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Sonic Classic Heroes
Super/hyper flash attack doesn't make the screen flash daminmancejin
Get no Chao emerald in special stage 2 (special stage 2 last forever) daminmancejin
you can get an chaos emerald on the first run in special stage 2 daminmancejin
(Sonic) 1 hit to be untouchable (must get 1 ring) daminmancejin
Ring monitors give you rings and speed shoes daminmancejin
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (USA)
Access Supreme Demonstration MasterGrand
Wings of Wor (USA)
Access Level Select in Options nolberto82
Two Crude Dudes (USA)
attack different when standing daminmancejin
2 player trick to skip levels throw the 2nd player and immediately keep low kicking to have the 2nd players to change animations in till you see him do a flex pose. daminmancejin
1 hit or bump your untouchable daminmancejin
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