Debug Rooms

One of the most comprehensive and greatest hacks is the elusive debug room. Programmers make debug rooms to test different things at various points in the game without having to play through to the point where you get a particular character, spell, item, and so on. Debug rooms are also the core to a lot of other great hacks. Lazy Bastard may not have created the Sprite Control code (Final Fantasy VII) without one!

-Where do I begin?

First you will need to get a room modifier. A room modifier is a code address that stores all of the rooms' exits and entries. Basically with this code you can go anywhere in the game!

-How do I do it?

Start a new game and then do an Unknown Value search in area 1. Room modifiers tend to be there, although they can be found in other areas. After the Unknown Value search do an Equal to Last search to lower down the possibilities. Enter a different room and do a Different to Last search. Then do an Equal to Last again. Then exit that room and do a Different to Last followed by an Equal to Last. Continue to repeat the process until you get one hundred or less possibilities. Go inside the GS menu and head for "View Search Results".

View your results and look for low digit values. Input a code with a low value in the Active code list. Exit the room... did it take you to the room you just exited? If so, you have the room modifier. If not, go back to "View Search Results" and input another low value code in the Active list.

-Low value?

Yes, low value. This is where starting the new game pays off. Since it is a new game the values should be low, somewhere between 00 and 50, most likely.

-Room modifier? Where's the debug room?

You can get the debug room by testing values/digits with the room modifier. Start at 0000 and work your way up. It would be nice to know Hex/Dec while doing this.

-How do I know it's a debug room?

You know it is a debug room when you get odd results while in it. Such as talking to a character and receiving all magic or items just out of the blue, or being able to warp to different points in the game, anything out of the ordinary basically.

If you have any further questions on hacking for debug rooms, please feel free to e-mail anyone on GSHI staff.

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