Languages Size CRC32 Region Serial
English 0K Unknown USA SLUS-21452
Master Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On) by Code Master
Codebreaker v7+
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
36CB282F BC2F64BE
50342037 54AF45C9
872FBDA7 8A250617
DF767449 84322371
44DB90AD 0E2A81F6
FF2B00BA 4D5501CC
82538A0E 3905449A
7DFF8B91 EF18CB17
5C6D8A75 E5738605
F814D2CD 3E0B2479
1297C045 63F44C52
8C5C4EEF 7F64177B
9CD4F12C CDB32400
88138510 B3B2D6F4
E6451814 AA88CC72
5151FF13 6DEEF61C
347D8ED8 95F81EAE
00B73430 29BC02EA
MasterCode by MadCatz
Gameshark v5+ / Xploder v5+
76017850 00000000
98089340 78D0EABB
MasterCode by MadCatz
Gameshark v3-4 / Xploder v4
98089340 78D0EABB
99 Minutes, First Time Entered Ravine Caverns ( Press Square+L1 ) by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
E0027BFF 001CA1DC
601D3698 00000063
00000000 00000218
All Items 99 by Skiller
Codebreaker v7+
2030D1B8 240F03E7
2030D1BC 0080702D
2030D1C0 240D0063
2030D1C4 A1CD0002
2030D1C8 25EFFFFF
2030D1CC 15E0FFFD
2030D1D0 25CE0004
Floated in Dungeon Areas ( Press and Hold Circle+L1) Use Left Analog Sticks to Move Backward or Forward by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
6048E1E8 00000100
00010000 000002BC
6048E1E8 C1061000
00020000 000002C4
Full Special Attack Gauge After 1 Hits by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
E002E140 0036D90C
2040D910 00000000
204139C0 00000000
Have Overall Map Seraphic Gate, Floor 1-5 (Press L2+R2) by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
601D3698 000000FF
00000000 000006C3
00020000 000006C4
00020000 000006C8
Infinite AP by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
E003E140 0036D90C
203A8CA0 00000000
20405E18 00000000
2041A00C 00000000
Infinite AP for (Dash R1) by MasterGrand
Codebreaker v1-6 / Xploder v1-3
2A2B1A91 00000000
Items Not Decreased in Battle and Field by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
D05A11F8 00000000
2030D194 00000000
Max 99999 Crystals by Skiller
Codebreaker v7+
D049A844 000000FF
2049A844 24030000
Negate Encounters in Dungeon Areas ( Press L1+L2 ) by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
2042FEAC 00000000
6048E1E8 00004110
00010000 00000762
Rearm/Magic/Items in Battle Menu Always Available After Used by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
D036D90C 0000E140
203972A0 00000000
Save Anywhere by 12345
Codebreaker v7+
E0020200 0048E2AE
2039FBE8 00000000
0048E2AF 00000006