Animal Crossing Action Replay Town Editing Guide

Animal Crossing Action Replay Town Editing Guide by bowsersenemy
NOTE: To jump right to a location, simply copy
the code nearby, press CTRL and F. now, paste
the code into the box, and hit Find.

NOTICE: Some of the information in this guide may now be out of date since
acre control has become available. For instance, it IS safe to move your
dump, as long as you keep it in a dump acre, and the dump acre is in the
A acres. As such, it may well be safe to move things such as the light house.
Sure, you can have as many as you want, but you may be required to keep one
in a lighthouse acre. If that's true, then you CAN move it, as long as you
move it with your lighthouse acre. Some of these are untested, so
you're welcome to try them, and should something go wrong, simply make a
code to reverse it.


I have discovered that some items and all acres stay even if you
reset. This may not be the case with every item, but to be sure, I have
decided to post one of the questions from the Frequently Asked Questions
section, here.

Here's the question as it appears in the FAQS section.

Q: Oops! I put the wrong town in!

A: Relax. There's still hope. Just reset, put
the right town in, and start again. Once you're
done, check the town you accidentaly had in.
If your town doesn't crash after loading,
things are looking good. Go through all the
areas you had set to be altered, and if something
looks out of place, make another code to fix it.
I can't stress enough how important it is to make
sure you use the right town. Mark your memory
cards. Also, once you've altered a town, turn
the system completely off after saving, as any
other town you so much as visit or load will have
these effects brought into it.

Also, take note. I finaly added the Cautious items.
Take care when using these.


1.0 What this guide is about..........[what]
  1.1 Version History.................[past]

2.0 Frequently Asked Questions........[faqs]

3.0 What you need.....................[need]
  3.1 Action Replay...................[a.r.]
  3.2 GCNcrypt........................[code]

4.0 How to use this guide.............[how2]
  4.1 How to remove items.............[cya!]
  4.2 Do's and Dont's.................[oops]
  4.3 Known Glitches..................[huh?]
  4.4 European (PAL) hacking..........[PALH]

5.0 Town Hacking......................[town]
  5.1 Remove/Replace House Codes......[home]
  5.2 Building sizes..................[size]
  5.3 Acre Map and Acre Shortcuts.....[shrt]
  5.4 Various Cool Info...............[info]
  5.5 Items...........................[item]
  5.6 Cautious Items..................[care]
  5.7 Town hacking....................[hack]

6.0 Acre Hacking......................[acre]
  6.1 How to hack acres...............[inst]
  6.2 The Real Town Map...............[mapy]
  6.3 Acres...........................[dirt]
  6.4 Acre Adresses...................[addy] 

7.0 Villager Hacking..................[vill]
  7.1 The Housing Situation...........[hows]
  7.2 Attitudes.......................[atit]
  7.3 The Villagers...................[vily]
  7.4 The Islanders...................[isle]
  7.5 Fun Characters..................[haha]
  7.6 Villager Addresses..............[zipc]
8.0 Player Name Hacking...............[name]
  8.1 What's in a name?...............[hwdy]
  8.2 Letters and Numbers.............[text]
  8.3 Name Addresses..................[mr.c]

9.0 Limited Town Name Hacking.........[t.n.]
  9.1 Letters and Numbers 2...........[txt2]
  9.2 Town Name Addresses.............[4est]

A.0 End of Guide......................[end.]
  A.1 Legal...........................[legl]
  A.2 Thanks and Credits..............[cred]

|What this guide is about. [what]|

This guide was built so that people playing the
Gamecube version of Animal Crossing can edit thier
towns, with a few exceptions. You can't control
the way the river works, or what the acres look
like, but you CAN control what's IN the acres.
Now, you could do that before, but with problems.
Whenever you gave yourself items such as the town
message board, your character would recieve
letters from Tom Nook, with glitched items. The
mail box STAYS full of them, no matter how many
times you delete them. This guide shows you how
to put items like that directly into your town,
without having to worry about the Glitch Letters.

|Version History. [past]|

1.0: Public release on YouTube and Gamefaqs
message boards.

1.1: Minor updates, spelling fixes and some
FAQS added.

1.2: Major addition: Building sizes were added
so that proper removal and adding new buildings
would be easier, also, Action Replay codes added
for easier removal and restoration of player houses.

1.3: Officialy submitted to Gamefaqs, and accepted!
Minor spelling fixes and more FAQS, one of which
is in regards to the Brutis villager myth, and a
link to my video showcasing the ONLY beta villager
left in the game.

1.4: A problem has been addressed about removal
of items accidentaly put in, or put into the wrong
town. However, proper usage of the guide and making
sure that the correct memory card used, will ensure
minimal to zero glitches, all of which appear to be
minor in the worst situations. Also, more FAQS.

1.5: Altered a few things in the guide a bit, fixed
some spelling, and added a couple new sections.
Firstly, Mp16z suggested I add the rest of the items.
I took his advice. The rest of the items that
I found have been added. Well, those that haven't
proven dangerous. Warnings have been added on these.
Also, I have added a Custom Town Videos section. Now
you can make a custom town, record a video of it,
upload it to the internet and I'll post the link here.
Just give me the link. That's all. Gamecube towns only,
and no downloads.

1.6: Rocks have been added to the list of available
items. Just don't use too many, or you'll end up with
the burried weeds glitch. Not dangerous, but you don't
want to see a dig spot, only to find it to be a weed.
Also, yet another new section. This one, will hold the
findings of Mp16z, another Animal Crossing researcher
that is on Gamefaqs. He's done some extensive testing,
so check that section out.

2.0: The Videos section was removed due to no videos
being submitted, but I replaced it with the Acre
Hacking section. An all around better section anyway,
right? Also included is a villager hacking section
and a player name hacking section.

2.1: Thanks goes to bmsortiz of Youtube who pointed out
that I had the wrong addresses for the villagers!
Upon converting them to 16 bit overwrite, I forgot
to change the address to match! They're fine now
though. Also included this time, is PAL hacking,
and limited town name hacking.

|Frequently Asked Questions. [faqs]|

Q: Can I make a code and use it on any town?

A: No, that won't work. It's rare that two towns
would look alike, and besides, each code must be
built arround one towns design. If used on
another town, the items would be in the wrong
places and look strange, or worse, crash the

Q: My Action Replay says that the code has
already been entered!

A: All you have to do, is reencrypt the code
again, and put the new one in. Keep doing this
untill the AR accepts the code. I'll go into
more detail in the GCNcrypt section.

Q: My Action Replay says I used an invalid code!

A: Go back over the code, and make sure you put
it in right. If you did, make sure you put the
right game ID in GCNcrypt, and reencrypt the
code. Animal Crossing's ID is 0A9 in the U.S.
You MUST put that into GCNcrypt before anything
else, or NONE of the codes will work.

Q: Oops! I put the wrong town in!

A: Relax. There's still hope. Just reset, put
the right town in, and start again. Once you're
done, check the town you accidentaly had in.
If your town doesn't crash after loading,
things are looking good. Go through all the
areas you had set to be altered, and if something
looks out of place, make another code to fix it.
I can't stress enough how important it is to make
sure you use the right town. Mark your memory
cards. Also, once you've altered a town, turn
the system completely off after saving, as any
other town you so much as visit or load will have
these effects brought into it.

Q: Does it matter which character I start

A: No. Any character will work fine.

Q: If I have a different Nook store, and I put
Nook 'n' Go in my town, will it be open late?

A: Sadly, no. No matter how many different
Nook stores you have in one town, they will
all match the hours of your current store.

Q: Ok, so can I stop Nook from upgrading?

A: Again, sadly, no. Buying anything from
any store you may add would help your main
store to upgade.

Q: Can I have more than one of a particular
item in my town at a time?

A: Yes. Just don't get too many items in one
acre. That seems to cause problems.

Q: Can each flag in my town have it's own

A: Unfortunatly, all flags will have the same
design on them. Change one, and ALL others will
change to match it. Even the one on the Island.

Q: Is it safe to go to my island? I haven't
named it yet!

A: Yes. It's perfectly safe. When a character
is supposed to mention the Island's name, they
just show nothing instead. Nothing to worry about.
Also, as a bonus for doing it this way, your island
will now match the current season! Some may not like
this, due to not being able to catch summer fish/bugs
in the middle of winter.

