King Edgar 0
Here it is:
King Edgar 0's FF8 enemy controlling FAQ/list!

Version 1.50

Yes, I realise that this FAQ doesn't have any spiffy art,
or a real great look to it or anything. You have to realize that any work to this FAQ is done between 1 - 4AM... So anything
I tried to do would turn out crappy anyway.
Perhaps in a future update I will change the look of it.

What's new:

Added a lot more L- digits. Not to many more to go.

Some grammer fixes.
A little bit more general info

Completed the K- Digit list.
Added some more L- digits.
Added some info on Omega Weapon
More general info

More K-Digits

First realese

Welcome, Here you will learn how to get enemies into
party in FF8 using GameShark! There are 2 differant
methods. Each one has differant enemies.
Digits with a K- prefix go with the K code below.
Digits with a L- Prefix go with the L code below.
For those wondering the K stands for KingEdgar0
and the L stands for Lordskylark.
Lordskylark and I are creating lists for the enemies.
I am using one method, And he another.
We decided to put prefixes on the digits when posting
them to make sure there was no confusion on which
code to use.


A few people have asked me "Why make the FAQ?"
The answer I guess, Is that I love doing things
in games that you are not supposed to.
Debug rooms, Like the ones found for a variaty of RPG's
Cut-out characters, Like Lilith in Tales Of Destiny.
And one of my fav's is controlling people you
shoudn't be able to. Like the Enemies in FF8.
This started out as a list of digits to go with the character
modifier. And over the past few days it has evolved into guide.
I wanted other people to have the joy of seeing Ultima Weapon in
their party :)

-Important notes-

This is a GAMESHARK FAQ, You can not do anything in this guide
without a Gameshark or Game Enhancer type device.

DON'T summon GF while you have an enemy in your group.
It will glitch the game after the GF is done.

Some enemies start the first battle with status ailments
or are Transparent. Use Esuna on them to fix this. If
it doesn't work then use 2 pheonix downs on the enemy.

Some enemies hang the game when you choose Attack.
In a future version I will probably list which ones.
Along with what special attacks the others have.

Some enemies glitch the game at certian places.
You can't use Odin at the plains of Esthar.
You can't use Bahamut at the Island closest to Hell.
You can only use Omega at a few certian places.

-Notes on custimizing K- enemies-

Some monsters are custimizable.
You can go into their Junction menu and give.
them the abilities you want them to have. For those that arn't custimizable. You can use the below method.
It works some of the time. For some monsters
it glitches the game though.

Here is a method to custimize some enemies that arn't (FC)
First get the monster in your party. Then goto Switch.
Do a junction switch with the monster and one of your.
characters that is not in your party. Go into that characters.
junction menu and custimize all you want.
Switch the junction back. There ya go.
Some monsteres glitch the game when you try and do a junction switch.

Monsteres gotten with the L- code will have whatever squall had.
Where-as monsteres with the K- code pull their data from elsewhere.
So they will have differant things then squall.

(SF) = Slow fight. The battle will be VERY choppy.
(FC) = Custimizable. You can go into the monsteres Junction screen and give it abilities.
(JS) = Junction switch. You can use the junction switch method to customize.

K = 30077E6D 00??
L = 30077810 00??

The K code puts the enemy into the second position
The L code puts the enemy wherever squall should be.
So make sure he is in your party!

So basicly:
30077810 0053 = Bahamut
30077E6D 00C5 = Ultima Weapon

See how it works? Take off the prefix and use the
code that goes with that prefix for the digits.


