Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Ren & Stimpy Show Presents, The - Stimpy's Invention
(Europe) 1M C276C220 16
(USA) 1M D9503BA5 46
(USA) (Beta) 1M FCB86336 1
Rent A Hero
(J) [T+Eng NikcDC v.97] 2M 820DAC90 39
(J) [T+Eng] 2M 5C16D7B6 1
(Europe) (Proto) 1M 558E35E0 9
Revenge of Fu Manchu, The
Revenge of Fu Manchu, The 0K 16
Revenge of Shinobi, The
(USA, Europe) 512K 05F27994 102
(USA, Europe) (Rev A) 512K FE91AB7E 11
(USA, Europe) (Rev B) 512K 4D35EBE4 11
(USA, Europe) (Rev B) (Beta) (1990-02-01) 512K E488EB46 1
Revenge Of Shinobi, The
(USA, Europe) (REV 00) 512K 5C7E5EA6 37
Revolution X
(USA, Europe) 4M 5FB0C5D4 16
Richard Scarry's Busytown
(USA) 2M 7BB60C3F 3
Rings of Power
(USA, Europe) 1M 41FCC497 28
Rise of the Robots
(Europe) 3M 5650780B 10
(USA) 512K 80416D0D 2
Risky Woods
(USA, Europe) 1M D975E93C 56
(USA, Europe) 2M 6511AA61 25
(USA, Europe) (Beta) (Later) 2M 9700139B 14
Ristar - The Shooting Star
(Japan, Korea) G-4126 2M CE464F0E 14
Road Rash
(USA, Europe) 768K DEA53D19 145