szalay / szalay lajos

February 26th, 2010
We're breaking down a language barrier here, so don't be surprised if we get vulgar…

GMO:  What would you say your greatest achievement in the hacking scene was?

szalay: With all the consoles out (PSX, PS2, and XBox) I never stopped learning how to hack games and I make a ton of codes. Making debug codes for XBox games.

GMO: What was your inspiration for this?
szalay: Hack and fuck women!

GMO: Oh God, we have corrupted you! I have to break this down to simple terms. Serious before I go to Hungary and hurt.

GMO: Why do you like to hack? 

szalay: In the beginning, I got my first PSX1 and played games. I saw this connector on the back side and thought, "WTF is this about?" I asked people what does this do and the responses were no one knew at least in my country. Online someone responded it was for a cheat card. I never heard of a cheat card (Action Replay). It's not easy for me to get one, and to not know what or how it works. Funny I know.

GMO: LOL Amazing funny.

szalay: Once I figured out what it was I had to buy a new PC with an ISA slot. Plug it into the IO card 
to get Caetla working. I actually had Action Replay 1.2 but I Flashed it to Caetla. No one told or taught me how to use PSX.exe or I had to understand MIPS3000r. It was really hard for me to learn and while trying to get good results. It was funny hard because I had to teach myself everything since code guides and documents weren't available in my language. those were the good 
ol' days of PSX!. A year later PSX2 came out and I have email contact with you (GMO) if you remember.

GMO: I remember. It was about a Tenchu 3 elf

szalay: My email like this; Dear GMO etc etc and u reply ,"uh I'm dear? lol"

GMO: What was your favorite code for PS2?

szalay: My first code was Rapid Fire on Socom! Yet, I didn't receive credit. Liquidvlade deleted my post and submitted it to CMX.

GMO: Interesting, I am going to have to settle that matter with him. But yes it’s true. szalay lajos did in fact make the Rapid Fire code for SOCOM1.

GMO: What is your most memorable XBox hack?

szalay: That would have to be Deus EX.  I was the first one to hack games using the Unreal engine on XBox. The Unreal engine is when the games address share all the same information. It's quite a bitch to hack. But I remember when me, you (GMO), and CMX hacked it together. I learned about there to helped me hack codes for the others.

GMO: What is your favorite code you like to make for PS2?
szalay: debug menus, debug FPS (force branch), etc

GMO: What is the coolest code you made on XBox?

szalay: console command hax
 if you play on PC and use console can type / god, give all / etc
now this features I used for xbox1 too with IGK command

from source:
db 'god 1n',0,0
    cmp     Sel_Item1[ebp],1
    jne     noton
    push    eax
    lea     eax, [godtog+ebp]
    push    eax
    mov     eax, 14DCB0h
    call    eax
    add     esp,8

mov  eax, 14DCB0h = magic address what inject /UNICODE" to memory
db 'god 1n',0,0 = label for inject
if replace to db 'noclip 1n',0,0 then no clip etc
so not bytes codes

szalay: You seen my last trainer for DOOM3?

GMO: No, I haven't

szalay: first for CMD method
and for DOOM3
No one has done this before. Play DOOM3 in 3rd Person View!

GMO: You are crazy!

GMO: Do you remember the first hack you made?

szalay: Yes, All homebrew games and after Enclave and Curse - The Eye of Isis

GMO: Is there anyone you ever looked up to past or present?

szalay: When I first started it was very hard and I had no one to ask for advise or tips. Presently, I do not look up to anyone either. I enjoy my time with my hacking buddies as we share
info with each other on a daily basis. We are a dream team me, GMO, Skiller, and CMX. We hack many games together. For XBox, dootdoot was very helpful with the information how to put my trainers together. It is very hard work trying to hack x86 after you spent a lot of time with MIPS series.

GMO: DO you want to say anything to any of the new hackers out there?

szalay: Work hard and try to learn as much as possible. I am still learning every day. Even the little things you learn can be a big help. Hax and fucks women!