Q: I walked into my Islander's house, and they had
all kinds of furniture!

A: This happens only the first time you walk into
your Islanders house if you didn't get there by
the Game Boy Advance. It's normal. Walk back in,
and they'll be normal.

Q: Hey! I put something in my town, but I can't
see it! What gives here?

A: What most likely happened, is you put too many
"special" items in the same acre. Only so many
of these types of items can appear at once for
some reason. I don't recomend leaving them there,
so if you haven't saved yet, turn the game off
without saving, or if you HAVE saved already,
just remake the same code, but in place of the
items that are invisible, use 0000 instead. This
causes no problems that I have seen, but just
incase, I do recomend removing invisible items.

Q: I've heard tell of a glitch villager named
Brutis/Brutus/Rufus, is he real?

A: Based on what I've seen in the game, no.
I've heard tell of it possibly being a form
of the well known villager fusion glitch, but from
what I've read, usualy the glitch villager's house
is supposed to force the game to reset, and that's
never mentioned with the villager fusion glitch.
The only way that should happen is if the villager
doesn't have a pre set house. That would mean that
the villager should be in the registered villagers
lists. I've been through both lists and haven't
seen anything like him. This isn't related to the
guide, but I thought it was worth mentioning, due
to the repeated mentions of him. There IS a beta
villager though. Since I haven't been able to find
a name for her, and since she looks like both
Bliss, and Hazel, I've named her Blazel. Here's a
video showing her off. She's near the end of it.

Q: Are there any Beta items?

A: Yes. Yes there is. So far, I've only found
one, but it's a monster. A paper airplane. Now,
what sounds so monstrous about that? Easy. Nintendo
had decided to play arround with it a bit for some
reason, and never finished. Place this thing in your
town, and it will spread itself given enough time.
It will slowly shut down each acre it fills. Once
it reaches the edge of an acre, it will spread to
the next one. I have dubbed it The Animal Crossing
Virus. It IS curable, but if it spreads to another
acre, it can be a pain. I will get a video up showing
it, but I'll do that later. For safety, I will not
release it's item number, as it is a true town
corruption item.

Q: I saved with a Beta Acre in my town!

A: No cause for alarm. Just replace it with another
acre. The worst that will happen, is your game will
reset every time you open the map, but that's fixed
when you change it back to a normal acre.

Q: RRRGH! I HATE THIS VILLAGER! Can I make them move?

A: Believe me, I wish I could help, but I tried making
a code for the Action Replay that removes a villager,
and instead I corrupted my town! Now it won't even
load! I have to make another code to fix it. Sorry,
but for everyones (and mine) safety, I won't even work
on another villager removal code. Now, what you CAN
do, is change the villager to one you like better.
See the villager hacking section for more on this.

Q: Can my name be more than 8 characters?

A: No, sorry. 8 is the most you can use. I'ts not
my fault, that's just the way it is.

Q: Can I change my town name?

A: No. I wish that would have worked, but I never was
able to pinpoint the origin of the town name. I know
there has to be one point that all these sections
read from, but I can't find that source. If that was
a bit to technical, then let me just say, I can't find

Q: Will changing my name cause me to have trouble
using passwords made for me?

A: As far as I can tell, just use your new name when
having passwords made for you. To be safe though, you can
have them made in your old name too. If you want to test it
though, there's password generators out there that should
be able to help you test it. One I can recomend is that's the online one made by
garycxjk. It's based off of Mooglyguy's code generator.

Q: Can I have (villager) talk like (villager)?

A: Yes! This was a feature I thought was cool. You can make
any villager sound any way you want! Unfortunately, if they
ever move, they will return to thier normal voice and

Q: Can I have more than one of the same villager?

A: I've never tested it, but from experience, I don't see
where it would be dangerous, but to be sure, I'd test it out
in another town first.

Q: Can I make (villager) have (villager)'s house?

A: No. Each villager has a set house, and if they have someone
elses house, it causes a glitch. If you go into ANY house, the
game will reset. This is fixed, when thier house is fixed.
A villagers house, is the same as the villager though. For
instance, say you set a villager to E034. You would have
to find thier house, and change it to 5034. Yeah, the first
letter is different, but everything else is the same.

Q: Ok, so does that mean that I can give Nook or "Blazel"
a house of thier own?

A: No. Those aren't meant to be villagers, so they don't have
a set house, thus causing the glitch no matter what. I only
included them for fun. You may have to change them back to
a normal villager once you're done with them, even if you
reset the game.

Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

A: Ask me first, but if I don't respond, then go
ahead and put it up. But give credit for it and
don't change anything in it.

|What you need. [need]|

You will need a couple of things before you can
do this. Don't worry, all you'll need to buy, is
the Action Replay.

Action Replay [a.r.]

This is the most important piece. Without this
item, this guide is useless to you. It usualy
cost's about $30 in America, new, so it's not
bad on the price. NOTICE! This will not work
on a Wii! The Wii locks all Action Replays that
use unnoficial codes, and the only GCN Action
Replay that will work with the Wii doesn't
allow custom codes! Please make sure you are
buying the right Action Replay!

GCNcrypt [code]

GCNcrypt is used to put codes into a format so
that the Action Replay can use them. The codes
you will be making with this guide are called
"Unencrypted". You need GCNcrypt to put them
together. As for where to find it, you can
download it here:

If this is for some reason no longer working,
notify me if possible and look for the program
on a search engine.

Here's how to use it with this guide.

Step 1: Get your code put together.

Step 2: Open GCNcrypt, and in the bottom left
corner, you will see the Game ID box. Put 0A9
in it. That's Animal Crossing's ID number for
the U.S.

Step 3: Copy and Paste your code into GCNcrypt,
and press Encrypt. Notice that the code on the
left is one line longer. It's supposed to do

Step 4: Put the whole code on the right side
into your Action Replay.

Step 5: Use the code, and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE
THE RIGHT CARD IN. Now, come out as any
character, and then save and quit. Turn off
the gamecube, so if you time travel, or visit
another town, there will be no odd effects,
and you're done!

|How to use this guide. [how2]|

I strongly recomend reading this section
before going head first into editing your town
because you may do something, and have a mess
to clean up.

First, you need to understand this. When you
put an item down, it will fall to one spot.
There are 255 spots in each acre. Even the
spots in the river, and above the fences.
Another thing to realize, is that there are
16 spots going from left to right, and 16
spots going from top to bottom in each acre.
This is how you will judge where you want an
item to go in your town, and how to remove
things from your town. I made an acre outline
and put quick access points so you can jump
between spots, and the outline to tell what
would end up where. It's up to you to make
sure whatever you put down doesn't end up in
the water, unless you wanted it there. I'll
explain how to fix mistakes and remove things
later. An important tip though, another good
idea for figuring out what will go where,
place items and dig holes in the acre. It
helps more than you think.

Here is how you put an item in your town.

This line will edit the very top left corner
of A-1.

1-1 03279BA8 0000xxxx

Now, you can't use it like that, so try this.

03279BA8 00001DEC

That can be put into GCNcrypt. It will put
Super Mario Bros. in the top left corner of
A-1. I wouldn't recomend putting it
there though. You can't reach it for the

Take the Acre Map and notice that I've named
all of the spots in the acres. Use that to
figure out which line you want to use.

|How to remove items. [cya!]|

Now that you know how to put an item IN your
town, let me teach you how to REMOVE them.

Here's the same code as before.

03279BA8 00001DEC

Let's change that, shall we?

03279BA8 00000000

see the difference? If you replace the xxxx
in a code line with 0000 and use it, it will
REMOVE whatever is in that spot. The line above,
will remove whatever is in the top left
corner of A-1.

Now, alot of the time, items are far larger
than just one spot. If you remove say, the
Post Office, with just one line, it will be
gone, yes, but it leaves what I call it's
"foundation". Blank spots that were put there
for some reason. You can't dig there, unless
you erase those blank spots with a removal
code. I will go into more detail about what
will need to be removed in Building sizes.
that way you can have a clean spot.

