Version Serial Size CRC32 Number of Codes
Mace - The Dark Age
(Europe) NMEP 12M 4BDF2D6C 68
(USA) NMEE 12M E49D603A 103
Madden Football 64
(Europe) N8MP 12M C39F863D 108
(USA) N8ME 12M 43B28179 125
Madden NFL 2000
(USA) NMDE 12M F41B2332 193
Madden NFL 99
(Europe) N9MP 12M 5DCAD836 131
(USA) N9ME 12M AC21A5BF 140
Magical Tetris Challenge
(USA) NMTE 16M 167C60E6 11
Magical Tetris Challenge featuring Mickey
(Japan) NMTJ 16M 6D3EBA8B 4
Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr.
(Australia) NKGP 16M 10CC55BA 2
(USA) NKGE 16M 7542D45D 32
Mario Golf
(E) [!] 24M A1C3A28E 39
(Europe) NMFP 32M 1CA3E8B6 2
(USA) NMFE 32M CEB5B977 100
Mario Golf 64
(J) [!] 24M AF0272E4 10
(Japan) NMFJ 32M 889091FD 1
(Japan) (Rev 1) NUS-NMFJ 32M B2672604 1
Mario Kart 64
(Europe) NKTP 12M 6787E212 317
(Europe) (Rev 1) NKTP 12M 032625B0 145
(USA) NKTE 12M 2BCEE11C 981
Mario Party
(Europe) (En,Fr,De) NLBP 32M 6973373F 9
(Japan) CLBJ 32M 7D387E37 14
(USA) CLBE 32M 4717CD1B 114
Mario Party 2
(Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) NMWP 32M 8C0C8BEC 25
(Japan) NMWJ 32M E19BF21C 1
(USA) NMWE 32M 3BA5471B 104
Mario Party 3
(Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es) NMVP 32M A5D78A36 2
(Japan) NMVJ 32M 703586D1 1
(USA) NMVE 32M A1BEE3F8 180
Mario Story
(Japan) NMQJ 40M 1FB7E59A 1
Mario Tennis
(Europe) 16M 0F03CA6E 33
(USA) NM8E 16M 995C9F24 75