Comprehensive Artemis Working Game List rev 0.2

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All information here is assumed to be valid for Core_Launcher V2, Rev 0.2~. For the current revision, see: Comprehensive Artemis Working Game List.

Recently Tested

Main List

Status Description
Working Should be good to go for dumping as much as you want.
Incomplete Gets in game but has major issues preventing dumping
Nothing Doesn't even make it in game, or otherwise effectively doesn't run

NOTE: About those Network enabled games, a lot of them will receive log from the server, but will fail to establish TCP connection.

Title Serial Status Notes
Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies SLUS-20152 Working
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 SLES-53725 Working
Azur and Asmar SLES-54695 Working
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance US? Nothing Freezes at "loading..." (blue background edges)
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 US? Nothing Freezes at "Core Launcer V2 - v0.2" (strange)
Baroque SLUS-21714 Nothing padReadpattern not found
Bee Movie SLES-55016 Working
Black SLUS-21376 Working
Blood Omen 2 SLUS-20024 Working
Bouncer, The SLUS-20069 Nothing Either hangs at "IOP reset done" or at loading the game
Burnout Dominator SLES-54627 Working
Call of Duty 3: March to Paris SLES-54167 Incomplete Most likely badly burnt: Game launch & run, I can dump during menu, but the game freezes as soon as you want to play. Same symptoms with starting the backup only with CogSwap.
Cars: Mater SLES-55026 Incomplete launch fine, I can dump during menu, but freeze as soon as you want to play.
Castlevania Lament of Innocence SLUS-20733 Incomplete Normal hangs at "Loading" screen in game, altelfload/silentcore/disable after IOP reset get past the developer/publisher screens and hang.
Chaos Wars SLUS-21722 Working
Crash of the Titans SLES-54841 Working
Dark Cloud 2 (v1.0) SCUS-97213 Working
Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII SLUS-21419 Nothing Loads game, but freezes at title screen.
Disgaea ~ Hour of Darkness SLUS-20666 Nothing
Disgaea 2 SLUS-21397 Working
DOA2 Hardcore SLUS-20071 Nothing
Dog Island, The SLES-55126 Working
Dot Hack Quarantine SLUS-20564 Nothing
Dragon Ball Z Infinite World SLES-55347 Working
Dragon Quest VIII SLUS-21207 Incomplete Boots and crashes after memory card check with altelfload and silentcore. Disable after IOP reset gets to Level 5 logo video and crashes while that's playing.
EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 SLES-53982 Working
Euro 2004 SLES-52395 Working
EverGrace SLUS-20016 Nothing
Extermination SCUS-97112 Incomplete Semi-working with altelfload, won't unhalt from dumping. Normal and silentcore crash durring intro just before title screen
FIFA 2003 SLES-51197 Working
FIFA 2004 SLES-51963 Nothing Incompatible with the current modules set.
Final Fantasy XII SLUS-21475 Working May crash durring videos
Final Fantasy XII SLES-54355 Working
Finding Nemo SLUS-20628 Working
Galerians: Ash SLUS-20560 Working
George of the Jungle SLES-54975 Working
God of War SCUS-97399 Nothing Freezes on "IOP reset done" (debug text remains).
Godzilla Unleashed SLUS-21707 Working
Golden Compass, The SLES-54996 Nothing Incompatible with the current modules set.
Grandia III SLUS-21334
Nothing Hangs after "IOP reset done". Only boots at all through nosyscallhook
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City SLUS-20552P3 Incomplete Kind of works, but dumping tends to crash the game and client
Guantlet: Seven Sorrows SLUS-21077 Incomplete Loads games, but freeze upon ANY button press (even normal presses of X, Start, etc).
Guitar Hero III SLUS-21672 Working Use silentcore. Boots with altelfload and crashes after initial loading with altelfload.
Gungrave Overdose SLUS-21020 Working
Harry Potter: the Order of the Phenix SLES-54779 Working
Hitman 2 SLUS-20374P3 Nothing padReadpattern not found
Hitman (4) Blood Money SLUS-21108P3 Nothing Hangs with small red line displayed on game load (see Hitman4 redline.jpg)
Hitman (3) Contracts SLUS-20882P3 Nothing
Hot Wheels: Beat That! SLES-54971 Working
Jak and Daxter SCUS-97124 Nothing Loads game, but freezes at black screen after first splash screen
Justice League: Heroes SLUS-21304 Working
Kane & Lynch Dead Men Sneak Preview (from Hitman pack) SLUS-21654 Nothing padReadpattern not found
Katamari Damacy SLUS-21008 Working
Lego Batman SLES-55135 Working
Lego Indiana Jones SLES-55133 Working
Lego Star Wars SLES-53194 Working
Lego Star Wars II SLUS-21409 Working
Lego Star Wars II SLES-54221 Working
Mad Maestro! SLUS-20376 Working
Madagascar 2 SLES-55374 Working
