Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Lagrange Point
(Japan) KON-RC851 512K 743387FF 22
Lasalle Ishii no Child's Quest
(Japan) NAM-CQ-5500 192K D97C31B0 6
Laser Invasion
(USA) NES-8G-USA 256K B0480AE9 18
Last Action Hero
(USA) NES-LA-USA 256K E7DA8A04 31
Last Armageddon
(Japan) SHI-LT 512K 8EEF8B76 11
Last Ninja, The
(USA) NES-J7-USA 256K E353969F 12
Last Starfighter, The
(USA) NES-LM-USA 64K 6997F5E1 15
Law of the West
(Japan) PNF-LW (R53V5907) 128K AE128FAC 1
(Japan) DBF-LY 128K EA31CCD3 17
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
(USA) NES-FI-USA 256K 88E1A5F4 1
Legacy of the Wizard
(USA) NES-LC-USA 192K F181C021 112
Legend of Kage, The
Legend of Prince Valiant, The
(Europe) NES-PX (FRA/ESP) 256K FD7E9A7E 9
Legend of Zelda, The
(Europe) NES-ZL-EEC 128K ED7F5555 2
(USA) NES-ZL-USA 128K 3FE272FB 266
(USA) (Rev 1) NES-ZL-USA 128K EAF7ED72 15
Legendary Wings
(USA) NES-LE-USA 128K A2194CAD 22