Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Stone Protectors
(USA) (Proto) 2M FBF0D54F 4
(Japan) T-49113 512K 0B440FED 5
(USA) 512K 39AB50A5 25
Story of Thor, The
(Europe) 3M 1110B0DB 8
(Spain) 3M 4631F941 7
Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition
(Europe) 3M 56D41136 4
(USA) T-12016 3M 13FE08A1 415
Street Fighter II' Plus - Champion Edition
(Japan, Korea, Asia) T-12033 3M 2E487EE3 32
Street Racer
(Europe) 1M 1A58D5FE 16
Street Smart
(Japan, USA) T-24083 (JPN) 512K B1DEDFAD 45
Streets of Rage 2
(USA) 2M E01FA526 279
Streets of Rage 3
(Asia, Korea) 3M 90EF991E 7
(Europe) 3M 3B78135F 2
(USA) 3M D5BB15D9 146
(USA, Europe) 1M B9D099A4 35
(USA, Europe) (Virtual Console) 1M 5B96A532 2
Strider Hiryuu
(Japan, Korea) G-4037 1M 859173F2 6
Strider II
(Europe) 1M E85E5270 26
(Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) 2M CC5D7AB2 2
(Europe) 2M E8CED28D 2
(Unknown) (Beta) (July, 1993) 2M 9C13D25C 8
(USA) 2M DC3C6C45 37
(USA) (Beta) (October,1993) 2M 3A1022D1 7
Summer Challenge
(USA, Europe) (Unl) 2M D7D53DC1 11