Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Animal Crossing - City Folk
(USA) (En,Fr,Es) RUUE01 4483M 2F468135 383
Avatar: The Legend of Aang - Into the Inferno
(Europe) (EN,DE,NL,SE,DK,NO,FI) RV9P78 4483M 2A1E3889 1
Backyard Baseball '09
(USA) (EN) RB8E70 4483M 7
Backyard Football
(USA) (EN) RFTE70 4483M 3
Biohazard 4 - Wii Edition
(Japan) 4483M DB6C7D78 12
Bit.Trip Complete
(USA) (EN) SVTEXS 4483M 27
(Europe) (EN,ES,IT) RLUP4Q 4483M 10
Boom Street
(Europe) ST7P01 4483M 49CB59C8 6
Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire II 0K 90
Castle of Shikigami 3
(USA) RS4EXS 0K 14
Castlevania Judgment
(USA) RDGEA4 4483M B93695A9 13
Counter Force
Disney Pixar Up
(Europe) RUQI78 0K 4
Disny-Pixar Ratatouille
(Italy) RLWY78 4483M 7
Donkey Kong Country Returns
(USA) (EN,ES) SF8E01 4483M 9737A7A7 1