April 22nd, 2009
LiquidManZero: Can you Let us know a bit about you?

Skiller: I am Canadian :P, Calgary Alberta. I have a Kid on the way with my Girlfriend, she also has a 10yr old. Iím 27 been hacking since 2005 but was doing code converting before that since 2004. Started out with my own Site and joined the was invited into the CMP sometime just after hacking GTA SA. I donít know how many codes iv hacked but i know iv hacked well over 300 games 

LiquidManZero: Whatís your favoured game type or game?

Skiller: the games i play are RPG but Iím open to hacking anything 

LiquidManZero: what are your Goals (Hacking)

Skiller:  id have to say Iíd like to hack any games thatís not been hacked. If there are codes that are missing i will try to get to them to. Hell throw even the Barbie games at me and all turn them around with some hacks :P

LiquidManZero: What made you Move from User to Hacker 

Skiller: Well letís see id have to say the Armax forums did .. i seen all them users not getting what they wanted .. And i was one of them since Armax was the only device i could find at the time. And it was extremely painful to wait for their slow asses to do something. So i started out by converting learning my way around the Cheat devices. Then with the help of Pyriel i moved into hacking games. I own allot to him even though I most likely made him Angry allot with the stupid questions he stuck it out to help me. 

LiquidManZero: What is your favourite code/hack that you hacked?

Skiller: Iíd have to say the Taito Legend Games codes iv done do to no one even trying to hack them games. 

LiquidManZero: What is your favourite code/hack of all time?

Skiller: Hotcoffee Do to how much that was thrown around :P . It just goes to show what we can do, as in you canít hide stuff someone will pick your game apart if they know what there doing.  Yes it sucked that R* was Hung out for that one. But hey its one of the most Controversial codes. Second to this would have to be the Save and Live dump codes.

LiquidManZero: Who would you say influenced you the most in the video game hacking scene? Who did you 'look up to' when you first entered the scene? (Doesnít have to be the same person for both)

Skiller: Pyriel, CMX.. I first ran into Pyriel back on the old AR forums. I quickly learned my way to converting in that forum. Wanting to know more i started to bug Pyriel. Getting feed back if I asked the right questions. 

LiquidManZero: What was your first code/hack?

Skiller: Thinking back i hacked a 3 codes for the Sims game for inf Bladder and 2 other stats.. But never really counted that as a hack. I would have to say my First hack was to so with SMT: Nocturne Inf HP code

LiquidManZero: What do you think is the most difficult type of code/hack to hack, and why?

Skiller:  I would have to say walkthrough walls codes or Debug menu codes. Both are tricky and hard to find

LiquidManZero: What is your favourite type of code/hack?

Skiller: Ones that people donít thing of like 2 i hacked for the GTA games (Aim of Death, Superman code, GTA LCS or VCS) just want to know they were made on the Psp version by 2 others as well i wanted to try and make them on the ps2 

LiquidManZero: What is your least favourite aspect of hacking?

Skiller: How its done we donít have the true tools to do what we need to hack some systems easily. I like the Challenge the more challenging the game is the Better i feel when i get the Code hacked . :P 

LiquidManZero: Which game did you find the most fun to hack, and why?

Skiller: had to be a Megaman Collection game.. I was hacking the Scratch Pad not normally where we would be hacking . Ps2 scratch pad being hooked to using a Custom subroutine that Equals some fun 

LiquidManZero: Did you ever hack an awesome code, or find an address in memory that would've yielded an awesome code, but then lost it somehow? 

Skiller: Many times.. Damn you DMA :P  

LiquidManZero: What was the most difficult, 'hair-pulling' hack you've ever accomplished?

Skiller: that hard thing think of.. Iíd have to say itís a tie with the Hotcoffee Nude code and the Taito Games codes Hotcoffee nude took 2 of us to hack :P

LiquidManZero: Was there ever a code you just couldn't get to work quite correctly (something you hacked/attempted to hack)?

Skiller: Inf health for Dues EX < - - Still trying to get this to work right.. Notice no cheat device has this or Bio code. And i know why. :P

LiquidManZero: Aside from hacking and gaming, how do you like to spend your time?

Skiller:  Spending time with my Girlfriend, movies, Wrestling, Rollerblading, and training. 

LiquidManZero: What do you think must happen for the video game hacking scene to continue to thrive?

Skiller: We have to become more of a Team then being so spread apart.  We have to Come together as a Unit.

LiquidManZero: One last question: if you had one thing to say to current, aspiring, and future hackers, what would it be?

Skiller: it might be hard to get yourself started but think about what u can do down the road. We all start somewhere itís up to you how you want to finish.