Languages Size CRC32 Region Serial
English 0K Unknown USA SLES-52804
Each EXP point used increases the attribute by 255 by luc-ita
Codebreaker v7+
201FBC18 246300FF
2018C9BC 00000000
2018C9CC 00000000
2018CADC 00000000
2018CAEC 00000000
2018CA4C 00000000
2018CA5C 00000000
2018CA94 00000000
2018CAA4 00000000
2018CA04 00000000
2018CA14 00000000
Enable skipping normally non-skipable videos by luc-ita
Codebreaker v7+
2021049C 00000000
GodMode + 1HitKill by luc-ita
Codebreaker v7+
2016692C 08028000
200A0000 16000002
200A0004 3C01000A
200A0008 AC35FFC0
200A000C 24010003
200A0010 14220002
200A0014 3C01000A
200A0018 AC35FFC8
200A001C 24010002
200A0020 14220002
200A0024 3C01000A
200A0028 AC35FFD0
200A002C 24010001
200A0030 14220002
200A0034 3C01000A
200A0038 AC35FFD8
200A003C 24010004
200A0040 14220002
200A0044 3C01000A
200A0048 AC35FFE0
200A004C 24010005
200A0050 14220002
200A0054 3C01000A
200A0058 AC35FFE8
200A005C 08059A51
2018BCD8 08028020
200A0080 3C01000A
200A0084 8C22FFC0
200A0088 1044000D
200A008C 8C22FFC8
200A0090 1044000B
200A0094 8C22FFD0
200A0098 10440009
200A009C 8C22FFD8
200A00A0 10440007
200A00A4 8C22FFE0
200A00A8 10440005
200A00AC 8C22FFE8
200A00B0 10440003
200A00B8 08062F38
200A00BC 27BD0090
200A00C0 03E00008
200A00C4 27BD0090
2018BE0C AE00009C
Skip logos and videos by luc-ita
Codebreaker v7+
2021049C 00000000
202104B0 00000000
Win a battle to rise to max level by luc-ita
Codebreaker v7+
2018C840 00000000