Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Summer Challenge
(USA, Europe) (Unl) 2M D7D53DC1 11
Sunset Riders
(Europe) 512K 0FF33054 4
(USA) 512K AC30C297 22
Super Airwolf
(Japan) T-29013 512K FA451982 4
Super Baseball 2020
(USA, Europe) 2M C17ACEE5 15
Super Battleship - The Classic Naval Combat Game
(USA) 512K 99CA1BFB 7
Super Fantasy Zone
(Europe) 1M 927975BE 50
(Japan) T-15023 1M 767780D7 15
Super H.Q.
(Japan) T-11163 512K AB2C52B0 7
Super Hang-On
(World) (En,Ja) G-4011 (JPN) 512K CB2201A3 64
(World) (En,Ja) (Rev A) G-4011 (JPN) 512K 3877D107 19
Super High Impact
(USA) 1M B870C2F7 10
Super Hydlide
(USA) 512K 1335DDAA 22
Super Kick Off
(Europe) 512K F43793FF 2
Super King Kong 99
Super King Kong 99 0K 4
Super League
(Japan) G-4006 512K EA13CB1D 5
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2M 9CFA2BD8 25
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 0K 16