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Tempra Weapon's
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Table Of Contents
II.Digit Explination
III.Searching For Text In A Game
IV.THANX and Final Words

Well i decided to put this guide up to help everyone.This guide explanes how to modify text in a game to anything you want through Gameshark or Pro Action Replay Cartridges.In this guide it will explain the how to's to changing text like digit entering and the actual search,well check it out.

II.Digit Explination
O.K there's a certain way to enter the digits for a Text Modifier code when entering it on your Gameshark/PAR.You must reverese the digits here's an example:
Here's the code to modify "as" in game
80096785 3638
O.K now let's say you wanna enter it into the gameshark but change the text to "be" and here's the digits for "be"
And here's how to enter the code in to the gameshark/PAR for "be" replacing "as"
80096785 5D5A
See all you have to do is reverse the digits of the letters 1st Word in the letter goes to the last two digit slots and word 2 goes in the first two slots.
Now let's say you were entering "bumb" into the text code here's the digits
And here's the code with bumb in it:
80096783 745A
80096785 5A62
So that's how you do it,hope ya get it.

III.Searcing For Text In A Game
First you need a Gameshark PRO or someway to hack the game you wanna hack the text for.If using a Gameshark PRO read on.O.K go into the in game Gameshark PRO menu and go to the Memory Editor and go to Text Search and put in the text you want to modifiy.Now if it finds the text then you can modify the requested text it will take you to a string of code now the codes only last for the text you wanna modify.
Now it will be kinda hard cause sometimes the text you wanna modify appears in many different places so check it out,also sometimes the text must be on screen in order to modify it hope ya get it.

IV.THANX and Final Words

THANX go to:
Lazy Bastard-He put this guide on his site,and everyone else i've made(1)
Magus-For Support
King Edgar-Also for support
Everyone at the cmgsccc.com Message Board
My Mom-For the Gameshark PRO
And to you the readers.

If you find anything new for this faq,e-mail me at [email protected]
and i'll put it up and you'll get full credit.

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See ya!