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<div class="portlet">
<div class="portlet">
<h5>Game Enhancers</h5>
<div class="pBody">
<div class="pBody">
* [[Artemis]]
*[[Game Genie]]
* [[Game Enhancer]]
**[[Game Genie (NES)|NES]]
**[[Game Genie (Genesis)|Genesis]]
**[[Game Genie (SNES)|SNES]]
**[[Game Genie (Gameboy)|Gameboy]]
**[[Game Genie (Game Gear)|Game Gear]]
*[[Action Replay]]
**[[Action Replay (Commodore 64)|Commodore 64]]
**[[Action Replay (Amiga)|Amiga]]
**[[Action Replay (MS-DOS PC)|MS-DOS PC]]
**[[Action Replay (NES)|NES]]
**[[Action Replay (Master System)|MasterSystem]]
**[[Pro Action Replay (SNES)|SNES]]
**[[Pro Action Replay (Genesis)|Genesis]]
**[[Action Replay (Playstation)|Playstation]]
**[[Action Replay Plus (Saturn)|Saturn]]
**[[Action Replay Pro (Nintendo 64)|Nintendo 64]]
**[[Action Replay CDX (Dreamcast)|Dreamcast]]
**[[Action Replay 2 (Playstation 2)|PS2]]
**[[Action Replay (Xbox)|Xbox]]
**[[Action Replay (Gamecube)|Gamecube]]
**[[Action Replay Powersaves (Wii)|Wii]]
**[[Action Replay (Gameboy)|Gameboy]]
**[[Pro Action Replay (Game Gear)|Game Gear]]
**[[Action Replay (Gameboy Advance)|GBA]]
**[[Action Replay DS (Nintendo DS)|Nintendo DS]]
**[[Action Replay PSP (Playstation Portable)|PSP]]
**[[GameShark (Playstation)|Playstation]]
**[[GameShark (Saturn)|Saturn]]
**[[GameShark Pro (Nintendo 64)|Nintendo 64]]
**[[GameShark CDX (Dreamcast)|Dreamcast]]
**[[Action Replay 2 (Playstation 2)|PS2 (V1)]]
**[[GameShark 2 (Playstation 2)|PS2 (V2)]]
**[[GameShark Game Saves (GameCube)|Gamecube]]
**[[GameShark (Xbox)|Xbox]]
**[[GameShark Media Manager (Xbox 360)|Xbox 360]]
**[[GameShark Media Manager (Playstation 3/PSP)|PS3]]
**[[GameShark Media Manager (Wii)|Wii]]
**[[GameShark (Gameboy)|Gameboy]]
**[[GameShark (Gameboy Advance)|GBA]]
**[[GameShark (Nintendo DS)|Nintendo DS]]
**[[GameShark Media Manager (Playstation 3/PSP)|PSP]]
**[[GameShark (Windows PC)|Windows PC]]
*[[GB Hunter]]
**[[Gold Finger (Playstation)|Playstation]]
**[[GB Hunter (Nintendo 64)|Nintendo 64]]
*[[Gold Finger]]
**[[Gold Finger (Playstation)|Playstation]]
*[[Game Enhancer|Other]]
**[[Game Action Replay|GAR]]
**[[Game Buster]]
**[[Game Guru]]
**[[Game Killer]]
**[[Game Wizard Pro]]
**[[Gameboy Booster|GB Booster]]
**[[Power Replay]]

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