Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Castle of Dragon
(USA) NES-C4-USA 128K 2F2D1FA9 26
Castle Quest
(Japan) HFC-V4 256K BF4F4BA6 13
(USA) NES-05-USA 64K 12906664 29
(Europe) NES-CV (EEC/NOE) 128K A93527E2 32
(USA) NES-CV-USA 128K 0AC1AA8F 142
(USA) (Rev 1) NES-CV-USA 128K B668C7FC 91
Castlevania II - Simon's Quest
(Europe) NES-QU-(EEC/FRG) 256K D6F7383E 11
(USA) NES-QU-USA 256K C471E42D 160
Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse
(Europe) NES-VN (FRG/SCN) 384K 671F23A8 1
(USA) NES-VN-USA 384K ED2465BE 123
Cat Ninden Teyandee
(Japan) TCF-Y8 256K 45878D7F 26
Caveman Games
(USA) NES-UQ-USA 256K D1EA84C3 8
Chack'n Pop
(Japan) TFC-CP-4500 (02) 24K 622F059D 12
Challenge of the Dragon
(Sachen) [U][!] 193K B3D9B241 3
(Japan) HFC-CH 40K 73418721 6
Championship Bowling
(USA) NES-1F-USA 64K EAC38105 5
Championship Lode Runner
(Japan) HFC-CR 24K ADB5D0B3 5
Championship Pool
(USA) NES-P3-USA 128K CDC641FC 14
Championship Rally
(Europe) NES-29-ESP 256K C076D66F 4