Languages Size CRC32 Region Serial
English 0K Unknown USA SLUS-21860
Hit Homeruns Almost Every Time/Make The Batter Swing And Miss Everytime by nolberto82
Codebreaker v7+
200A0000 3C010049
200A0004 24213D90
200A0008 8C210000
200A000C 90220013
200A0010 304200FF
200A0014 10400004
200A001C 3C014340
200A0020 AE010168
200A0024 10000006
200A0028 90220011
200A002C 304200FF
200A0030 10400003
200A0038 3C014F00
200A003C 44810000
200A0040 C6340304
200A0044 080869D5
2021A74C 08028000
One Strike Equals A Strikeout Hold R1 by nolberto82
Codebreaker v7+
200A0060 3C010049
200A0064 24213D90
200A0068 8C210000
200A006C 90220011
200A0070 304200FF
200A0074 10400002
200A0078 34010003
200A007C AC81001C
200A0080 0809EBDA
2027AF24 08028018