Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Bare Knuckle - Ikari no Tekken
(Japan) (SMD) (Virtual Console) 13M 65FD78A9 2
Bare Knuckle III - Tekken Seiten
(Japan) (SMD) (Virtual Console) 14M 0796EEBF 2
(USA) (NES) (Virtual Console) 12M F565A53A 1
Bases Loaded
(USA) (NES) (Virtual Console) 13M 7F80E849 2
Battle Poker
(USA) (WiiWare) 14M 08451891 1
Big Town Shoot Out
(USA) (WiiWare) 40M 57330DE5 2
Biohazard Battle
(Europe) (SMD) (Virtual Console) MAOP 14M 5E076726 4
Black Tiger
(USA) (Arcade) (Virtual Console) 19M 9A799FA2 6
Blades of Steel
(USA) (NES) (Virtual Console) 13M D0AC1CCA 2
Blaster Master - Overdrive
(Europe) (WiiWare) 36M AAD69F52 3
Blazing Lazers
(Europe) (TGX) (Virtual Console) PB8P 13M 210A168B 2
(USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console) 13M E3E99E7B 2
Blood Beach
(Europe) (WiiWare) 20M D9DB96B2 1
Bloody Wolf
(Europe) (TGX) (Virtual Console) PA6P 13M 75460D6A 3
(USA) (TGX) (Virtual Console) 13M E0A18464 3
Blue's Journey
(Europe) (NG) (Virtual Console) EAFP 20M BF3E3F71 5
(USA) (NG) (Virtual Console) 19M 61B4CF83 5
Bomberman '94
(Japan) (PCE) (Virtual Console) 14M 20A9AC00 1