Now, don't missunderstand this. You can put
a new building down, and not have to worry
about adding a foundation. Same goes for
removing a building you put down. There is
no foundation placed when YOU put a building
somewhere, so if you want to remove a
building you put down, just use the same
line as before, but with all zeros on the
right half.

|Do's and Dont's. [oops]|

You're going to have to be carefull with
this guide. I decided to add certain
items that can cause problems. I had put
an Igloo in my town, walked inside to find
no one there, walked out, and the igloo was
gone with a sign in it's spot. Sometimes, it
stays. I dedided to include this item and others
like it. Just be very careful when adding items
from that section.


It's completely safe to remove any player
houses that you don't want. I have even
made codes for this already. Even codes
that restore the houses if you change your
mind. Just make sure no one's living there.

It's also safe to remove the Message board
and Map boards, but if you create a new
character, you will need a Message board.

You can remove the lily pads from the pond
so that you can see to fish as well. In
fact, if you place it right, you can even
put a bridge at the end of the fishing pier
to extend your fishing range. Be carefull
though, if there is anything blocking a
river route to the ocean, don't do it. If
you fall into the Pond, the only way back
on dry land is the beach!

One cool thing to do is put a bridge in one
of your F acres, so that you can walk off
of it and to your island. Careful again
though, don't bring up your map until you're
on the main land. You could reset your game.

It's completely safe to remove the Museum!
I know it sounds strange, but it's true! You
don't have to keep it! Ditch it if you don't
like it, or move it if you want it elsewhere.
for that matter, have as many Museums as you

Same goes for the Post Office. You can move,
or remove, it, with one minor glitch. When
you send five letters, and walk outside,
after having moved the post office, Postman
Pete will not fly off with the letters. You
can go back in though, and send even more

You can move and remove, the Able Sisters too.
Personaly, I recomend replacing them with one
of Tom Nook's stores, so that you can go fising
and have a quick sale stop. Nook's Cranny is good
because it's small and not as much in the way as
the larger stores.

You can safely remove Nook's store, but only
once it's become Nookington's. If you remove
it before it's finished upgrading, it could
cause trouble. There's a possibility that the
upgrading proccess relies on the previous store
actualy being where it should be. That's why I
recomend leaving it alone untill it becomes


some people seem to have trouble understanding
how to even get Nookingtons, so I thought I'd
explain it here.

First, you start out with Nook's Cranny. That
upgrades to Nook 'n' Go, then becomes Nookway.
Once you have Nookway, it's going to take more
than just a load of cash, (and I do mean a load
of cash,) you're also going to need someone from
another town to come in and buy something from
Nookway. Give it some time, and eventualy, you
will have Nookington's.


Don't put signs or anything at all arround your
houses until all characters intended to be made
are in there, because Nook needs a way to walk
out of the acre, and If he doesn't have one, the
game will basicly be locked.

Never remove villager houses!

Only move signs if you intend to put another
one somewhere else. Keep track of these.


Thanks to Mp16z for this. There can only be 8
signs per acre.

Never remove the Wishing Well!

TAKE CAUTION WITH THE DUMP! Mp16z has discovered
that you can safely move the dump, as long as you
keep it in the A acres and it also has to be
placed in a Dump acre, so if you want to move your
dump, make one of the A acres a dump acre and move
it there.

Don't try to look for Acre F-5. I purposly
left it out. Some call it the Action Replay
Glitch Acre, with good reason.

Never remove the Town Tune board. I did this
once, and every time I ran over the spot it was
in, my character seemed to jump over the spot
as if something was there. I recomend leaving
this one here. Seems safe to put more down though.

Never remove your Lighthouse. This could be bad.
If you ever deal with a River meets Ocean acre,
you should put a lighthouse in it. you can also
put lighthouses anywhere else in town you want.

Also, never remove your Clock Tower, unless you
keep it with your train station, and read the one
below too.

If you're going to move your housing acre,
only do it if you don't intend to add any more

A little info about the Fences. You can safely
remove, move, or replace them, but don't leave
them gone long. If you walk up where they should
be, you will become stuck, with no way out.

The police station should be safe to move as long
as you put it in another police station acre.

When making a new town, you must include one of each
main acre. For instance, you must have a Player Houses
acre, a Police acre, a Dump acre (A acres only), etc.

About Gyroids. If you decide to place your
Gyroid somewhere, I must warn you, DO NOT SAVE
with the new Gyroid. It won't always work.
I recomend going back to your house and using
that Gyroid like you have been. It's the safest
way to do it.

I don't think anyone will actualy do this, but
just to be safe, don't remove a house that
you or another player lives in. It's a cruel
and dangerous joke.

This one is a big one. DO NOT place bridges
until AFTER Tortimer puts one in for you.
The reason why, is that it's required in the
game for Tortimer to do that, and if you
already have all of the pre set locations
covered with bridges, you have a problem.
For the record, Tortimer will do this some
time after you get 15 villagers.

Lastly, don't fill an acre with too many things.
It's not good. For Instance, too many Flags,
or too many Waterfalls. It's not good for the
acre, and sometimes, the extra items won't
appear. Feel free to spread them throughout
your town though.

|Known Glitches. [huh?]|

From what I've seen, there are only two glitches
that come from SAFE editing of your town. First,
when I say, "safe editing", I mean making your
town safe to play in. For instance, leaving a
gap in your fences, or puting a bridge somewhere
you can walk off without a clear path to the
ocean. That's not safe. Anyway, here they are.
Also, for the record, these seem to have no ill

Missing Postman (safe)

I mentioned this elsewhere, but it's worth
repeating. When the post office is moved to an
acre other than a Post Office acre, Pete
will no longer fly away when you mail five
letters. You can go back in and mail more though.

Burried Weeds (safe)

Also, don't fill an acre with too many fences or
rocks. Why? I had an acre that suffered from a
comical glitch. It sometimes got weeds, that are
BURRIED! they looked like a normal dig spot, but
when I dug it, I seen a weed fly out! It only
happened in that particular acre though. Probably
due to the ammount of fences I had in it. They
were rocks, but I later changed them to fences.

House Reset (not safe, but fixable)

As it turns out, if you put a villager that
doesn't have a preset house of thier own into
your town, ALL, I repeat A L L houses in your
town will reset when you walk into them. The
same goes if you change a villager, but forget
to change thier house to match the new villager.
Also, failing to "rematch" the house, may result
in the house being a different/odd color, which
is the only cool part about it. However, it's
a pretty easy fix. Just put the same villager
back, or, just change the house to match.

|European (PAL) hacking. [PALH]|

If you're in this section, that means that you have
the European, or PAL as it's sometimes called, version
of the game. Well then I have good news! You can still
hack your town! All you have to do is apply these
offsets to each line of code you will be using before
you put it into your Action Replay. However,
the PAL version also has a different Game ID, but
that's listed below, so no need to worry about
finding it.

European Offset: SUBTRACT 16E6A0 from each line of code

European Game ID: 1F9 Place this in GCNrd first

|Town Hacking. [town]|

Ah, time to get to the good parts, eh? Let's get
started here! First, you need to familiarize
yourself with the Acre Map, and look over the list
of available items so you know what you can and
can't use. If you don't see an item you're wanting,
it's either due to the fact that it can't be gotten,
or the fact that I haven't included it because of it
being dangerous.

|Remove/Restore House Codes. [home]|

Like I said before, it's safe to remove the player
houses, and put things in thier place. If you
change your mind though, you can always put the
houses back. To make this part easier, I already
made the codes for you.

Remove Player Houses

Remove Top Left House


Remove Top Right House


Remove Bottom Left House


Remove Bottom Right House


Restore Player Houses

Restore Top Left House


Restore Top Right House


Restore Bottom Left House


Restore Bottom Right House


|Building sizes. [size]|

If you're looking to remove a building that was
already in your town, or add a new one, you will
need to look here for it's size. Outside of the
Player houses, there's only realy 4 buildings
that are safe to touch. X represents the
building, and if you are removing, get rid of
everything there. The other letters represent
the Item Number. In other words, that's the
"center" of the building. That's where the Item
Number is in the building. That is to say, if
you place a building down, all of the Xes will
be arround the spot you placed the building. I
hope I was able to make this clear enough for

Post Office

P: Center


Nook's Cranny

WARNING: Do not remove your main store
until it is upgraded to Nookington's.

