Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Sonic 3
(And Amy Rose) 0K 1
(Europe) 2M 6A632503 2
Sonic 3 Complete
(v130810) 4M 2BD564B1 70
Sonic 3D Blast
(USA) (Beta) 4M D20F385B 4
Sonic 3D Blast - Director's Cut
(World) (Unl) 4M 9767E840 46
Sonic 3D Blast ~ Sonic 3D Flickies' Island
(USA, Europe, Korea) 4M 44A2CA44 37
Sonic Classic Heroes
Sonic Classic Heroes 0K 11
Sonic Classic Heroes
(v0.10.008a) 4M C27093DA 18
Sonic Compilation
(Europe) 3M 8C70B84E 63
Sonic Compilation ~ Sonic Classics
(USA, Europe, Korea) (Rev A) 3M 95B5E8D7 7
Sonic Crackers
(Japan) (Proto) 1M 7FADA88D 1
Sonic Jam 6
Sonic Jam 6 0K 14
Sonic Spinball
(Europe) 1M AEA0786D 2
(Unknown) (Beta) (August, 1993) [b] 2M B1524979 3
(USA) 1M 677206CB 58
Sonic The Hedgehog
(Easy Mode) 0K 1
(Japan) (En) (Virtual Console) 512K 6382B2C5 16
(Japan, Korea) G-4049 512K AFE05EEE 11
(USA, Europe) 512K F9394E97 110
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
(Long Version) 0K 1
(Pink Edition) 0K 1
(World) G-4088 (JPN) 1M 24AB4C3A 112
(World) (Beta 1) (June, 1992) 1M 39FAAA70 29
(World) (Beta 2) (July, 1992) 1M EEA21B5C 16
(World) (Rev A) G-4088 (JPN) 1M 7B905383 221
Sonic The Hedgehog 3
(USA) 2M 9BC192CE 166