Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Desert Commander
(USA) NES-DF-USA 256K 68EC97CB 20
Destination Earthstar
(USA) NES-VW-USA 64K EB9960EE 15
Destiny of an Emperor
(USA) NES-YZ-USA 256K A558FB52 81
Devil Man
(Japan) NAM-DM-5500 256K D1691028 5
Devil World
(Europe) NES-DD-EEC 24K 0C783F0C 8
(Japan) (Rev 1) HVC-DD 24K 145A9A6C 1
Di Dao Zhan
(Ch) ES-1010 512K 426BD504 3
(NJ037) (Ch) NJ037 2M B614AAA2 4
Dick Tracy
(USA) NES-3Y-USA 128K D738C059 16
Die Hard
(USA) NES-57-USA 256K 085DE7C9 50
Dig Dug
(Japan) NAM-NDD-4500 (06) 24K B174B680 8
Dig Dug II
(Japan) NAM-NDDII-4500 (14) 40K 2BE254E9 7
Dig Dug II - Trouble in Paradise
(USA) NES-I2-USA 40K DBB06A25 12
Digger - The Legend of the Lost City
(USA) NES-8D-USA 128K 1CEE0C21 17
Digger T. Rock - The Legend of the Lost City
(Europe) NES-8D (NOE/ESP 128K 96CFB4D8 7
Digital Devil Story - Megami Tensei
(Japan) NAM-MT-4900 256K 5393D949 14