Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Dinosaur's Tale, A
(USA) 1M 70155B5B 17
Disney Collection, The - QuackShot Starring Donald Duck + Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
(Europe) MK-1197-50 1M ADFDE883 18
DJ Boy
(USA) 512K DC9F02DB 34
Donald in Maui Mallard
(Brazil) 0K 15
(Europe) (Rev A) 3M B2DD857F 26
Doom Troopers
(USA) 2M 11194414 32
Doraemon - Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozans
(Japan) G-4094 512K EEED1130 13
Double Clutch
(Europe) 256K D98C623C 6
Double Dragon
(USA, Europe) (Unl) 512K 054F5D53 108
Double Dragon 3 - The Arcade Game
(USA, Europe) 1M B36AB75C 32
Double Dragon II - The Revenge
(Japan) (En) T-74023 512K A8BFDBD6 21
Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls
(USA) 3M 27E59E35 58
Double Dribble - The Playoff Edition
(USA) 2M 8352B1D0 5
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
(USA) 1M C7CA517F 31
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story
(Europe) 2M FDEED51D 6
(USA) 2M EFE850E5 22
Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden
(Japan) T-133013 2M AF8F3371 19