N: Center


Nook 'n' Go

WARNING: Do not remove your main store
until it is upgraded to Nookington's.

N: Center



WARNING: Do not remove your main store
until it is upgraded to Nookington's.

N: Center



N: Center



M: Center


Able Sisters (Tailors)

A: Center


|Acre Map and Acre Shortcuts. [shrt]|

Here's the Acre Map. Imagine this, like the town map,
only, zoomed in to one acre. Since all acres are the
same size (yes, the A acres are the same size as the
B acres. The acre goes above the fences!) I have only
made a general map. Now, how you get to the specific
acre you want, is to use the acre list. If you want
to jump back here quickly, copy the acre name, press
CTRL and F at the same time, paste the acre name in
the box, and press find. You will jump here instantly.
You can do this also to jump back to this section.
Same goes for the item list.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G

















|Acre Quick Jump|

To use this section, hold CTRL and press F to
bring up a Find option. Copy and past the entire
acre name (for instance, [Acre X-X])into the box,
and then press Find. Due to the recent addition
of Acre control, I have modified these so that
the shortcuts won't take you to the wrong place.

A acres

[Acre A-1]

[Acre A-2]

[Acre A-3]

[Acre A-4]

[Acre A-5]

B acres

[Acre B-1]

[Acre B-2]

[Acre B-3]

[Acre B-4]

[Acre B-5]

C acres

[Acre C-1]

[Acre C-2]

[Acre C-3]

[Acre C-4]

[Acre c-5]

D acres

[Acre D-1]

[Acre D-2]

[Acre D-3]

[Acre D-4]

[Acre D-5]

E acres

[Acre E-1]

[Acre E-2]

[Acre E-3]

[Acre E-4]

[Acre E-5]

F acres

[Acre F-1]

[Acre F-2]

[Acre F-3]

[Acre F-4]


[Island Left Side]
[Island Right Side]
|Various Cool Info. [info]|

All information and findings in this section are credit
to Mp16z of the Gamefaqs Animal Crossing forums, unless
otherwise stated. These are mostly copy and pastes from
emails exchanged between us (permision given) with minor

Islander houses and other island finds

The island is always in the same acres.

There's absolutely no major glitches that occur when you put an
Islander's home in your town (at least by dropping it from your
pockets that is). However, I had visited and named by island
before. There's only two very minor bugs that happen with the
islander's house.  

The furniture instead can't be changed even if you give the Islander
items. It's kind of like a villager's house, the furniture never changes.

Sometimes a weed will appear around the fence part of the house.
They can all be picked except when one is in front of the "sign" part.

Also, not really a glitch, but the Islander never leaves its house.

Also, I attempted to get a villager to live on the island,
but even with it being the last available sign in the town,
a villager will not live there. However, special characters
such as Summer Campers, Katrina, Gracie, etc. all use the
sign. It's actually really cool. Especially the summer campers. 

And I tested saving the island when Crazy Redd was there onto the GBA.
Nothing happened. The island on the GBA didn't even recognize Crazy Redd
was there. No garbage tiles, nothing. Oh well.

Another really interesting thing is when you ask Copper about
any goings-ons and a special character is using the sign on the
island, Copper will say they're in acre i-4 or acre i-5. If you
follow the pattern of the acres, the island should be acre H.

NOTE: Bowsersenemy here. Why it's not called H-4 or H-5, is this.
The game stores it's letters or "font" in memory, with what looks
like a lower case i being the very first on the list, or 00 in hex.
Sometimes if there is no name given for an item, it's name is simply
listed with whatever the first thing on the list is. So in this case,
the island is in what the game calls Acre i, when like Mp16z said, it
should be Acre H. Now, back to Mp16z's findings.

For one, it's perfectly safe to place Kapp'n's boat anywhere. In fact,
if you make a dock, (I assume he means bridges) and plug in your GBA,
he'll even take you to the island no matter where he is! It's really
amazing. When I first tried this, I put him in acre F-2 and I thought
he would just boat his way into the glitch ocean acre and the game
would reset. But instead, he boated horizontal for a long time and
eventually made a curve into the Island dock! Unfortunately, his boat
was too crooked to realign properly into the dock and the game made an
infinite unescapable loop of Kapp'n trying to pull into the dock. I'm
sure if Kapp'n didn't have to make such a wide turn, he would pull in
just fine. Possibly acre F-4. So if your acre F-5 becomes glitches,
you can still use Kapp'n to get to the Island! And another thing:
Kapp'n won't disappear even after saving and quitting and turning
off the console!

Signs and Villagers and Visitors

Whenever you place multiple signs in an acre, they'll all say the same
thing (mine was the wisdom of fishing tip). Once the sign gets occupied,
this bug will get corrected and a random tip will be replaced with the
wisdom of fishing one.

There can be 9 signs in each acre. If you add more than 9 signs to an
acre, the sign furthest down and too the left of the acre will become
hidden. This is exactly what happens with the hidden items glitch. Pretty

NOTE: B.E. again. The Hidden items Glitch is something Mp16z found. It
involves special placement of items in your house, running, and droping a
table at a specific point, and ending up on top of a table. It allows for
more items to be placed, thus boosting your HRA score to nearly limitless
heights. He Currently holds the World Record HRA score because of this.
To find out more, go to his site:
Back to Mp16z.

When four villagers all live in one acre, all four names are displayed on the
map like they normally should. However, only 1, 2 or 3 mini-houses appear on
the map. For some reason, the number of houses that appear on the map isn't
based on the number of original signs in the acre. One of the acres I put 9
signs in originally had 3 signs in it, but on the map, only one house is
displayed when four villagers all live in that acre.

Once you reach Five+ villagers in an acre, then there are a few different
very minor glitches. The map removes all the mini-houses in that particular
acre, and no names are displayed on the map. However, the text box is
slightly expanded as if there is one invisible name. Everything in the
actual acre works fine though. All five+ villagers can be out at once and
it's fine.

Of course, when you first enter the acre, sometimes some houses don't load
immediately due to too many things in one acre. Other than that, it's
perfectly safe to have 5+ villagers in a given acre!

After finally reaching the max of 9 villagers in an acre, there are some new
glitches. For one, 1 or 2 of the villagers will always "Be Out" except the
first time you meet them. In other words, after you've met them, they never
appear again. However, they can move away.

Another fairly weird thing happened twice to me. When I had 7 villagers
all in one acre, my game randomly froze when I was in the acre. Then when
I had the full 9, my game froze upon entering the acre. However, it's not
like what happens when you enter a messed up acre F-5. The screen doesn't
go black and reset. Instead, the game stops everything that's going on,
meaning you can't move and none of the buttons/controls on the controller
do anything, but the music keeps playing. I don't know what happens if you
wait for a new hour to appear, but I'm guessing time freezes as well and the
new hour won't come. I'm able to enter a 9 villager acre just fine the
majority of the time. It's more of a caution that the game CAN freeze due to
too much stuff in one acre.

There are some cautions I should mention though. Never put a sign on the very
edge of an acre. When a villager tries to move in where that sign is, a house
won't be built, but the villager will still live there. So far, I haven't seen
any corruption, but it just means a villager will live in your town, but won't
have a house. Another interesting thing is you only occasionally see that
villager. When you enter a building a leave (or go too far away), the villager
will disappear and won't reappear for a while. It's pretty annoying since it
basically lowers your max limit of villagers to 14. I removed the sign where
the house would be, and the villager still lived there and acted like a house
was still there. The villager will eventually move away.


And another caution is, if the sign is even two spots away from another acre
there are potential minor problems. Once a villager lives there, the house
will be unloaded until you enter the acre. (meaning you can't see it from other
acres until you enter the acre it's in.) And if you enter the acre when the
house is unloaded where the house will appear, you sometimes get pushed back
to the acre you were in, and almost everything in the acre you got pushed back
into will be unloaded. Nothing bad happens, it's just annoying. Other times,
you'll just go on top of the house. 

Interestingly, if you put rope bridges by the house and lead it towards the
train tracks, you can get on top of the house and walk across the rope
bridges over the train tracks! So there is another method of getting onto
the train tracks without jumping or "treeing".

