May 1st, 2009
Lazy Bastard: You were the main GBA hacker for CMGSCCC (and had an ongoing rivalry/competitive hacking situation with the former person in that position, who'd moved to GameShark.com), and you were well-known for hacking almost all the codes for Metroid Zero, when it was first released, as well as those for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. What inspired you to do these things?

helder: I just loved the competition and just hacking the codes for fun and my personal enjoyment,and people looked up to me in a way for the work I did.

Lazy Bastard: What is your favorite code/hack that you hacked?

helder: Well I loved making the walk-thru-walls codes for GBA Metroid Fusion and a few other games as well.

Lazy Bastard: What is your favorite code/hack of all time?

helder: This is a tough one...my favorite hack that i didn't make was the code for Final Fantasy Tactics character modifier, I used that shit to death and had all types of characters not allowed in your team

Lazy Bastard: Who would you say influenced you the most in the video game hacking scene? Who did you 'look up to' when you first entered the scene? (doesn't have to be the same person for both)

helder: I guess I started the scene in the SNES GG days, but only got really involved in the PSX days, and I guess CMX was who I looked up to at the time because he was all over the PSX scene.

Lazy Bastard: What was your first code/hack?

helder: I think it was Infinite Health for Secret of Mana on SNES (my favorite game of all time).

Lazy Bastard: What do you think is the most difficult type of code/hack to hack, and why?

helder: this is easy, god damn ASM hacks like those used in the Pokemon Games for the GBA with all the memory shifting around, is just hard to make any regular RAM codes work if at all.

Lazy Bastard: What is your favorite type of code/hack?

helder: I like to see codes that go beyond what the programmers intended, or the boundaries they set, a simple walk thru walls code for example.

Lazy Bastard: What is your least favorite aspect of hacking?

helder: the complaints of: hey this isn't working on my game, or I wanted a code for this but it isn't EXACTLY like I wanted it like that damn AMY...grrrr such a nit picker.

Lazy Bastard: What do you like least about the hacking scene?

helder: all the encryption and back stabbings and just code stealers or glory hogs, that's what made me kinds of drop off the map a bit.

Lazy Bastard: Which game did you find the most fun to hack, and why?

helder: Secret of Mana, because I was finally able to make all the codes that I always wanted to use in the game and then some.

Lazy Bastard: Did you ever hack an awesome code, or find an address in memory that would've yielded an awesome code, but then lost it somehow?

helder: oh man did I, like my missing GS PRO for the N64 that had a few codes that I have never seen on the net for Golden Eye, like Invisibility with a press of a button in Multi-Player, there are others that don't come to me right now.

Lazy Bastard: What was the most difficult, 'hair-pulling' hack you've ever accomplished?

helder: on the PSX game Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (why do they have such huge names?) there was a character that had charge moves like Balrog, where he would do more damage and his fist actually grew larger. The code I made made it charge to max instantly and I also made his arm the size of the screen! It could hit anyone anywhere, but it sometimes got all crazy and just went into a flat 2D mode where it just spun around and never made contact.

Lazy Bastard: Was there ever a code you just couldn't get to work quite correctly (something you hacked/attempted to hack)?

helder: Well a walk thru walls code for Zelda A Link to the Past. never could get a PAR code or a GG code made for it, all I was able to do was just shift the whole area around and not the character, and even then you still had the boundaries stopping you.

Lazy Bastard: Aside from hacking and gaming, how do you like to spend your time?

helder: well I like to get into things of all types that have to do with computers, such as hacking/programming/fixing/learning etc. I also like to spend time with my son and try to be a good father as I'm not always there (Divorced).

Lazy Bastard: What do you think must happen for the video game hacking scene to continue to thrive?

helder: have more unified people and projects tackle a system, even it the device or method isn't commercialized, and if at all possible make it somewhat user friendly to use/hack.

Lazy Bastard: One last question: if you had one thing to say to current, aspiring, and future hackers, what would it be?

helder: get your feet wet by learning the older systems and get familiar with the tools, as all that familiarity and experience will make the transition to the current and next gen hacking a lot easier, and don't be afraid to ask for help.... unless it's on my messenger because that will piss me off having to guide noobs step by step. I've done it in the past and it didn't work out well.