Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Wheel of Fortune - Family Edition
(USA) NES-W3-USA 128K 009AF6BE 6
Wheel of Fortune - Junior Edition
(USA) NES-WJ-USA 128K 68383607 1
Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White
(USA) NES-Y6-USA 128K 4220C170 7
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego
(USA) NES-9K-USA 384K 917770D8 3
Where's Waldo
(USA) NES-6W-USA 256K C3463A3D 3
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
(USA) NES-WL-USA 128K 12B2C361 16
Whomp 'Em
(USA) NES-4W-USA 256K 6FD5A271 21
(USA) NES-W7-USA 256K E7C981A2 26
Wild Gunman
(Japan, USA) NES-WG-USA 24K B8B9ACA3 14
(USA) NES-WI-USA 256K 103E7E7F 28
Wily & Right no Rockboard - That's Paradise
(Japan) CAP-BE 256K 23F4B48F 44
Win, Lose or Draw
(USA) NES-IL-USA 128K F74DFC91 1
Winter Games
(USA) NES-WM-USA 128K 52880295 11
(Japan) ATH-XW 128K B1B16B8A 2
Wizardry - Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario
(USA) NES-32-USA 256K 6BC33D2F 125