NOTE: Bowsersenemy again. "treeing" is a term I made up. It refers to standing
still near an object, and droping a Tree from out of your pockets. You will
end up standing on the tree, and usualy being able to walk onto whatever you
were standing near. I'd explain the jumping, but if you're reading this, you
most likely have an Action Replay, and therefore most likely know what we mean.
Back to Mp16z.

And here's a cool little thing I discovered.
If you put a sign in an acre that a sign isn't supposed to be (such as Nook's
Shop, the Post Office, etc.) and a villager moves in, some cool minor glitches
happen. For one, the name of the villager (on the map) takes over the name of
the Name of the special acre. (In my case, Nookway is replaced with Static,
the squirrel villager) Secondly, a mini-house is actually placed on the map.
For Nook's acre, the house is placed above the fence on the left side and
extends past the actual map. It's pretty cool! And if more than one villager
moves in to one of these acres, no additional mini-houses are placed on
the map.

|Items. [item]|

Please note, it is recomended that you don't use a code
that puts these items directly in your pockets.
If you do, you will recieve glitched items in
the mail constantly. I don't know why that
happens, but it's one reason I created this guide.
So people can edit thier towns, without worrying
about that glitch. Please notice items 000B, 000D,
and 000F. They all say Place one spot left of
(some board). When I say that, I mean just that.
They are basicly the left half of that board!
So, don't stick them to the left of the WHOLE
board, just one to the left of the ITEM NUMBER.

At the suggestion of Mp16z, I have decided
to make some codes that will put Signs in your
pockets. One code for each player in the town.
I must warn you though, it will cause that player
and that player only, to recieve Glitch Letters
from Tom Nook. An endless supply of them. Of
course, all you have to do, is delete that player,
and make a new one (optional). The reason I'm
inlcuding these, is that it makes it easier
to add signs this way, and it's the ONLY way
to get them on your island.

A quote from Mp16z:

As long as there's nothing in your way, when you drop them, they
will drop right under you. So the best way to make sure they go
where you want them to is to dig a hole, refill it, and stand directly
on top of where the hole was.

NOTE: Empty your pockets before using these codes!

First Player On List has Signs


Second Player has Signs


Player 3 has Signs


Player 4 Signs


0007 - Message Board (WORKS!)
000B - Place one spot left of Message Board Item
000C - Map Board (WORKS!)
000D - Place one spot left of Map Board Item
000E - Music Board (WORKS!)
000F - Place one spot left of Music Board Item
0010 - Wooden fence (1x1 horiz)

63 big regular rock
64 short dumpy rock
65 realy short dumpy rock
66 double tip rock angle: \
67 twin rocks angle: /

5800 - Top left player house
5801 - Top right player house
5802 - Bottom left player house
5803 - Bottom right player house
5804 - Nook's Cranny
5805 - Nook 'n' Go
5806 - Nookway
5807 - Nookington's
5808 - Post Office
580D - Waterfall
580E - Waterfall going left
580F - Waterfall going right
5810 - Sign
5816 - Sign
5819 - Sign
581B - Sign
581C - Sign
581D - Sign
581E - Sign
581F - Sign
5820 - Sign
5821 - Sign
5822 - Sign
5823 - Sign
5824 - Sign

5841 - Lilly pads from pond
5844 - Lighthouse
584A - Museum
584B - Rope bridge! Direction: /
584c - Rope bridge! Direction: \
584D - Tailors (able sisters)
584E - Island Flag
5850 - Island house

A000 - top left house mailbox
A001 - top right house mailbox
A002 - bottom left house mailbox
A003 - bottom right house mailbox
A004 - top left house gyroid
A005 - top right house gyroid
A006 - bottom left house gyroid
A007 - bottom right house gyroid

0804 - Regular Tree
080C - Apple Tree (With Fruit)
0814 - Orange Tree (With Fruit)
081C - Peach Tree (With Fruit)
0824 - Pear Tree (With Fruit)
082C - Cherry Tree (With Fruit)
085B - Palm Tree (With Fruit)
0861 - Cedar Tree (Full-Grown)
0867 - Golden Tree (With Golden Shovel)
0868 - Golden Tree (Full-Grown)

0845 - White Pansies
0846 - Purple Pansies
0847 - Yellow Pansies
0848 - Yellow Cosmos
0849 - Purple Cosmos
084A - Blue Cosmos
084B - Red Tulips
084C - White Tulips
084D - Yellow Tulips

|Cautious Items. [care]|

Take special cautions using these items.
Most of these aren't permanent, and will
eventualy leave. The problem with those
items, is that they usualy leave a Sign
behind. Now, I DID include the Dump, but
if you intend to test it out, I recomend
you do so on a town you don't want to keep.
Just don't remove your main dump. That I KNOW
is dangerous. Use these items at your own risk
but don't say you weren't warned. Just be safe
and test them in another town first. If an
item does no damage, let me know. I'll move it
to the safe items.

To test these, put them in a town you don't care
for, and then save and quit. Come back on, and
if everything is fine, you're good to go. Let me
know what's cool and what's not, and like said,
i'll move it to the safe section, or leave it
here with explanations. It depends on what does

New data suggests that it would be safe to included
some of these items in your town, as long as you put
them in acres that they are supposed to go in. For instance,
it is safe to place a dump in your town, as long as it's in
a Dump acre, and that dump acre is in the A acres.

580C - police station
5825 - wishing well
5826 - redds market
5827 - Katrina's tent
5828 - Gracies Car
5829 - igloo (character inside during winter only)
582A - cherry festival table 1
582B - cherry festival table 2
582C - Aerobics radio outside version
582D - reds handhelds stand facing right
582E - reds handhelds stand facing left
582F - unknown katrina item facing right
5830 - same as above facing left
5831 - Katrina's new years table
5832 - part of countdown clock (New Years)
5833 - part of countdown clock (New Years)
5834 - red balls (sports fair)
5835 - white balls (sports fair)
5836 - red basket for ball toss (sports fair)
5837 - white basket for ball toss (sports fair)
5838 - fish checking stand facing right
5839 - fish checking stand facing left
583A - FISH WINDSOCK! Lasts until sports fair comes and goes
5842 - K.K.s pad (doesn't make K.K. appear)
5845 - tortimer's groundhog day stand
5846 - cherry blossom festival table again?
5847 - cherry blossom festival table 2 again?
5848 - harvest festival table (fork and knife)
5849 - camping tent (character inside!)
584F - kappn's boat
5851 - islanders house
5852 - kapp'ns sign

|The Acres. [hack]|

[Acre A-1]