K-FE = Cockatrice
K-FD = Glitch
K-FC = Glitch
K-FB = Glitch
K-FA Propagator/seems to summon odin even if you don't
have him.
K-F9 = Biggs/galbadia soldier
K-F8 Edea
K-F7 = Glich
K-F6 = Propagator
K-F5 = Cerberus
K-F4 = Norg Pod
K-F3 = Sacred
K-F2 = Oilboyle
K-F0 = Iguion
K-EF = Tonberry King (SF)
K-EC = Tonberry king (SF)
K-EB = Glitch
K-EA = Esthar soldier
K-E9 = Propagator
K-E8 = Cockatrice
K-E7 = Seifer
K-E6 = Vysage (SF)
K-E5 = Tonberry King (SF)
K-E4 = Iguion
K-E2 = Glitch
K-E1 = Elvoret
K-E0 = Purple Propagator
K-DE = Norg Orb
K-DD = Grand Mantis
K-DC = Cockatrice
K-DB = Seifer
K-DA = Glitch
K-D9 = Seifer
K-D7 = Odin - Glitches game if you get into a battle at Esthar planes
K-D6 = Glitch
K-D5 = Minotaur
K-D4 = Cockatrice
K-D3 = Tonberry King (SF)
K-D2 = Glitch
K-D0 = Elvoret
K-CF = Glitch
K-CE = Glitch
K-CD = Seifer
K-CC = Propagator
K-CA = Edea
K-C9 = Siefer
K-C8 = Green Propagator
K-C7 = X-ATM
K-C6 = Strange
K-C5 = Ultima Weapon (FC) Don't choose attack. It will hang.
K-C4 = Ultima Weapon (Not as good as above)
K-C3 = Tonberry King (SF)
K-C2 = Tonberry (FC)
K-C1 = Siefer
K-C0 = X-ATM
K-BF = Yellow Propagator
K-BE = Raldo
K-BD = Glitch
K-BC = Glitch
K-BB = Yellow Propagator
K-BA = Esthar soldier
K-B9 = Ifrit
K-B8 = Tonberry King (SF)
K-B7 = Ultima Weapon (Crappy)
K-B6 = Vysage (SF)
K-B5 = PuPu
K-B4 = Tonberry King (Working!)
K-B3 = Siefer
K-B2 = Glitch
K-B1 = Glitch
K-AF = Glitch
K-AE = Biggs/Soldier
K-AD = Iguion
K-AC = Green Propagator
K-AB = Seifer
K-AA = Yellow Propagator
K-A9 = Yellow Propagator
K-A8 = Righty
K-A7 = Glitch
K-A6 = Glitch
K-A5 = ThrustAevis
K-A4 = Glitch
K-A3 = Squall
K-A2 = Copy
K-A1 = Glitchy
K-9F - 9D = Glitch
K-9C = Squall
K-9B = Squall
K-9A = Adel (SF)
K-99 - 96 = Glitch
K-95 = Righty
K-94 = Glitch
K-93 = Tri-point (SF)
K-92 = Glitch
K-91 = Squall
K-8F = Glitch
K-8E = Glitch
K-8D = Minotaur (Not as good as D5)
K-8C = adamantoise
K-8B = Glitch
K-8A = Norg Orb
K-89 = Cockatrice
K-88 = Malboro
K-87 = Fastitacalon-F (SF)
K-86 = Squall
K-85 = Squall
K-84 = SAM08G
K-83 = SAM08G
K-82 = Very strange. Looks like a off-pallete Gumby.
Has japanese writing an front and back.
Anyone care to translate?
K-81 = Glitch
K-7F = Glitch
K-7E = Omega Weapon. But glitches when fighting a lot of enemies.
Try using him on cactuar island. He doesn't seem to glitch for them
K-7D = Glitch
K-7C = SAMG08G
K-7B = Quistis
K-7A = Squall
K-79 - 74 = Glitch
K-73 = Squall
K-72 = Fasticalon-F (JS)
K-71 = Squall
K-6F - 64 = Junk and Glitches
K-63 = SphinXara (SF)
K-62 - 5F = Junk and Glitches
K-5E = Paratrooper , if you choose attack you win the battle (JS)
K-5D = Glitch
K-5C = Squall
K-5B = Sorceress (SF)
K-5A - 55 = Junk and Glitches
K-54 = Propagator (JS)
K-53 - 51 = Junk and Glitches
K-4F = Seifer
K-4E = Zell
K-4D = Squall
K-4C = Squall
K-4B = Glitch
K-4A = Glitch
K-49 = Glitch
K-48 = Purple Propagator (JS) Attack does no damage
K-47 = Glitch
K-46 = Adel (SF)
K-45 = X-ATM (FC)
K-44 = Glitch
K-43 = Glitch
K-42 = Glitch
K-41 = Glitch
K-40 = Wendigo
K-3F = Messed squall
K-3E = Glitch
K-3D = Jumbo Cactuar (JS) Attack hangs battle
K-3C = GIM47N (SF)
K-3B = Jumbo Cactuar
K-3A = Glitch
K-39 = Seifer, His limit break is using magic.
And he has apocolipse in his magic inventory :)
K-38 = Glitch
K-37 = Jumbo Cactuar
K-36 = Fasticalon (S)
K-35 = Glitch
K-34 = Glitch
K-33 = Squall
K-32 = Glitch
K-31 = Glitch
K-30 = Abbys worm.
K-2F = Anacondor (SF)
K-2E = Jumbo Cactuar
K-2C = Jumbo Cactuar
K-2B = Glitch
K-2A = Jumbo Cactuar
K-29 = Squall
K-28 = Glitch
K-27 = Glitch
K-26 = Edea
K-25 = SphinXara (SF)
K-24 = Squall
K-23 = Squall
K-22 = Squall
K-21 = Squall
K-20 = Squall
K-1F = Squall

