HDL Compatible Code

CrazyC, justgimme, and GameMasterZer0
"For inquiring minds, the problem is that the mpeg reader errors
out if CdStatus returns CDVD_STAT_STOP, CDVD_STAT_SPIN or
CDVD_STAT_ERROR. Hdloader's implementation of CdStStart sets
cd_status to CDVD_STAT_SPIN and never changes it."

Suikoden 5 (SLUS_212.91)
PsIIlibpad2 3000
PsIIlibmc 3010

002efb18 24030020 addiu v1, zero, $0020
002efb1c 1043000c beq v0, v1, $002efb50
002efb20 00000000 nop
002efb24 24030002 addiu v1, zero, $0002
002efb28 10430009 beq v0, v1, $002efb50 <- NOP
002efb2c 00000000 nop
002efb30 24030001 addiu v1, zero, $0001
002efb34 10430006 beq v0, v1, $002efb50
002efb38 00000000 nop
002efb3c 10400004 beq v0, zero, $002efb50
002efb40 00000000 nop
002efb50 3c0400a3 lui a0, $00a3

HDL Compatible
202EFB28 00000000

Jump "printf buffer is full.n"
and paste in Pattern 020003240900431000000000*
*Can also use "PSS_PLAYn"

902074B0 0C040D80 Enabler C0de
201ed988 03E00008 Faster Loading
201ed98C 00000000
20202970 24020001 Skip FMVs

Pattern, Method, and Codes By GMO

There are two ways to do this, pick one (A or B):

A. Editing the slus_212.91 file and re-make the iso image.
(need: HEX editor, tools to open/make/inject the iso)
B. Editing the iso file directly. (need: HEX editor)

Steps for A:
1. extract "slus_212.91" from the iso file.
2. find this offset "0x1efc28" (or 1efc28, depends on your hex editor)
3. you should see "09004310" there, replace it with "00000000"
4. save the file and use whatever iso re-make/injecting tool you
have to rebuild the iso with this edited slus_212.91.

Steps for B: (make sure your HEX editor can open large files)
1. open the iso with a HEX editor (or a text editor that can go
into HEX edit mode)
2. find this hex string: "DCAF070C00000000200003240C00431000000000020003240 9004310"
(there is no space in between "...3240" and "9004310" don't know
why it shows like that... )
3. replace "09004310" (the last 4 bytes) with "00000000"
4. save the iso file. that's it.