Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
P.T.O. IV - Pacific Theater of Operations
(NTSC-U) SLUS-20567 0K 155
P.T.O. IV - Pacific Theater of Operations IV
(PAL-Unk) SLES-52257 0K 17
Pac-Man Fever
(NTSC-U) SLUS-20197 0K 9
Pac-Man World 2
(NTSC-U) SLUS-20224 0K 777
(PAL-Unk) SCES-50888 0K 44
[Greatest Hits] (NTSC-U) 0K 644
Pac-Man World 3
(NTSC-U) SLUS-21219 0K 51
(PAL-Unk) SLES-53959 0K 4
Pac-Man World Rally
(NTSC-U) SLUS-21328 0K 95
Pacific Air Warriors 2 - Dogfight
(PAL-Unk) SLES-52571 0K 4
Panzer Elite Action - Fields of Glory
(PAL-M5) SLES-53444 0K 4
Panzer Front Ausf B
(PAL-Unk) SLES-52984 0K 6
PaRappa the Rapper 2
(NTSC-U) SCUS-97167 0K 77
(PAL-Unk) SCES-50408 0K 40
Parfait: Chocolat Second Style
(Japan) SLPM-66398 0K 4
Paris Dakar Rally
(NTSC-U) SLUS-20324 0K 18
Paris-Dakar Rally
(PAL-Unk) SLES-50212 0K 8
Patisserie na Nyanko
(Limited Edition) (NTSC-J) SLPM-65639 0K 2
PBR - Out of the Chute
(NTSC-U) SLUS-21825 0K 2