1-1 03279BA8 0000xxxx
1-2 03279BAA 0000xxxx
1-3 03279BAC 0000xxxx
1-4 03279BAE 0000xxxx
1-5 03279BB0 0000xxxx
1-6 03279BB2 0000xxxx
1-7 03279BB4 0000xxxx
1-8 03279BB6 0000xxxx
1-9 03279BB8 0000xxxx
1-A 03279BBA 0000xxxx
1-B 03279BBC 0000xxxx
1-C 03279BBE 0000xxxx
1-D 03279BC0 0000xxxx
1-E 03279BC2 0000xxxx
1-F 03279BC4 0000xxxx
1-G 03279BC6 0000xxxx
2-1 03279BC8 0000xxxx
2-2 03279BCA 0000xxxx
2-3 03279BCC 0000xxxx
2-4 03279BCE 0000xxxx
2-5 03279BD0 0000xxxx
2-6 03279BD2 0000xxxx
2-7 03279BD4 0000xxxx
2-8 03279BD6 0000xxxx
2-9 03279BD8 0000xxxx
2-A 03279BDA 0000xxxx
2-B 03279BDC 0000xxxx
2-C 03279BDE 0000xxxx
2-D 03279BE0 0000xxxx
2-E 03279BE2 0000xxxx
2-F 03279BE4 0000xxxx
2-G 03279BE6 0000xxxx
3-1 03279BE8 0000xxxx
3-2 03279BEA 0000xxxx
3-3 03279BEC 0000xxxx
3-4 03279BEE 0000xxxx
3-5 03279BF0 0000xxxx
3-6 03279BF2 0000xxxx
3-7 03279BF4 0000xxxx
3-8 03279BF6 0000xxxx
3-9 03279BF8 0000xxxx
3-A 03279BFA 0000xxxx
3-B 03279BFC 0000xxxx
3-C 03279BFE 0000xxxx
3-D 03279C00 0000xxxx
3-E 03279C02 0000xxxx
3-F 03279C04 0000xxxx
3-G 03279C06 0000xxxx
4-1 03279C08 0000xxxx
4-2 03279C0A 0000xxxx
4-3 03279C0C 0000xxxx
4-4 03279C0E 0000xxxx
4-5 03279C10 0000xxxx
4-6 03279C12 0000xxxx
4-7 03279C14 0000xxxx
4-8 03279C16 0000xxxx
4-9 03279C18 0000xxxx
4-A 03279C1A 0000xxxx
4-B 03279C1C 0000xxxx
4-C 03279C1E 0000xxxx
4-D 03279C20 0000xxxx
4-E 03279C22 0000xxxx
4-F 03279C24 0000xxxx
4-G 03279C26 0000xxxx
5-1 03279C28 0000xxxx
5-2 03279C2A 0000xxxx
5-3 03279C2C 0000xxxx
5-4 03279C2E 0000xxxx
5-5 03279C30 0000xxxx
5-6 03279C32 0000xxxx
5-7 03279C34 0000xxxx
5-8 03279C36 0000xxxx
5-9 03279C38 0000xxxx
5-A 03279C3A 0000xxxx
5-B 03279C3C 0000xxxx
5-C 03279C3E 0000xxxx
5-D 03279C40 0000xxxx
5-E 03279C42 0000xxxx
5-F 03279C44 0000xxxx
5-G 03279C46 0000xxxx
6-1 03279C48 0000xxxx
6-2 03279C4A 0000xxxx
6-3 03279C4C 0000xxxx
6-4 03279C4E 0000xxxx
6-5 03279C50 0000xxxx
6-6 03279C52 0000xxxx
6-7 03279C54 0000xxxx
6-8 03279C56 0000xxxx
6-9 03279C58 0000xxxx
6-A 03279C5A 0000xxxx
6-B 03279C5C 0000xxxx
6-C 03279C5E 0000xxxx
6-D 03279C60 0000xxxx
6-E 03279C62 0000xxxx
6-F 03279C64 0000xxxx
6-G 03279C66 0000xxxx
7-1 03279C68 0000xxxx
7-2 03279C6A 0000xxxx
7-3 03279C6C 0000xxxx
7-4 03279C6E 0000xxxx
7-5 03279C70 0000xxxx
7-6 03279C72 0000xxxx
7-7 03279C74 0000xxxx
7-8 03279C76 0000xxxx
7-9 03279C78 0000xxxx
7-A 03279C7A 0000xxxx
7-B 03279C7C 0000xxxx
7-C 03279C7E 0000xxxx
7-D 03279C80 0000xxxx
7-E 03279C82 0000xxxx
7-F 03279C84 0000xxxx
7-G 03279C86 0000xxxx
8-1 03279C88 0000xxxx
8-2 03279C8A 0000xxxx
8-3 03279C8C 0000xxxx
8-4 03279C8E 0000xxxx
8-5 03279C90 0000xxxx
8-6 03279C92 0000xxxx
8-7 03279C94 0000xxxx
8-8 03279C96 0000xxxx
8-9 03279C98 0000xxxx
8-A 03279C9A 0000xxxx
8-B 03279C9C 0000xxxx
8-C 03279C9E 0000xxxx
8-D 03279CA0 0000xxxx
8-E 03279CA2 0000xxxx
8-F 03279CA4 0000xxxx
8-G 03279CA6 0000xxxx
9-1 03279CA8 0000xxxx
9-2 03279CAA 0000xxxx
9-3 03279CAC 0000xxxx
9-4 03279CAE 0000xxxx
9-5 03279CB0 0000xxxx
9-6 03279CB2 0000xxxx
9-7 03279CB4 0000xxxx
9-8 03279CB6 0000xxxx
9-9 03279CB8 0000xxxx
9-A 03279CBA 0000xxxx
9-B 03279CBC 0000xxxx
9-C 03279CBE 0000xxxx
9-D 03279CC0 0000xxxx
9-E 03279CC2 0000xxxx
9-F 03279CC4 0000xxxx
9-G 03279CC6 0000xxxx
A-1 03279CC8 0000xxxx
A-2 03279CCA 0000xxxx
A-3 03279CCC 0000xxxx
A-4 03279CCE 0000xxxx
A-5 03279CD0 0000xxxx
A-6 03279CD2 0000xxxx
A-7 03279CD4 0000xxxx
A-8 03279CD6 0000xxxx
A-9 03279CD8 0000xxxx
A-A 03279CDA 0000xxxx
A-B 03279CDC 0000xxxx
A-C 03279CDE 0000xxxx
A-D 03279CE0 0000xxxx
A-E 03279CE2 0000xxxx
A-F 03279CE4 0000xxxx
A-G 03279CE6 0000xxxx
B-1 03279CE8 0000xxxx
B-2 03279CEA 0000xxxx
B-3 03279CEC 0000xxxx
B-4 03279CEE 0000xxxx
B-5 03279CF0 0000xxxx
B-6 03279CF2 0000xxxx
B-7 03279CF4 0000xxxx
B-8 03279CF6 0000xxxx
B-9 03279CF8 0000xxxx
B-A 03279CFA 0000xxxx
B-B 03279CFC 0000xxxx
B-C 03279CFE 0000xxxx
B-D 03279D00 0000xxxx
B-E 03279D02 0000xxxx
B-F 03279D04 0000xxxx
B-G 03279D06 0000xxxx
C-1 03279D08 0000xxxx
C-2 03279D0A 0000xxxx
C-3 03279D0C 0000xxxx
C-4 03279D0E 0000xxxx
C-5 03279D10 0000xxxx
C-6 03279D12 0000xxxx
C-7 03279D14 0000xxxx
C-8 03279D16 0000xxxx
C-9 03279D18 0000xxxx
C-A 03279D1A 0000xxxx
C-B 03279D1C 0000xxxx
C-C 03279D1E 0000xxxx
C-D 03279D20 0000xxxx
C-E 03279D22 0000xxxx
C-F 03279D24 0000xxxx
C-G 03279D26 0000xxxx
D-1 03279D28 0000xxxx
D-2 03279D2A 0000xxxx
D-3 03279D2C 0000xxxx
D-4 03279D2E 0000xxxx
D-5 03279D30 0000xxxx
D-6 03279D32 0000xxxx
D-7 03279D34 0000xxxx
D-8 03279D36 0000xxxx
D-9 03279D38 0000xxxx
D-A 03279D3A 0000xxxx
D-B 03279D3C 0000xxxx
D-C 03279D3E 0000xxxx
D-D 03279D40 0000xxxx
D-E 03279D42 0000xxxx
D-F 03279D44 0000xxxx
D-G 03279D46 0000xxxx
E-1 03279D48 0000xxxx
E-2 03279D4A 0000xxxx
E-3 03279D4C 0000xxxx
E-4 03279D4E 0000xxxx
E-5 03279D50 0000xxxx
E-6 03279D52 0000xxxx
E-7 03279D54 0000xxxx
E-8 03279D56 0000xxxx
E-9 03279D58 0000xxxx
E-A 03279D5A 0000xxxx
E-B 03279D5C 0000xxxx
E-C 03279D5E 0000xxxx
E-D 03279D60 0000xxxx
E-E 03279D62 0000xxxx
E-F 03279D64 0000xxxx
E-G 03279D66 0000xxxx
F-1 03279D68 0000xxxx
F-2 03279D6A 0000xxxx
F-3 03279D6C 0000xxxx
F-4 03279D6E 0000xxxx
F-5 03279D70 0000xxxx
F-6 03279D72 0000xxxx
F-7 03279D74 0000xxxx
F-8 03279D76 0000xxxx
F-9 03279D78 0000xxxx
F-A 03279D7A 0000xxxx
F-B 03279D7C 0000xxxx
F-C 03279D7E 0000xxxx
F-D 03279D80 0000xxxx
F-E 03279D82 0000xxxx
F-F 03279D84 0000xxxx
F-G 03279D86 0000xxxx
G-1 03279D88 0000xxxx
G-2 03279D8A 0000xxxx
G-3 03279D8C 0000xxxx
G-4 03279D8E 0000xxxx
G-5 03279D90 0000xxxx
G-6 03279D92 0000xxxx
G-7 03279D94 0000xxxx
G-8 03279D96 0000xxxx
G-9 03279D98 0000xxxx
G-A 03279D9A 0000xxxx
G-B 03279D9C 0000xxxx
G-C 03279D9E 0000xxxx
G-D 03279DA0 0000xxxx
G-E 03279DA2 0000xxxx
G-F 03279DA4 0000xxxx
G-G 03279DA6 0000xxxx

