April 23rd, 2009
Lazy Bastard: Among other things, you hacked the Debug code for Arc the Lad III, and the Call Chocobo Anywhere code for Final Fantasy IX. What inspired you to hack these?

TruWizdom: The challenge; finding a simple code such as a item modification code was never insipiring to me.

Lazy Bastard: What is your favorite code/hack that you hacked?

TruWizdom: heh they were all fun, dont really have a fav. they were all a challenge on making what i thought wasnt/couldnt be made.

Lazy Bastard: What is your favorite code/hack of all time?

TruWizdom: i think that would be zombies code for seph. everyone loved that code.

Lazy Bastard: Who would you say influenced you the most in the video game hacking scene? Who did you 'look up to' when you first entered the scene? (doesn't have to be the same person for both)

TruWizdom: Ya know when i entered i didnt have much knowledge of the whole hackign games as a whole i would say KE and CM were my biggeest influences, but everyone inspired me, that made any code. once i started i was hooked and looked to anyone and everyone that was willing to help. many ppl put out faqs or offered help to me, so basically i would say the whole community was supportive

Lazy Bastard: What was your first code/hack?

TruWizdom: lol, sorry i cant remember that far back, prolly something completelly useless after 78964893574 screen freezes or a simple max modifier. but i know it was epic cause i can still remember the feeling of accomplisment, not so much the code itself.

Lazy Bastard: What do you think is the most difficult type of code/hack to hack, and why?

TruWizdom: Breakpoints, simply cause the preknowledge needed is pretty high, i never took a programming class before making codes so they simply confused me.

Lazy Bastard: What is your favorite type of code/hack?

TruWizdom: Debuggers, flag codes, simply cause with them you can truely break the game ^^

Lazy Bastard: What is your least favorite aspect of hacking?

TruWizdom: the time it takes to write down modifiers, lol. some games have hundredes of items. writing them all down is bleh!

Lazy Bastard: What do you like least about the hacking scene?

TruWizdom: gamefaqs putting down ppl that cheat!!! lawl nah j/k whats not to like abotu the scene? never really saw anything that i didnt take with a grain of salt, nothing comes to mind atleast.

Lazy Bastard: Which game did you find the most fun to hack, and why?

TruWizdom: most fun game, hmmmm again prolly no favorite they all have their aspects, but i mainly like roleplayin games to play or hack. they have more to offer.

Lazy Bastard: Did you ever hack an awesome code, or find an address in memory that would've yielded an awesome code, but then lost it somehow?

TruWizdom: only about 5 times a game. i dont remember how many times i lost a code, then the programming changes or such, making the same search pattern not work.

Lazy Bastard: What was the most difficult, 'hair-pulling' hack you've ever accomplished?

TruWizdom: Choco code for ffix prolly the damn memory kept shifting on me, finally found out it was 2 codes 1 was a flag one was the actuall code. that code took me like 4 days to figure out

Lazy Bastard: Was there ever a code you just couldn't get to work quite correctly (something you hacked/attempted to hack)?

TruWizdom: lol many from a full functional debug code to a simple(er) breakpoint to keep memory locked. gotta have the patience to hack!

Lazy Bastard: Aside from hacking and gaming, how do you like to spend your time?

TruWizdom: lol aside from hacking and gaming i work, that keeps me very busy specially now kinda eats into the others times!

Lazy Bastard: What do you think must happen for the video game hacking scene to continue to thrive?

TruWizdom: for companies to not be so criptive or for more bright minds to step up and create devices that let us search for codes. companies always thought they were loosing sales to hacking but i think it promotes the game.

Lazy Bastard: One last question: if you had one thing to say to current, aspiring, and future hackers, what would it be?

TruWizdom: for aspiring hackers i would say never give up sure sumthing can take hours/days to figure out but the reward and the satisfaction you feel afterwards are well worth it. its very contagious; since i started i got a few other ppl hooked on it, and they made some codes that impress me. luck skill or happenstance makes no differnce its getting the code that makes it worth while ^^