Languages Size CRC32 Region Serial
Japanese 0K Unknown Japan SLPM-65998
Master Codes
Activator by Skiller, lee4, CMX
Codebreaker v7+
200A0000 3C150083
200A0004 86B628BA
200A0008 2017008E
200A000C 12D7002B
200A0014 3C15007E
200A0018 86B6533A
200A001C 20170094
200A0020 12D70028
200A0028 3C150083
200A002C 86B675EA
200A0030 2017008D
200A0034 12D7004A
200A003C 3C150084
200A0040 86B6F3EA
200A0044 20170090
200A0048 12D70047
200A0050 3C150086
200A0054 86B6D3EA
200A0058 2017008F
200A005C 12D70044
200A0060 00000000
200A0064 3C15008C
200A0068 86B6F4DA
200A006C 20170091
200A0070 12D70041
200A0078 3C150088
200A007C 86B67CEA
200A0080 20170092
200A0084 12D7003E
200A008C 3C150088
200A0090 86B67C6A
200A0094 20170093
200A0098 12D7003B
200A00A0 00000000
200A00A4 00000000
200A00A8 00000000
200A00AC 00000000
200A00B4 1000005C
200A00BC 10000002
200A00C0 8EB528B8
200A00C4 8EB55338
200A0158 10000033
200A0160 1000000C
200A0164 8EB575E8
200A0168 1000000A
200A016C 8EB5F3E8
200A0170 10000008
200A0174 8EB5D3E8
200A0178 10000006
200A017C 8EB5F4D8
200A0180 10000004
200A0184 8EB57CE8
200A0188 10000002
200A018C 8EB57C68
200A0190 00000000
200A0194 00000000
200A0228 DFB10080
200A022C 03E00008
200A0230 DFBF0090
20106ADC 0C028000
20106AE0 00000000
Change Main Menu Text to English by punk7890
Codebreaker v7+
01942819 00000001
Inf HP - DS VH by Skiller, lee4, CMX
Codebreaker v7+
200A00C8 20100090
200A00CC A6B00442
200A00D0 A6B00444
Inf HP - VS VH2 VS2 EX by Skiller, lee4, CMX
Codebreaker v7+
200A0194 3C100120
200A0198 36100120
200A019C AEB00450
Map Buttons to English Style (Main menu only) by punk7890
Codebreaker v7+
01942818 00000001
Unlock All Gallery Items by punk7890
Codebreaker v7+
41943068 00060001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
victory dialogue text is blue by Skiller, lee4, CMX
Codebreaker v7+
200A01A0 20100002
200A01A4 A2B00092