Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Coach K College Basketball
(USA) 2M 67C309C6 3
College Football USA 96
(USA) 2M B9075385 1
College Football USA 97
(USA) 2M 2EBB90A3 2
College Slam
(USA) 4M 96A42431 74
(USA, Europe) G-4035 (JPN) 128K D783C244 16
Columns III
(USA) 512K DC678F6D 45
Columns III - Taiketsu! Columns World
(Japan, Korea) G-4108 512K CD07462F 2
Combat Aces
(Beta) 512K 84560D5A 1
Combat Cars
(USA, Europe) 1M E439B101 32
Comix Zone
(Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es) 2M 1318E923 5
(Japan) (En,Ja) G-4132 2M 7A6027B8 5
(Unknown) (Beta) (1995-04-04) 2M 2EFCB6EE 3
(USA) 2M 17DA0354 38
Command & Conquer
(Beta) 2M 747FCC62 1
Congo - The Game
(USA) (Proto) 992K 13746716 5
Contra - Hard Corps
(USA, Korea) T-95106 2M C579F45E 66
Contra - The Hard Corps
(Japan) T-95093 2M 2AB26380 41
Cool Spot
(Europe) 1M 5F09FA41 4
(Japan, Korea) T-70013 1M E869EFB1 6
(USA) 1M F024C1A1 56
(USA) (Beta) 1M 0EBAA4A8 1