FF7 Spell Mod Stuff

Spell Editing...

This requires a GSpro or a comms link.

Address where spell data starts: (cure 1 data is first) 
Ok, You will see something a little bit like this:
800708C8 0E FF FF 00 00 28 00 
0E = MP needed to cast
800708D0 0D 00 25 20 
20 Power of spell 
25 Something to do with below 
00 Spell effect 
0D Unsure what this is
Spell effect digit: 
This controls what the spell looks like in battle. 
01=Cure2.... ect ect... 
44= Trine 
46= ???? (That's the name of the spell) 
47= Goblin Punch I think 
48= Glitch 
49= Death Sentance (Looks like heart... off-pallet) 
4A= glitch 
4B= Glitch 
4C= Shadow Flare 
4D= Pandoras Box 
4E - 5D = Summons 
Note about summons. They glitch... Not right away. But as soon as it tries 
to load the 3d model of the summon creature it will glitch. Except for KotR, 
It actually makes it to the 3rd or 4th knight and then glitches. 
5E = Glitch
Not sure what that next digit does... 
Spell power: 
This modifies how powerfull the spell is... it also has something to do 
with effect... becuase 20 seems to fill up your life... but 82 has the same 
power as Cure3... So I am not 100% sure exactly how it works yet.

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