Languages Size CRC32 Region Serial
Italian 32M D07BAE53 Italy YB4I
Always full of life and stamina by luc-ita
Action Replay
520AAD24 A1A02001
020AAD24 E1A02001
520AACF8 A1A02001
020AACF8 E1A02001
Attracting pollen anywhere by luc-ita
Action Replay
520A96AC 08BD8070
020A96AC E1A00000
520929FC E12FFF31
020929FC E1A00000
52092A74 E12FFF31
02092A74 E1A00000
52092A4C E12FFF31
02092A4C E1A00000
52092A88 E12FFF31
02092A88 E1A00000
Automatically end sports trials by luc-ita
Action Replay
52030E3C E1A03002
02030E3C E1A00000