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Title: Rules
Post by: Link on March 14, 2009, 09:58:28 PM
These rules apply for all regions:

  • Members of the hacker group are the only ones who can create topics in the Code forums. Regular members cannot reply, these are code only areas!
  • Copying codes of others is not allowed if they haven't given you full allowance and you fully credit them!
  • All registered members can create topics in the code support areas. Please note as code requests are normally forbidden, code request only threads will be deleted without further notice! Topics about non-hacked games will also be deleted instantly. Only create topics for games which have been already hacked.
  • If you are a hacker and willing to accept code suggestions feel free to make a topic in the support area and list the games you accept suggestions for! You have the ability to moderate your own topics so you can close the topic in case you stop accepting suggestions!

If you are not yet in the hacker group, please apply for it using the Hacker Checker (http://wiird.l0nk.org/forum/extra/hackcheck.php) - this check will ask you simple question which are easy to answer for every USB Gecko/WiiRd owner but close to impossible to answer for others - please attach codes you're willing to post to the post... and you're in!