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5 Arcade Gems (USA) (EN) (WiiWare)
Invincibility nolberto82
Cocoto: Platform Jumper (Europe) (EN,FR,DE,ES,IT) (WiiWare)
1HitKill all bosses luc-ita
Jump and walk in midair luc-ita
Stay alive even without golden apples luc-ita
Always invulnerable luc-ita
La-Mulana (USA) (EN) (WiiWare)
Moon Jump nolberto82
Invincibility nolberto82
Contra Rebirth (USA) (EN) (WiiWare)
Invincible Ramdemann
Castlevania - The Adventure ReBirth (USA) (WiiWare)
Infinite Lives Ramdemann
Invincible Ramdemann
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