that gets added to EFGH (Optional).
Z is equal to 8 if the value of JJ is even and 3 if odd (EF = 00 in this case).

Suppose that you had a set of codes that looked like this:

801CF458 E03C
801CF508 E03E
801CF5B8 E040
801CF668 E042
801CF718 E044

The corresponding GameShark "50" code would look like this:

(RR = 05, JJ = B0 or 176 Dec, ABCD = 0002, and Z = 8)

500005B0 0002
801CF458 E03C

Xplorer Slide Code:

The XPlorer "B0" code has the following parameters:


So our example above would convert to an XPlorer "B0" code that looks like this:

(RRR = 005, JJJJ = 00B0 or 176 Dec, ABCD = 0002)

B00500B0 0002
101CF458 E03C

CAUTIONS: There are a few differences that are not apparent from this example. I have never been able to use only odd addresses ("30" codes, JJJJ = 1 or is odd). The smallest value of JJJJ that has worked for me is 0002 and JJJJ must be even. Also, when using the 3.20 ROM, the largest value of RRR that has worked for me is F (15 Dec). Anything higher locks the game on the intro. Also, the limit with the 4.52 ROM is 7F (127 Dec). However, this is not a problem with the V1, V2, and V3 ROMs (Note: I have only personally tested the V2, 3.20, and 4.52 ROMs. I think the problem is with the 3.20 and 4.52 ROMs.)

Now, lets convert the following XPlorer "B0" code to a GameShark "50" code:

B0A60002 0001
1007836C 6401

(RR = A6, JJ = 02, ABCD = 1, Z = 8)

5000A602 0001
8007836C 6401

Not too hard if you don't have to deal with "30" codes. However, If you would prefer to not have to convert these by yourself, you can download the B-Code Converter Program: HERE


(UK games)

Here's the code for
Rayman (Rayman flies by pressing the X button). Note how it exactly fits into 64 bytes (Can't be any more, if it is it will crash the Playstation)

(From the disassembler)
subu sp,sp,12
sw a0,4(sp)
lui k0,0x8020 ;Get pad value!
lh a0,$ffffab92(k0)
sw a1,8(sp)
srl a0,a0,14 ;Get X button
andi a1,a0,1 ;Just button value]
bne a1,zero,nopress ;If not depressed
ori a0,zero,0xfffc
sh a0,$ffff8e7e(k0)
mfc0 k0,r14
lw a0,4(sp)
lw a1,8(sp)
addiu k0,k0,4
j k0
addiu sp,sp,12

This is the code itself, I think I did a breakpoint when the Joypad was being read.
Note the bytes is the exact length in bytes of the machine code.

Rayman can fly
$60000000 003f
$801fab92 ea80
$bd270400 a4af
$20801a3c 92ab
$44870800 a5af
$82230400 0100
$85300200 a014
$fcff0434 7e8e
$44a70070 1a40
$0400a48f 0800
$a58f0400 5a27
$08004003 0c00
$bd270000 0000

Heres a Super code. This replaces the Text Game Paused (or whatever it was) with FCD. This could of course be done with 8 codes but it would be much larger.

FCD Pause
$501e4fdc 0018
$2f667574 7572
$652f636f 6e73
$6f6c652f 6465
$7369676e 2f00

Here's the ultimate. The Super Code for Resident Evil 2.

First we found a good spot to break out and put our code where several registers were already
set up.

org $65e78

lui v0,$8000
ori v0,v0,$7690
jr v0

Note we had to write down what code was being replaced so we would not be causing any problems. Here is the main code. Its lost some of its readability in compressing it down from well over 100 lines of cheat code.
It allows you to select any quantity of any weapon in any slot, Try doing THAT with a Game Shark!

org $7690

NOTE: Download the RE 2 Super Code Text File for the US, UK, JAP, and Deutsch versions which includes codes for both Leon and Claire: >HERE<


;Resident Evil 2 (Leon A) - Super Code

;By P Herbert and Wayne Beckett,

;(C)1998 Future Console Design


(Edited by Nachbrenner)


7690 AFB20018 : sw	s2,$18(sp)		;from $80065E78

7694 3C12800C : lui	s2,$800c		;from $80065E7C

7698 AFBF001C : sw	ra,$1c(sp)		;from $80065E84

769C AC030004 : sw	v1,4(zero)		;backup the old register contents

76A0 AC080008 : sw	t0,8(zero)

                sw	t1,12(zero)

76A4 AC040010 : sw	a0,16(zero)

76A8 AC0A0018 : sw	t2,24(zero)

                lui     t0,$800d		;This looks redundant!!

