Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Robot Wreckage
(USA) (Beta) (July, 1993) 1M C67DDB14 2
Rock 'n' Roll Racing
(Europe) 1M BC5A0562 2
Rock n' Roll Racing
(USA) 1M 6ABAB577 92
Rocket Knight Adventures
(Europe) 1M 8EEDFD51 7
(Japan) T-95063 1M D1C8C1C5 6
(USA) 1M A6EFEC47 58
Rockman - Mega World
(Japan) T-12053 2M 4D87235E 36
Rockman X3
Rockman X3 0K 12
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
(USA) 1M 83699E34 8
Rolling Thunder 2
(Europe) 1M C440F292 5
(Japan) T-14133 1M 965B2628 8
(USA) 1M 3ACE429B 124
Rolling Thunder 3
(USA) 2M 64FB13AA 67
Rolo to the Rescue
(USA, Europe) 512K 306861A2 31
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
(USA) 1M 3D842478 10
Romance of the Three Kingdoms III - Dragon of Destiny
(USA) 2M 7E41C8FE 3
Ronaldinho '98
Ronaldinho '98 0K 4
Rugby World Cup 95
(USA, Europe) (En,Fr,It) 2M 61F90A8A 2
(Japan, Korea) T-11153 512K 0894D8FB 2