Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Super Pang
(Europe) 512K 3644CACC 5
Super Pinball - Behind the Mask
(USA) 1M A183192E 3
Super Pinball II - The Amazing Odyssey
(Japan) SHVC-APLJ-JPN 2M B5117ECF 1
Super Play Action Football
(USA) 1M 0F359A60 6
Super Probotector - Alien Rebels
(Europe) SNSP-CS-NOE 1M 420BD975 11
Super Punch-Out!!
(USA) 2M E2F92F84 67
Super Putty
(USA) 1M 746087C1 14
Super Puyo Puyo
(Japan) SHVC-PQ 1M C5A482BD 4
Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu
(Japan) SHVC-AXPJ-JPN 2M 271E1F3F 3
Super R-Type
(USA) SNS-SR-USA 1M 8B22C830 44
Super Scope 6
(USA) 1M B141EA99 21
Super Shadow of the Beast
(USA) (Proto) 1M BEADFD61 8
Super Smash T.V.
(USA) 512K 2D0B20D0 69
Super Soccer
(USA) 512K 4FD164D8 38
Super Soccer Champ
(USA) 512K B31D35A5 13