[Acre A-2]

1-1 03279DA8 0000xxxx
1-2 03279DAA 0000xxxx
1-3 03279DAC 0000xxxx
1-4 03279DAE 0000xxxx
1-5 03279DB0 0000xxxx
1-6 03279DB2 0000xxxx
1-7 03279DB4 0000xxxx
1-8 03279DB6 0000xxxx
1-9 03279DB8 0000xxxx
1-A 03279DBA 0000xxxx
1-B 03279DBC 0000xxxx
1-C 03279DBE 0000xxxx
1-D 03279DC0 0000xxxx
1-E 03279DC2 0000xxxx
1-F 03279DC4 0000xxxx
1-G 03279DC6 0000xxxx
2-1 03279DC8 0000xxxx
2-2 03279DCA 0000xxxx
2-3 03279DCC 0000xxxx
2-4 03279DCE 0000xxxx
2-5 03279DD0 0000xxxx
2-6 03279DD2 0000xxxx
2-7 03279DD4 0000xxxx
2-8 03279DD6 0000xxxx
2-9 03279DD8 0000xxxx
2-A 03279DDA 0000xxxx
2-B 03279DDC 0000xxxx
2-C 03279DDE 0000xxxx
2-D 03279DE0 0000xxxx
2-E 03279DE2 0000xxxx
2-F 03279DE4 0000xxxx
2-G 03279DE6 0000xxxx
3-1 03279DE8 0000xxxx
3-2 03279DEA 0000xxxx
3-3 03279DEC 0000xxxx
3-4 03279DEE 0000xxxx
3-5 03279DF0 0000xxxx
3-6 03279DF2 0000xxxx
3-7 03279DF4 0000xxxx
3-8 03279DF6 0000xxxx
3-9 03279DF8 0000xxxx
3-A 03279DFA 0000xxxx
3-B 03279DFC 0000xxxx
3-C 03279DFE 0000xxxx
3-D 03279E00 0000xxxx
3-E 03279E02 0000xxxx
3-F 03279E04 0000xxxx
3-G 03279E06 0000xxxx
4-1 03279E08 0000xxxx
4-2 03279E0A 0000xxxx
4-3 03279E0C 0000xxxx
4-4 03279E0E 0000xxxx
4-5 03279E10 0000xxxx
4-6 03279E12 0000xxxx
4-7 03279E14 0000xxxx
4-8 03279E16 0000xxxx
4-9 03279E18 0000xxxx
4-A 03279E1A 0000xxxx
4-B 03279E1C 0000xxxx
4-C 03279E1E 0000xxxx
4-D 03279E20 0000xxxx
4-E 03279E22 0000xxxx
4-F 03279E24 0000xxxx
4-G 03279E26 0000xxxx
5-1 03279E28 0000xxxx
5-2 03279E2A 0000xxxx
5-3 03279E2C 0000xxxx
5-4 03279E2E 0000xxxx
5-5 03279E30 0000xxxx
5-6 03279E32 0000xxxx
5-7 03279E34 0000xxxx
5-8 03279E36 0000xxxx
5-9 03279E38 0000xxxx
5-A 03279E3A 0000xxxx
5-B 03279E3C 0000xxxx
5-C 03279E3E 0000xxxx
5-D 03279E40 0000xxxx
5-E 03279E42 0000xxxx
5-F 03279E44 0000xxxx
5-G 03279E46 0000xxxx
6-1 03279E48 0000xxxx
6-2 03279E4A 0000xxxx
6-3 03279E4C 0000xxxx
6-4 03279E4E 0000xxxx
6-5 03279E50 0000xxxx
6-6 03279E52 0000xxxx
6-7 03279E54 0000xxxx
6-8 03279E56 0000xxxx
6-9 03279E58 0000xxxx
6-A 03279E5A 0000xxxx
6-B 03279E5C 0000xxxx
6-C 03279E5E 0000xxxx
6-D 03279E60 0000xxxx
6-E 03279E62 0000xxxx
6-F 03279E64 0000xxxx
6-G 03279E66 0000xxxx
7-1 03279E68 0000xxxx
7-2 03279E6A 0000xxxx
7-3 03279E6C 0000xxxx
7-4 03279E6E 0000xxxx
7-5 03279E70 0000xxxx
7-6 03279E72 0000xxxx
7-7 03279E74 0000xxxx
7-8 03279E76 0000xxxx
7-9 03279E78 0000xxxx
7-A 03279E7A 0000xxxx
7-B 03279E7C 0000xxxx
7-C 03279E7E 0000xxxx
7-D 03279E80 0000xxxx
7-E 03279E82 0000xxxx
7-F 03279E84 0000xxxx
7-G 03279E86 0000xxxx
8-1 03279E88 0000xxxx
8-2 03279E8A 0000xxxx
8-3 03279E8C 0000xxxx
8-4 03279E8E 0000xxxx
8-5 03279E90 0000xxxx
8-6 03279E92 0000xxxx
8-7 03279E94 0000xxxx
8-8 03279E96 0000xxxx
8-9 03279E98 0000xxxx
8-A 03279E9A 0000xxxx
8-B 03279E9C 0000xxxx
8-C 03279E9E 0000xxxx
8-D 03279EA0 0000xxxx
8-E 03279EA2 0000xxxx
8-F 03279EA4 0000xxxx
8-G 03279EA6 0000xxxx
9-1 03279EA8 0000xxxx
9-2 03279EAA 0000xxxx
9-3 03279EAC 0000xxxx
9-4 03279EAE 0000xxxx
9-5 03279EB0 0000xxxx
9-6 03279EB2 0000xxxx
9-7 03279EB4 0000xxxx
9-8 03279EB6 0000xxxx
9-9 03279EB8 0000xxxx
9-A 03279EBA 0000xxxx
9-B 03279EBC 0000xxxx
9-C 03279EBE 0000xxxx
9-D 03279EC0 0000xxxx
9-E 03279EC2 0000xxxx
9-F 03279EC4 0000xxxx
9-G 03279EC6 0000xxxx
A-1 03279EC8 0000xxxx
A-2 03279ECA 0000xxxx
A-3 03279ECC 0000xxxx
A-4 03279ECE 0000xxxx
A-5 03279ED0 0000xxxx
A-6 03279ED2 0000xxxx
A-7 03279ED4 0000xxxx
A-8 03279ED6 0000xxxx
A-9 03279ED8 0000xxxx
A-A 03279EDA 0000xxxx
A-B 03279EDC 0000xxxx
A-C 03279EDE 0000xxxx
A-D 03279EE0 0000xxxx
A-E 03279EE2 0000xxxx
A-F 03279EE4 0000xxxx
A-G 03279EE6 0000xxxx
B-1 03279EE8 0000xxxx
B-2 03279EEA 0000xxxx
B-3 03279EEC 0000xxxx
B-4 03279EEE 0000xxxx
B-5 03279EF0 0000xxxx
B-6 03279EF2 0000xxxx
B-7 03279EF4 0000xxxx
B-8 03279EF6 0000xxxx
B-9 03279EF8 0000xxxx
B-A 03279EFA 0000xxxx
B-B 03279EFC 0000xxxx
B-C 03279EFE 0000xxxx
B-D 03279F00 0000xxxx
B-E 03279F02 0000xxxx
B-F 03279F04 0000xxxx
B-G 03279F06 0000xxxx
C-1 03279F08 0000xxxx
C-2 03279F0A 0000xxxx
C-3 03279F0C 0000xxxx
C-4 03279F0E 0000xxxx
C-5 03279F10 0000xxxx
C-6 03279F12 0000xxxx
C-7 03279F14 0000xxxx
C-8 03279F16 0000xxxx
C-9 03279F18 0000xxxx
C-A 03279F1A 0000xxxx
C-B 03279F1C 0000xxxx
C-C 03279F1E 0000xxxx
C-D 03279F20 0000xxxx
C-E 03279F22 0000xxxx
C-F 03279F24 0000xxxx
C-G 03279F26 0000xxxx
D-1 03279F28 0000xxxx
D-2 03279F2A 0000xxxx
D-3 03279F2C 0000xxxx
D-4 03279F2E 0000xxxx
D-5 03279F30 0000xxxx
D-6 03279F32 0000xxxx
D-7 03279F34 0000xxxx
D-8 03279F36 0000xxxx
D-9 03279F38 0000xxxx
D-A 03279F3A 0000xxxx
D-B 03279F3C 0000xxxx
D-C 03279F3E 0000xxxx
D-D 03279F40 0000xxxx
D-E 03279F42 0000xxxx
D-F 03279F44 0000xxxx
D-G 03279F46 0000xxxx
E-1 03279F48 0000xxxx
E-2 03279F4A 0000xxxx
E-3 03279F4C 0000xxxx
E-4 03279F4E 0000xxxx
E-5 03279F50 0000xxxx
E-6 03279F52 0000xxxx
E-7 03279F54 0000xxxx
E-8 03279F56 0000xxxx
E-9 03279F58 0000xxxx
E-A 03279F5A 0000xxxx
E-B 03279F5C 0000xxxx
E-C 03279F5E 0000xxxx
E-D 03279F60 0000xxxx
E-E 03279F62 0000xxxx
E-F 03279F64 0000xxxx
E-G 03279F66 0000xxxx
F-1 03279F68 0000xxxx
F-2 03279F6A 0000xxxx
F-3 03279F6C 0000xxxx
F-4 03279F6E 0000xxxx
F-5 03279F70 0000xxxx
F-6 03279F72 0000xxxx
F-7 03279F74 0000xxxx
F-8 03279F76 0000xxxx
F-9 03279F78 0000xxxx
F-A 03279F7A 0000xxxx
F-B 03279F7C 0000xxxx
F-C 03279F7E 0000xxxx
F-D 03279F80 0000xxxx
F-E 03279F82 0000xxxx
F-F 03279F84 0000xxxx
F-G 03279F86 0000xxxx
G-1 03279F88 0000xxxx
G-2 03279F8A 0000xxxx
G-3 03279F8C 0000xxxx
G-4 03279F8E 0000xxxx
G-5 03279F90 0000xxxx
G-6 03279F92 0000xxxx
G-7 03279F94 0000xxxx
G-8 03279F96 0000xxxx
G-9 03279F98 0000xxxx
G-A 03279F9A 0000xxxx
G-B 03279F9C 0000xxxx
G-C 03279F9E 0000xxxx
G-D 03279FA0 0000xxxx
G-E 03279FA2 0000xxxx
G-F 03279FA4 0000xxxx
G-G 03279FA6 0000xxxX

