Guides to using/converting codes

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Guides to using/converting codes

Texts that contain information regarding what codes do, how to use codes, how to use the effects of codes, and how to convert codes from one format to another.

A FAQ on converting between various PS2 code formats (GS2/AR2v1.x, GS2/AR2v2.x, CodeBreaker/Xploder, RAW Hex, Gold Finger/AR Card, Region X, Gameshark V3 [MadCatz]).

A guide to the Chocobo Dungeon 2 debug room.

A great FAQ on the Final Fantasy VII debug room, and it actually gives credit to Czar and RPGod! Heh, but really, I was quite impressed with this doc; check it out.

A tutorial on editing materia in FF7.

An FAQ on King Edgar 0's FF8 control enemies code.

This guide explains the oft-confused encryption/decryption routines for Game Boy/Game Gear, NES, SNES, and Genesis Game Genie codes, including examples of each procedure from start to finish.

A guide to making PS2 HDL backups work with codes.

A guide to...well, using MaxConvert, heh. MaxConvert is a PS2 code converter between various encryption schemes (CB/AR/GS), and to raw hex address form. You can find MaxConvert in the GSHI Downloads section.

A running list of conversion offsets and formulae for converting codes between versions or platforms for the same game (eg, PSX Metal Gear Solid 1.0 to PSX Metal Gear Solid 1.1).

A guide to the Parasite Eve debug room.

A guide detailing the PSX Xploder encryption schemes, as cracked by misfire (with some help from Parasyte on the 7k scheme).

A translation for the Star Ocean debug room.