Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
F1 Challenge
(Euro) MK81206-50 0K 2
(USA) MK81206 0K 21
Falcom Classics
(Jpn) T-31502G 0K 16
Falcom Classics II
(Jpn) T-31505G 0K 6
FIFA 98 - Road to World Cup
(USA) T-5025H 0K 2
FIFA Soccer 97
(USA) T-5017H 0K 6
Fighter's History Dynamite
(Jpn) GS-9107 0K 1
Fighters Megamix
(USA) (v1.004, 19970411) MK-81073 0K 8
Fighting Vipers
(USA) MK-81041 0K 32
Final Fight Revenge
(Jpn) T-1249G 0K 9
(Jpn) T-15015G 0K 2
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
(USA) T-8138H 0K 6