[Acre A-3]

1-1 03279FA8 0000xxxx
1-2 03279FAA 0000xxxx
1-3 03279FAC 0000xxxx
1-4 03279FAE 0000xxxx
1-5 03279FB0 0000xxxx
1-6 03279FB2 0000xxxx
1-7 03279FB4 0000xxxx
1-8 03279FB6 0000xxxx
1-9 03279FB8 0000xxxx
1-A 03279FBA 0000xxxx
1-B 03279FBC 0000xxxx
1-C 03279FBE 0000xxxx
1-D 03279FC0 0000xxxx
1-E 03279FC2 0000xxxx
1-F 03279FC4 0000xxxx
1-G 03279FC6 0000xxxx
2-1 03279FC8 0000xxxx
2-2 03279FCA 0000xxxx
2-3 03279FCC 0000xxxx
2-4 03279FCE 0000xxxx
2-5 03279FD0 0000xxxx
2-6 03279FD2 0000xxxx
2-7 03279FD4 0000xxxx
2-8 03279FD6 0000xxxx
2-9 03279FD8 0000xxxx
2-A 03279FDA 0000xxxx
2-B 03279FDC 0000xxxx
2-C 03279FDE 0000xxxx
2-D 03279FE0 0000xxxx
2-E 03279FE2 0000xxxx
2-F 03279FE4 0000xxxx
2-G 03279FE6 0000xxxx
3-1 03279FE8 0000xxxx
3-2 03279FEA 0000xxxx
3-3 03279FEC 0000xxxx
3-4 03279FEE 0000xxxx
3-5 03279FF0 0000xxxx
3-6 03279FF2 0000xxxx
3-7 03279FF4 0000xxxx
3-8 03279FF6 0000xxxx
3-9 03279FF8 0000xxxx
3-A 03279FFA 0000xxxx
3-B 03279FFC 0000xxxx
3-C 03279FFE 0000xxxx
3-D 0327A000 0000xxxx
3-E 0327A002 0000xxxx
3-F 0327A004 0000xxxx
3-G 0327A006 0000xxxx
4-1 0327A008 0000xxxx
4-2 0327A00A 0000xxxx
4-3 0327A00C 0000xxxx
4-4 0327A00E 0000xxxx
4-5 0327A010 0000xxxx
4-6 0327A012 0000xxxx
4-7 0327A014 0000xxxx
4-8 0327A016 0000xxxx
4-9 0327A018 0000xxxx
4-A 0327A01A 0000xxxx
4-B 0327A01C 0000xxxx
4-C 0327A01E 0000xxxx
4-D 0327A020 0000xxxx
4-E 0327A022 0000xxxx
4-F 0327A024 0000xxxx
4-G 0327A026 0000xxxx
5-1 0327A028 0000xxxx
5-2 0327A02A 0000xxxx
5-3 0327A02C 0000xxxx
5-4 0327A02E 0000xxxx
5-5 0327A030 0000xxxx
5-6 0327A032 0000xxxx
5-7 0327A034 0000xxxx
5-8 0327A036 0000xxxx
5-9 0327A038 0000xxxx
5-A 0327A03A 0000xxxx
5-B 0327A03C 0000xxxx
5-C 0327A03E 0000xxxx
5-D 0327A040 0000xxxx
5-E 0327A042 0000xxxx
5-F 0327A044 0000xxxx
5-G 0327A046 0000xxxx
6-1 0327A048 0000xxxx
6-2 0327A04A 0000xxxx
6-3 0327A04C 0000xxxx
6-4 0327A04E 0000xxxx
6-5 0327A050 0000xxxx
6-6 0327A052 0000xxxx
6-7 0327A054 0000xxxx
6-8 0327A056 0000xxxx
6-9 0327A058 0000xxxx
6-A 0327A05A 0000xxxx
6-B 0327A05C 0000xxxx
6-C 0327A05E 0000xxxx
6-D 0327A060 0000xxxx
6-E 0327A062 0000xxxx
6-F 0327A064 0000xxxx
6-G 0327A066 0000xxxx
7-1 0327A068 0000xxxx
7-2 0327A06A 0000xxxx
7-3 0327A06C 0000xxxx
7-4 0327A06E 0000xxxx
7-5 0327A070 0000xxxx
7-6 0327A072 0000xxxx
7-7 0327A074 0000xxxx
7-8 0327A076 0000xxxx
7-9 0327A078 0000xxxx
7-A 0327A07A 0000xxxx
7-B 0327A07C 0000xxxx
7-C 0327A07E 0000xxxx
7-D 0327A080 0000xxxx
7-E 0327A082 0000xxxx
7-F 0327A084 0000xxxx
7-G 0327A086 0000xxxx
8-1 0327A088 0000xxxx
8-2 0327A08A 0000xxxx
8-3 0327A08C 0000xxxx
8-4 0327A08E 0000xxxx
8-5 0327A090 0000xxxx
8-6 0327A092 0000xxxx
8-7 0327A094 0000xxxx
8-8 0327A096 0000xxxx
8-9 0327A098 0000xxxx
8-A 0327A09A 0000xxxx
8-B 0327A09C 0000xxxx
8-C 0327A09E 0000xxxx
8-D 0327A0A0 0000xxxx