Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
G Vector
(Jpn) T-30603G 0K 1
Galactic Attack
(USA) T-8116H 0K 11
Galaxy Fight
(USA) T-8116H 0K 7
Gale Racer
(Jpn) GS-9003 0K 2
Gensou Suikoden
(Jpn) T-9525G (VS005-J1) 0K 7
(USA) T-15904 0K 5
Ghen War
(USA) 81001 0K 6
Golden Axe - The Duel
(USA) 81045 0K 8
Grid Runner
(USA) T-7004H 0K 7
Guardian Force
(Jpn) T-9905G 0K 4
Guardian Heroes
(Jpn) (3M) GS-9031 0K 12
(USA) 81035 0K 17