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance SLUS-21374 Nothing Freezes on "loading cdrom0:slus213.74;1" for some time, but finally resumes, then freezes on black screen after IOP reset, and doesn't resume (could just be my old backup).
Medal of Honor: Sunrise SLES-51874 Incomplete Game launch & run, but no TCP connection is possible.
Meet the Robinsons SLES-54679 Working
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty SLUS-20144 Working Use silentcore
Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo Disc (from Zone Of The Enders package) SLUS-29003 Working Use silentcore
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater SLUS-20915 Nothing padReadpattern not found
Mortal Kombat Armageddon SLUS-21543 Incomplete Game boots, but the server doesn't seem to be running... Grabs dnas310.img as the ioprp module
Narnia Chronicles SLES-53709 Working
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja SLUS-21358 Nothing Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 SLES-55481 Working
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 SLUS-20362 Working
Oni SLUS-20064 Nothing Hangs at "loading additional modules... done". Silentcore gets farther but hangs at loading the game, but does not actually crash the console
Orphen SLUS-20011 Nothing Loading Additional Modules then crash
Persona 3 SLUS-21569 Nothing
Persona 3 FES SLUS-21621 Nothing
Persona 4 SLUS-21782B Incomplete Boots, crashes after memory card check (at opening playback start?)
Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End SLES-54179 Working
Phanom Brave SLUS-20955S Nothing
Pro Bass Challenge SLUS-20646 Nothing Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.
Psychonauts SLUS-21120 Working
Radiata Stories SLUS-21262 Nothing Freezes on "loading cdrom0:slus212.62;1"
Ratatouille SLES-54734 Working
Ratchet & Clank: Size matters SCES-55019 Nothing Incompatible with the current modules set.
Ratchet Gladiator SCES-53285 Incomplete Game launch & run, Dump is possible during menu, but not during the gameplay. The Elf is packed.
Rayman Ravin Rabbids SLES-54307 Working
Red Faction SLUS-20073 Nothing
Romancing SaGa SLUS-21263 Nothing Hangs at "square enix" logo
Rogue Galaxy SCES-54552 Working
Samurai Legend Musashi SLUS-20983 Nothing Randomly either hangs on game load or hangs while loading modules with a blue border around the screen (see Samurai legend musashi blue border.jpg)
Sega SuperStars Tennis SLES-54946 Working
Shrek 3 SLES-54771 Working
Sims 2 SLUS-21265 Nothing Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.
Sims: Bustin' Out SLUS-20876 Incomplete Loads game, but unable to communicate with PS2 from PC app.
Sims: Pets SLES-54347 Working
Smuggler's Run SLUS-20065GH Nothing Hangs at "loading additional modules... done"
Sniper Elite SLES-51820 Incomplete Game launch & run, but no TCP connection is possible.
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity SLES-54915 Working
Soul Calibur 3 SCES-53312 Nothing Imcompatble with the current modules set.
Spiderwick Chronicles SLES-55109 Working
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow SLUS-20958 Nothing Loads game, freezes on first screen with glitched graphics.
SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Volcano Island SLES-54521 Working
Spyro: The Eternal Knight SLES-54815 Nothing Most likely badly burnt: unable to start this game backup with CogSwap as well.
Star Ocean 3 Till The End Of Time SLUS-20488
Star Wars: Battlefront SLUS-20898 Nothing padReadpattern not found (it was in older versions)
Suikoden Tactics SLUS-21245 Nothing Hangs at initial loading screen
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: the movie SLES-54478 Nothing Incompatible with the current modules set.
Tekken 5 SLUS-21059 Nothing Normal hangs on game load, but doesn't crash console. Altelfload loads Namco logo then does another IOP reset, loads loading game, then crashes after the memory card check.
Tomb Raider Anniversary SLES-54674 Nothing Incompatbile with the current modules set.
Tomb Raider Legend SLES-53908 Nothing Incompatible with the current modules set.
Tomb Raider Underworld SLES-55442 Nothing Incompatible with the current modules set.
Unlimited SaGa SLUS-20678 Working
Valkyrie Profile 2 SLUS-21452 Incomplete Normal works, but hangs randomly while dumping. No surprise there.
Van Helsing SLES-51908 Working
Virtua Fighter 4 SLUS-20323 Working Use silentcore. Normal seems to hang while dumping. Pressing reset causes poweroff
Worms 4: Mayhem SLES-53096 Working
Xenosaga SLUS-20469 Working Pressing reset on the console causes a poweroff
Xenosaga II SLUS-20892
Xenosaga III SLUS-21389
Zone Of The Enders SLUS-20148 Nothing disable_after_iop_reset exits to OSD instead of starting the game