Languages Size CRC32 Region Serial
0K Unknown SLES-53265
Master Codes
Enable Code(Must Be On) by Azagthoth
Codebreaker v7+
9032BB6C 0C0CEEB2
Don't Need Keys To Open Gates by nolberto82
Codebreaker v7+
2026BAE4 34020001
Infinite Health by Azagthoth
Codebreaker v7+
200C0200 3C030042
200C0204 8C63ABEC
200C0208 10600009
200C0210 8C630000
200C0214 10600006
200C021C 3C044040
200C0220 AC6432D0
200C0224 AC6432D4
200C0228 AC6432D8
200C0230 03E00008
2032BA40 08030080
Jump in Midair by nolberto82
Codebreaker v7+
2024C8B8 00000000
Pickup Diamonds For Max Diamonds by Azagthoth
Codebreaker v7+
2026AE90 3C0205F5
2026AE98 3442E0FF