76AC 9204000C : lbu	a0,$c(s0)

76B0 3643C638 : ori	v1,s2,0xc638		;$800CC638 = address of slot 1 pointer

Next Bit.. tests for L1 or L2 and inc/decs the (v1)

76B4 90080000 : lbu	t0,0(zero)      	;Use memory location zero as counter

76B8 00041080 : sll	v0,a0,2		        ;inventory address modifier offset

76BC 11000003 : beq	t0,zero,ok_delay

76C0 2508FFFF : subiu	t0,t0,1                 ;= addiu t0,t0,0xffffffff

76C4 A0080000 : sb	t0,0(zero)

76C8 1000000F : beq	zero,zero,finished	;beware of slot after this


76CC 86485F3C : lh	t0,$5f3c(s2)		;$800C5F3C = Pad status (Joker)

					        ;8 = R1, 2 = R2

					        ;4 = L1, 1 = L2

76D0 00621820 : add	v1,v1,v0		;Address of current slot to modify

76D4 3108000F : andi	t0,t0,$f		;use pad as a lookup value

                lui	v0,table16>>16		;no need as already zero

76D8 34027728 : ori	v0,zero,table16&65535   ;this command is non-relocatable

76DC 00481021 : addu	v0,v0,t0

76E0 340A0104 : ori	t2,zero,$0104		;the lookup table in bitwise form

76E4 010A5006 : srl	t2,t2,t0		;put the appropriate bit at zero'th

76E8 314A0001 : andi	t2,t2,1			;OK got address increment

76EC 80440000 : lb	a0,0(v0)		;lookup increase/decrease

76F0 006A1821 : addu	v1,v1,t2		;add address increment

76F4 80620000 : lb	v0,0(v1)

76F8 340A000A : ori	t2,zero,10		;delay until next check

76FC 00442020 : add	a0,v0,a0		;add either 0 1 or ff

7700 A0640000 : sb	a0,0(v1)		;store it

7704 A00A0000 : sb	t2,0(zero)		;start count again


7708 8C030004 : lw	v1,4(zero)		;restore the old register contents

770C 8C080008 : lw	t0,8(zero)

                lw	t1,12(zero)

7710 8C040010 : lw	a0,16(zero)

7714 26523E28 : addiu	s2,s2,$3e28		;from $80065E80, moved as used upper half

7718 3C028006 : lui	v0,$8006

771C 34425E88 : ori	v0,v0,$5e88

7720 00400008 : jr	v0                      ;go back to $80065E88

7724 8C0A0018 : lw	t2,24(zero)             ;although it looks weird,
						 it's executed before the JR V0


7728 00FF0000 : db	00,ff,ff,00,

772C 00000001 :         01,00,00,00,

7730 00000001 :         01			;rest already zero ! - ,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

This gives us the code

F0065E72 3C10	The master code allows us to activate the cheat only

		when the weapons selector code is in memory

70065E78 0018	Only do this when the old code is here i.e. once

50065E78 0010	Put the patch part of the code

0080023C 9076

42340800 4000

00000000 DEAD	Note some of this line is not used (DEAD)

90007690 0018	9 code as we only want to insert the code once or the game may slow

50007690 00A1	a1 number of bytes

1800B2AF 0C80	The assembly code

123C1C00 BFAF

040003AC 0800

08AC1000 04AC

18000AAC 0C00

049238C6 4336   Slot 1 pointer, least significant word

00000890 8010

04000300 0011

FFFF0825 0000

08A00F00 0010

3C5F4886 2018   Joker, least significant word

62000F00 0831

28770234 2110

48000401 0A34

06500A01 0100

4A310000 4480

21186A00 0000

62800A00 0A34

20204400 0000

64A00000 0AA0

0400038C 0800

088C1000 048C

283E5226 0680   old code from $80065E80

023C885E 4234   JR $80065E88

08004000 1800

0A8C00FF FF00

01000000 0100

At the moment there are no patches for the French and Italian version. If you want to patch these versions, check the green colored code above. Finding  joker and  slot 1 pointer should be no problem. To find the breakpoint, use a disassembler and search between $80065000 and $80067000 for a sequence like this:

sw    s2, 0x0018(sp)

lui   s2, 0x800c

addiu s2, s2, 0x????

sw    ra, 0x001c(sp)

sltiu v0, v1, 0x0005

or if you are using "N64PSX 0.4" look for:

sw    $s2,0x0018($sp)

move  $s2,0x800c????

sw    $ra,0x001c($sp)

sltiu $v0,$v1,0x0005

That’s it!. Obviously I don't expect Many people to come up with these type of codes but If anyone is after a challenge then it does not get any more challenging than doing a good Super Code.

Good Luck,


Last Modified: May 5, 2000