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Arc the Lad (NTSC-J)
Enable Character Modifier MasterGrand
Star Ocean - The Second Story [Disc1of2] (NTSC-U)
rev Joker Command lee4
Syphon Filter (NTSC-U)
No Death From Falling/Dropping From Any Height lee4
Suikoden II (NTSC-U)
Hight Score Challange Kitchen MasterGrand
Soul Blade (PAL-E)
(M) PAL to NTSC (+centering) davintheraven
Puyo Puyo Sun - Ketteiban (NTSC-J)
Display 'New Entry' next to Atelier in Options davintheraven
Final Fantasy IX [Disc1of4] (NTSC-U)
Skip FMV nolberto82
Final Fantasy VIII [Disc1of4] (NTSC-U)
Press R1+X To Skip FMV nolberto82
Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis (NTSC-U)
Skip Door Transition nolberto82
Disable Auto Aim nolberto82
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