Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
(USA) NES-C7-USA 128K BDF046EF 53
(Japan) HCT-C5/007 64K 0719260C 3
Caesars Palace
(USA) NES-C9-USA 128K DB1D03E5 4
California Games
(USA) NES-CG-USA 128K 2F66E302 16
California Raisins - The Grape Escape
(USA) (Proto 1) 128K F2096D9C 10
Caltron - 6 in 1
(USA) (Unl) CN-11 384K 4686C5DD 13
Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92
(USA) NES-GM-USA 256K BE250388 14
Captain America and the Avengers
(USA) NES-6E-USA 256K 58C7DDAF 41
Captain Comic - The Adventure
(USA) (Unl) CDR-CC-81001 128K A5E89675 26
Captain ED
(Japan) CBS-ED 256K 3F56A392 8
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
(USA) NES-5C-USA 256K 0B404915 24
Captain Saver
(Japan) TFC-CS-5900 (46) 256K 99C395F9 14
Captain Silver
(Japan) GTS-CK 256K CB0A3AF4 17
Captain Skyhawk
(USA) NES-YW-USA 128K F518DD58 28
(USA) (Rev 1) NES-YW-USA 128K EFD26E37 13
Captain Tsubasa
(Japan) TCF-TP 256K F3F1269D 6