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Final Fantasy VI Advance (USA)

NoIntro/Redump/Good/Tosec/ISO Languages Translation Size CRC32 Region
Final Fantasy VI Advance (USA) English No 8M D708F5AB USA
Final Fantasy VI Advance (U) Serial Revision Pre-Release Demo Unlicensed Hack
[none] AGB-BZ6E-USA 0 No No No No

Code Requests for Final Fantasy VI Advance (USA)

In-Battle Codes

Misc. Codes

Mog Codes

Terra Codes

10 Cactuars Defeated battalion CB
32039898 000A
A requirement to make Gig...
255 Battles Fought With Cursed Shield (R+Down) battalion CB
74000130 027F
32001DD5 00FF
Fight once with the Curse...
Auction House Modifier battalion CB
74000130 XXXX
8200059A ????
XXXX 01DF = L1+Left 01BF ...
Best Imperial Banquet Outcome battalion CB
32001FC2 005D
Complete Beastiary CB
42039800 0063
000001A3 0002
Enabler Code CB
0000F914 000A
10133444 0007
Enabler Code Alt CB
0000F914 000A
100F4F6C 0007
Enabler Code Alt2 CB
0000F914 000A
100F4F6E 0007
Have All Items CB
42039131 6363
000000FF 0001
42039010 0100
010100FF 0001
Have All Key Items CB
32001EBC 0009
Have All Magicite CB
82039000 FFFF
82039002 7FFF
It's possible to hav...
Infinite High Gil CB
32001862 0097
Infinite Maximum Gil CB
82001860 967F
32001862 0098
Infinite Morph Duration (In Battle) battalion CB
32003F31 00FF
On its own you will need ...
Morph Time Maxed For Every Battle CB
32001CF6 00FF
Morph must be enabled for...
Move Faster, and No Random Battles CB
320011DF 0022
Have Sprint Shoes and Moo...
No random battles (world map only) CB
82001F6E 0000
Press down + select at the status screen to change that character's commands as if they were gogo. CB
74000130 037B
32020C2E 0003
Press Down + Select at the Status Screen to Enable All Abilities For Selection CB
74000130 037B
4202625E 0201
0202000F 0002
3202627C 001F
Gogo, or people you use t...
Press L + A at main menu to enter party select menu CB
74000130 01FE
32020C34 000D
Save Anywhere CB
32001EB7 0086
Save Game as Beaten CB
3203900A 0001
Enables Sound Test. Save ...