L-9F = Missle base soldier
L-9E = Glitch
L-9D = Ufo
L-9C = Glitch, And slow battle
L-9B = Glitch
L-9A = Ufo
L-99 = Raijin , Hangs game when you choose attack
L-98 = Fujin , Hangs game when you choose attack
L-97 = Biggs
L-96 = Wedge
L-95 = Catoblepas
L-94 = Tiamat
L-93 = Elnoyle
L-92 = Red Giant
L-91 = Slapper
L-90 = Seifer
L-8F = Invisable, Attack randomly wins battle
L-8E = Ultimecia in her last form!
L-8D = Glitch (S)
L-8C = Glitch
L-8B = Griever in ball form
L-8A = Griever in first form - Can be glitchy against some enemies
L-89 = Ultimicia, First form (S)
L-88 = Raijin
L-87 = Fujin
L-86 = UFO
L-85 = Sorceress C Attack hangs battle
L-84 = Sorceress B Attack hangs battle
L-83 = Sorceress A Attack hangs battle
L-82 = Glitch
L-81 = Rinoa, fromt the fight with Adel (S)
L-80 = Adel (S)
L-7F = Glitch
L-7E = Droma
L-7D = Trauma
L-7C = Paratrooper - Freezes
L-7B = Mobile Type 8 - Right Probe
L-7A = Mobile Type 8 - Left Probe
L-79 = Glitch
L-78 = ??? Wierd/note in the game
L-77 = Glitch
L-76 = BGH251F2 - Second version
L-75 = Glitch
L-74 = Edea
L-73 = OilBoyle
L-72 = Yellow Propagator
L-71 = Green Propagator
L-70 = Raldo
L-6F = Granaldo, Attack hangs battle
L-6E = Gargantua
L-6D = Iguion
L-6C = X-ATM092
L-6B = Elvoret
L-6A = Ultima Weapon, Attack hangs battle
L-69 = Purple Propagator
L-68 = Edea
L-67 = Seifer - weak, Attack randomly wins battle
L-66 = Seifer , Attack randomly wins battle
L-61 = Norg Orb
L-60 = Norg Orb
L-59 = Glitch
L-58 = Elite soldier
L-57 = Glbadian Soldier, Attack hangs battle (Lordskylark
says it funny, So try it.)
L-56 = Odin
L-55 = Garden Facility Member - All option freeze battle
L-54 = Glitch
L-53 = Bahamut
L-52 = Glitch
L-51 = Cerberus
L-50 = Command Leader
L-4F = Sacred
L-4E = Minotaur
L-4D = Ifrit (S)
L-4C = PuPu
L-4B = Imp
L-4A = Fungaar
L-49 = Torama
L-40 = Malboro, Attack hangs battle
L-3F = Chimera. Attack hangs battle (Lordskylark says this one
is funny too)
L-3E = Adamantoise , Attack hangs battle
L-3D = Ochu
L-3C = Abyss Worm
L-3B = Bomb , Attack hangs battle
L-3A = Forbidden (S)
L-39 = Blue Dragon (S)
L-38 = Righty
L-37 = Lefty, Attack Randomly wins battle
L-36 = Krysta , Attack hangs battle
L-35 = Grand Mantis
L-34 = Tri-Face
L-33 = Death Claw, Attack hangs battle
L-32 = Gerogero, Attack hangs battle
L-31 = Gayla
L-30 = Wendigo
L-2F = Glitch
L-2E = Tri-Point (S)
L-2D = Glitch
L-2C = Bite Bug (S)
L-2B = Armadodo
L-2A = Glitch
L-29 = Glitch
L-28 = Hexadragon (S)
L-27 = Creeps (S)
L-26 = Gesper
L-25 = Fastitocalon (S)
L-24 = Fastitocalon-F
L-23 = Glitch
L-22 = Red Bat
L-21 = CaterChipiller
L-20 = Cockatrice

I hope you enjoy it!
The next version of the FAQ will have:
The rest of the L-Digits

I am not sure when the next version will be realised.
I am in the middle of moving. So I might not have time
till we move. And I don't know how long it will be till we
are online in the new house.

A future version will have:
A complete guide to what enemy attacks do what.

This is my 2nd FAQ. My first was a Suikoden 2
suggestion box listing.


KingEdgar0 (Me)= 13 hours of work to get all those K- digits.
And about 2 hours getting L- Digits

TheGreatChaos = Giving me motivation, as well as
threats :) to work on the digits.

Lordskylark = Bringing it to everyones attention that
this was possible. And Lot's of work on L-digits.

ED KID 2L = Some Info on K-7E (Omega)

-Misc/Contact info-

You can reach me at [email protected].

Feel free to copy this FAQ and put it on your website,
or anything like that. As long as it is un-altered!!

This FAQ is copyright James Danzl.
If you try and rip it off I will sick my
large group of blood-sucking lawyers on you. :)

This text was brought to you by GSHI.org, unless someone else gave it to you, in which case it was only written by someone at GSHI.org. Heheh.